Monday, December 19, 2011

Birthday Party

What a great week!
Monday night, we built a gingerbread house. Well, Mommy built it but we helped decorate it. We fought a little bit over the candy when we were putting it on, but we did a nice job decorating it. We had so much fun doing it!
Tuesday, we had the best surprise! We went to daycare, then at naptime, Grandma Diane and Grandpa Mark came to Sue's to pick us up. We were so excited to see them that we forgot to put on our socks and shoes before we came upstairs. They took us to a hotel where Great Grandma Marita was staying. She had surgery on her eyes, so she didn't feel very good. But, Grandma & Grandpa had our swimsuits and took us swimming in the hotel pool. It was so awesome! We swam for a long time, then went to the room, took baths, put on our pajamas and played games. (We had Go Fish and Crazy 8). When we went to eat, Mommy met us in the lobby of the hotel. We thought we would just stay with Grandma & Grandpa, but Mommy said we had to come home with her. Daddy got a phone call from the doctor telling him that the test came back from Sunday and Noah had strep throat. So, Noah had to come home and have medicine and we both had to be ready to go to school the next day. I told Mom that was the best surprise! We didn't know Grandma and Grandpa were coming to get us at all.
All week, we looked forward to our birthday party. I told Mom I wanted to go to that museum with the fun town and water to play in. She told me we could go on the weekend. It's going to be a busy weekend with the museum and a birthday party!
Friday night, Angie came. We got to hang out with her, Dr. Whose (Noah) examined her eyes, ears, nose and teeth while I, the fairy, flitted around her. Grandpa & Grandma weren't there when we went to bed.
Saturday morning, I woke up and saw Grandma & Grandpa's coats, so I knew they were here! I went in to tell Mom that Grandma & Grandpa were here and she asked me how I knew. I told her "Cuz I saw their coats". She told me I was one smart cookie. I said "I'm not a cookie, I'm a woman!"
We had practice for our Christmas pageant in the morning. Dad took us and Grandma & Grandpa came to watch us, too.
We got home and had lunch with Grandma, Grandpa, Angie, Mom and Dad then left for the Children's museum. We got to ride with Grandma, Grandpa and Angie.
When we got there, there was a big bin with our name on it. It was for our party! So we put our presents and coats in it just when our friends Joey & Grace walked in. We played in some of the exhibits with them for about an hour while friends showed up - Grayson, Zachary, Michael, Lauren, Ben, Corwin - it was so cool!
At 2, Mom & Dad made us go downstairs to a private room where there was a stage, and tables with place settings on them. We played on the stage a little, opened our gifts, then sang Happy Birthday. We each got our own cake, and had Happy Birthday sang to us each. We had cake, ice cream and juice. After cake & ice cream, we got to play in the museum with our friends for a while longer. At 5 o'clock, we went home with Grandma, Grandpa & Angie while Mom & Dad stayed for a hockey game. We were sad to go, but when we got home, we were STARVING! Angie made us Mac & Cheese (my favorite!), we opened some of our new toys, then we went to bed, exhausted.
Sunday we got up early for our Christmas pageant. I had a small reading part with my class of 3-5 year olds. Mommy was so proud of me because Ms. Penny had to tell all the kids what to say except for me - I read my part all by myself. Noah had a bigger part to read in the bigger kids part of the program. He did a really good job, too. He was a little bit nervous, but Mom & Dad were really proud because he did a better job than a lot of the bigger kids.
We got to go out to Perkins for dinner, but ate fast and went home. We opened our gifts from Angie - she gave us funny poem books - and played with our new birthday toys.
It was a fun weekend. We're looking forward to our birthday when we get to see Santa and Mommy is going to bring us to school.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy Thanksgiving and following weeks

We’ve had an eventful few weeks getting ready for Christmas and our birthdays! We have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks.

We haven’t had a blog entry since before Thanksgiving! We had a fun week at school talking about Thanksgiving before a nice long weekend.

Thursday of Thanksgiving, we were anxious to get up and get going because we went to Aunt Angie’s for dinner. Grandma & Grandpa were there, too. We had dinner, then went to a fun park for a while in the afternoon. We’ve never been to a park like it before, so it was really cool to explore all the different activities. After supper, we went home with Grandma & Grandpa and mom & dad stayed at Angie’s for a little while. They said they were going to go shopping but would be at Grandma’s when we got up in the morning.

Friday, our cousins Ben & Lauren came to play with us. First, we went to Santaland in Madison. It was still pretty cool! We got to sit on Santa’s lap, told him we were good and what we wanted. We went through Santaland, wrote our names on the Santa’s list (Of course, we checked “nice” not “naughty”.) Then we sat down to write a letter to Santa and mail it.

Friday night, Mommy, Dani & Grandma took us all to a movie. It was Arthur saves Christmas. It was a pretty good movie, though our favorite part was the popcorn and our own drinks! After the movie, we got to go into the projection room, though everything was so big, we really didn’t understand what was going on in there.

Saturday, we went to Great Grandma Leona’s house. Some of mom’s cousins’ kids were there, but there weren’t a lot of people there, so we had a chance to play with Ben & Lauren a lot more. After Great Grandma’s, we went to Grandma’s and decorated Grandma & Grandpa’s tree. It was fun, but we were so tired by the time we went to bed!

Sunday morning, Mom had found some of her toys that Santa had given her when she was little and laid them out for us to play with, so we got to play with some of those. Mommy had a beautiful Barbie bed and a giant Ford tractor.

We had a full week at school – the letter of the week was Q so we got to bring our quillows. A few people brought q-tips, but nobody brought quillows!

Friday night, we got to go visit daddy’s cousin while Daddy helped them move. We had so much fun! They have a whole toy room - it was awesome! We had a great time with them.

Saturday, we went to the Community Center for Winterfest. Noah did the candycane walk and won a cool sparkly slap bracelet. Then he joined Hannah to make a Christmas tree decoration by scratching off the color on a candy cane shaped paper. That was pretty cool! We also got to dance, see Santa’s reindeer, color, have a snack and pet animals in the petting zoo area. We got to wander around the pen WITH the animals – no cage between us and the animals. It was pretty cool After we petted the animals, we got to ride on a sleigh ride. It wasn’t exactly a sleigh – it was a hay trailer that went around the parking lot, but they had big horses pulling us and it was still pretty fun.

After we left there, we went out for lunch and to Home Depot to pick a tree. Noah was being naughty so he almost had to sit in the truck, but Dad and Mom let him come in and pick a tree. OF course, it was pretty cold, so we went inside the store to go potty while Daddy picked a tree. We were so excited to get home and decorate it! Daddy bought a train that goes around and around the tree – not on the ground but in the branches of the tree. He put on the lights and train, then we decorated the tree.

We had to run to Target to get something, so we went with Mom and Dad and picked out gifts for our friends at daycare. We each picked a gift for the person whose name we drew. Mommy laughed when she saw who we got – Hannah got Noah’s best friend Grayson and Noah drew Grayson’s brother Zachary!

At Sunday School, assignments for the Christmas pageant were handed out – Noah got a reading part. She asked if Hannah wanted one, but mom & dad thought Hannah would be shy onstage and wouldn’t want to read. After Sunday School, we decided to go to the VFW! An airplane even landed as we walked into the restaurant. It was pretty cool. After we got home, we finished decorating the tree. We didn’t quite finish up yesterday.

This week was a busy one.We started getting Birthday cards this week. We got some from mommy’s school, Drake. We also got one from ToysRUs and Great Grandma Leona.

Monday night, we both found our huggy Jesus dolls and sang them to sleep while we practiced “away in the manger’ . We’re singing that for our Christmas pageant at Sunday School.

Tuesday was pizza night. We went out to California Pizza kitchen with Daddy. We ate a whole pizza by ourselves! It was a fundraiser for our church, so we saw a few people who knew us.

Thursday, Mommy & Daddy picked us up together, we had corn dogs and then got ready for Hannah’s dance program. We had to be there early, so Noah had to sit in his chair and wait patiently. He was very good, though! He played iPad until the girls started to dance. You could tell they were still practicing and learning the dances so they’re ready for the spring recital, but Hannah did really well! She was one of the best dancers in her class. She followed the moves the instructors did very well. Mommy made her a new tutu skirt, so she felt like a ballerina princess in her yellow tutu and t-shirt.

After the recital, Daddy took us all to McDonalds! Noah got an eggnog shake and Hannah got apples. We were very disappointed that we couldn’t go play in the play area, but Mom and Dad said there were some big kids that didn’t belong in there and were playing too rough so we couldn’t go in there.

Saturday we just got to play at home. After such a busy week of running all over, it was nice to stay home. We spent the morning at church for Pageant rehearsal, then came home and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas. That’s our favorite book. We also got to watch the New Disney’s Prep & Landing show with Mommy. It was funny!

Daddy got all dressed up to go to a party with some of his old army buddies. He looked sharp! But, when he left, Noah’s tummy started to hurt, so he laid down for a little while. Unfortunately, he threw up all over the hallway and bathroom, then fell asleep on the couch. Mommy put him in bed at 6 and spent the rest of the night with Hannah. Both kids were disappointed that we didn’t have mostaccioli, but mommy wanted to wait until Noah felt better to have our favorite supper.

When Hannah went to bed, her tummy hurt, too, but she didn’t throw up. Noah threw up one more time, then sat with Daddy for a bit while Mommy changed his sheets and he had some crackers to settle his tummy.

Noah felt a little better this morning – well enough to go to Sunday School. Our lesson was about the golden calf, and at the end of class, we got to destroy a piniata of the golden calf. Unfortunately, the bigger kids rushed the candy so we didn’t get much (or else we would have been crushed!) but we got some bookmarks, a really cool little puzzle with sliding squares, coloring books and colors. We each got a little piece of chocolate – and TJ and Penney gave us fruit snacks after class, which are better, anyway.

Another day of just playing at home. Daddy didn’t feel very good. He took Noah to the minute clinic since both Daddy &Noah’s throats hurt, but found out it’s just a cold.

Hannah requested a trip to the museum – the one with the town and flower shop, so we’re going to go there next week. And, our birthday is coming close! Looking forward to that!

Noah & Hannah

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

We got snow this week! We've been waiting for it for so long - we were very excited to get it.

Monday, I got the writing briefcase at school. It was full of papers, crayons & markers to make pictures & stories. Mommy pulled out some of her ribbons, stamps, punches, as well as some of our crafts so we could do something fun and cool.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to do my project on Monday because Hannah's ear hurt so we had to drive around to Minute Clinics to find one that was open for us to go to! Luckily we found one that was open and found out Hannah had an ear infection! Before we went to the Minute Clinic, Mommy made us Mac & Cheese, so we ate our Mac & Cheese while we waited for Hannah's medicine.

Tuesday, we got to work on the writing briefcase project. Hannah did a project while I made a person. I gave him a head, arms and legs with different types of papers and craft materials, then I made him a cape and wrote "This is a silly person" on the cape. He looked silly!

Wednesday, Hannah brought home the briefcase. Mommy kept her ribbons & fun scissors out so that we could do another project. Hannah made a picture of a lady while I used stickers to make my own art project and write on it.

We're both getting really good at writing our letters. We're working on spelling things now. We don't always spell them right, but we sound out the letters as best we can.

Thursday, Daddy had volleyball after Hannah's dance class, so we went to the gym where he played volleyball. We got to run around a little and saw Reid, as well as a bunch of other people Mommy & Daddy play volleyball with.

Friday, we came home and helped Daddy bag up the rest of the leaves in the back yard. We got to jump in them a little bit before he put them in a bag, but then we helped bag them. After we bagged up all the leaves, Daddy started a bonfire! He said he thought it would be a good idea - Hannah and I thought of the idea, too. It was a really nice night for a fire. We got to make s'mores and talk to our neighbors and run around. Daddy said it would be the last good night for a bonfire.

Saturday, we had our last day of volleyball. One kid budged in line again and I pushed him. That made Daddy mad, so I have to remember not to get physical with kids even if they're doing something naughty. After volleyball, it started to snow! It was so awesome. We've been waiting for snow for a long time. We got to talk to Aunt Angie on the computer, too. We found out we're going to her house on Thursday! We're excited to go to her house for Thanksgiving. Yay!
After lunch, I was going to play transformers, but Daddy told me Grayson was coming to pick me up so we could go play! We went to see a bunch of bouncy houses and bounce in one. His mom bought us sodas with ice cream in them! They were root beer floats and they were really good. While I was gone, Daddy was going to take Hannah grocery shopping but the store was too busy so she got to go dress shopping. She said they didn't find any dresses but got some new leotards for dance class. When Grayson dropped me off, Daddy and Hannah came outside and we had a snowball fight! Daddy didn't fight back - Grayson's mom did, but us kids still beat the adults.

Today, we woke up early and played quietly so Mommy & Daddy could sleep a little bit. We even played in the snow for a little while. The slide was REALLY slippery with all that snow on the slide. Then we went to Sunday School and then the nursery while Mom & Dad were in church. We made snowflakes in the nursery - when Mom & Dad came to get us, I told them to go away because I wasn't done with my snowflake yet. After church, we went to Red Lobster for a really great lunch. I had shrimp, and tried some of Daddy's lobster (it was good.) We even got a brownie with ice cream on it for dessert. Then we went shopping. It was kind of a boring store - lots of clothes, so it was hard to behave the whole time. There were some cool toys, but we didn't get to look at them much. But for some reason Mommy couldn't buy them so we had to drive to a different store. I fell asleep on the way there, while Hannah ate her pizza that she didn't finish at lunch.

When we finally got home, we took baths and ate a late supper.

We're looking forward to the week because we get to see our family!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I won the coloring contest!

Monday night when we got home from daycare, Mommy called me into the kitchen and told me to listen to the message on the answering machine. It was Penco Art Supplies saying "Congratulations" to me for winning the coloring contest! Noah and I had colored a picture when Mommy ran in the store the weekend before Halloween (we actually colored the pictures in the car while Mommy talked to Daddy on the phone in the parking lot) and I won my age bracket! I was so excited to tell everyone!
Tuesday, Mommy brought home 2 toy catalogs and gave one to me and one to Noah. She wrote our names on them and told us to circle EVERYTHING we want for christmas. She said we won't get everything, but she can give a list to Grandma of what we want. I circled ALL THE DOLLS and girly things. Noah circled a lot of boy things, though he circled less things than I did. I can't wait for Christmas!
This week was "H" week at school. We each got to bring something that started with the letter "H" to school on Wednesday. Noah brought a HAMMER and I brought a HAT.
Wednesday, I started soo bahk do with Noah. The instructor thought that I had done karate before, but it was my first day! I did a good job keeping up with all the kids who had been in class longer. Noah still didn't pay attention sometimes - he was doing "extra stuff" as the instructor called it. Daddy was not happy about how he didn't pay attention.
We got to wear hats on Friday to school. Daddy sent our baseball hats. I thought it made me look like a boy so i didn't want to wear it, but Sue pulled my ponytail through the hole in the back and Mike told me I looked so pretty in my hat, so I wore it to school.
Friday when Mommy picked us up, we came home and played a little bit before Mommy & Daddy took us out to eat! We stopped at the bank and then drove around to a "surprise" restaurant. We had supper at the 50s grill. It was really good.
Then we went to Target. We had so much fun looking at Christmas stuff, sports equipment, toys and just having fun going up and down the aisles. We got to bed an hour late, but had a fun night!
Saturday we had volleyball. We worked on hard skills, but we just have to keep practicing.
After volleyball we picked up Daddy and went to Penco to pick up my prize. I got $10 off a $25 purchase, so we went shopping! We got a easel pack with paper, markers, chalk and erasers. It was so cool. We also got a paint by numbers for us and Daddy. It was hard to choose what I wanted with my money, but Daddy helped me choose what would be best. This way, I can use it and can also share with Noah.
I know the colors and art supplies will come in so handy! I always draw pictures at school during our free time, I color pictures in the car when we drive places. I sometimes color a picture in the time it takes to get to daycare! I also draw and color a lot at home and when I have a chance to play on the iPad.
When we left the art supply store, Daddy got a phone call that Ron & Carol had his volleyball, so we met them at Sunshine factory to eat. Then we went home to put some stuff in the truck and left to meet Daddy's cousin.
She was just moving in to her new house, so there were boxes everywhere. We got to run all over their new house - it was very nice! Hopefully we get to go back and meet her kids soon! They were gone playing with their auntie - except for one that was sick.
Then we went to the container store to look at shelves and to Best Buy to drop off our old TV and DVD player. It was a busy day, but we were happy to get home. I was very excited to use the new paper on the easel!
Today, we got up early and played quietly until church. Mommy let me have a part in the reader theater (where we read the bible story as a play in front of the Sunday School) but I was too shy to read my part. Noah was mad because he missed his line and not paying attention.
After Sunday School, we ate sandwiches and went down the the University to watch Gopher Volleyball! It was so cool! The gophers didn't play too well, but it was fun to watch everything going on. Mommy bought us some snacks, and we had to take a few trips to the drinking fountain. Noah was not paying attention a lot, so I'm not sure if Mommy & Daddy will take us to a game again this year. We really wanted to go get our picture with Goldy gopher, but we didn't get a chance. We did get to give him "5" in our seats when he was sitting near us and then again when we left the game. But, Daddy had to get home so he could go help out with a church dinner.
When Daddy left for church, Mommy raked all the leaves and let us jump in piles! We had so much fun jumping in piles, burying each other and moving leaves around.
Noah told Mommy about our superhero gang at daycare. Noah is HeroGuide - Mom thinks he's the leader of our super friends. He said his sidekicks are Rex (Grayson), SuperRex (Joey), and Superflower(Ariana). Mommy asked if I was a supervillian - but Noah said I help them and I am HeroFlower. We protect the world against SpyGuy. He's the bad guy. Noah loves to play superhero, though he also likes to play with cars if he's not pretending to be heroguide. I have played with my Barbies a little lately, but still LOVE to color!
Have a good week. Tomorrow we've picked out food to bring to school because they're having a food drive for food shelves. We're looking forward to Christmas - only 6 more weeks until it's here!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Week

We had a great Halloween!
We had a party at Sue's in the morning. Then we got to put on our costumes to wear to school. I decided to wear my Barbie dress instead of my Rapunzel. We sang songs and had a costume parade for parents. Daddy came for snacks, so he got to see us and all our friends dressed up and then we were picker-uppers. And, as a bonus for the day, I got the sharing bag so I got to bring a special toy to show off Wednesday.
After school, Daddy brought us to his cousin's house to trick or treat, then we came home to see Mommy. Daddy didn't feel good so he went to lay down while we ate burgers. We also opened up presents and cards from Aunt Dani, Lauren & Ben and Grandma Diane and Grandpa Mark. We got some new books, new socks, little toys and candy. It was so fun to open care packages! Thank you Grandma & Dani!
After dinner, Mommy did my hair and painted Spiderman on Noah's face and we got ready for trick-or-treating. I wore my Rapunzel dress to trick or treat in our neighborhood instead of the Barbie dress I'd worn. Mommy was able to get a sweater & tights under the Rapunzel dress to keep me a little warmer. When we were leaving to trick or treat, Griffin was leaving his house, so we went trick or treating with him and his family. We've trick-or-treated with them for the past few years, so it's a lot of fun. And now that we're older, we're big enough to knock on the door by ourselves while they stand back on the sidewalk. We went up and down 2 blocks on the next street over, then to the houses on our street around our place. I got cold and had to wear a sweatshirt about a block from home, but we were comfortable the rest of the night. Except, my candy got so heavy by the end of trick-or-treating, that I had to have Mommy carry it!
When we got home, we put out our pumpkins and turned on the light for trick-or-treaters to come to our place. I was so excited to hand out candy! I set a chair up in front of the door so I could be ready. Noah couldn't sit still like me, but he came over and helped hand out candy when people knocked. It was fun!
We had to turn off the light and put on our jammies at 7:30. We were exhausted but had such a fun day!
Tuesday, I woke up with a headache and had a sore throat by the end of the day. I even got up at 10 and at 1 because I was coughing so hard, my temperature was warm and I didn't feel good. Mommy and Daddy cuddled with me in the big chair to make me feel better. I got up Wednesday when Daddy woke me at 10am. I felt better but he said I was sick so I could stay home all day with him.
Thursday, I felt better so I went to Sue's and then dance class. It was a good day!
Mornings have been tough to get up, though. Mommy & Daddy have been waking us up at 8 to go to Sue's. Friday when Daddy woke us, Noah rolled over and said "I want my cardboard back!". We used to have cardboard over our window to make it dark in our room, but that fell off a couple of weeks ago. It's still dark, but Mommy & Daddy can open the curtains to the sunrise now.
Saturday, Mommy had a volleyball tournament all day. She left long before we got up and came home after we went to sleep. We had a fun day with Daddy. He took us to volleyball, then came home to mow the lawn and clean up the yard. We had a fun day just hanging out and playing at home.
Today, we got up, played and went to Sunday School. It was the first time in a while that Noah went to class after large group and didn't pout about something. Mommy was happy about that!
After Sunday School, we went to the VFW to eat. We LOVE the VFW. And, it was even better because Amy from church and her daughter Sophie came. Sophie and I had fun sitting next to each other because we laughed, colored and had a lot of fun! It was too windy for airplanes to be flying, so we missed out on that. But it was really cool to eat with a friend!
After church, we went home and played quietly at home for the afternoon. We watched football with Daddy and worked on Christmas Lists. Mommy put a ToysRUs app on her iPad that we're making our lists on. Mommy and I ran to Target to pick up lettuce for supper while Noah worked on his list and Daddy made supper. We checked out the Halloween sales, bought some costumes and fun stuff, picked up doggie treats and a toy for my birthday. Unfortunately, we took too long and were late for dinner. We had fun shopping, though!
Look at Noah's hair. He wanted spikes after our bath. He decided he likes the spikes. His hair is getting long, so he's got some spikey hair!
It got to be late, though, when we went to bed. I was so tired. The day seemed long and it got dark early for some reason. It was strange. Daddy was resetting clocks this morning - something about daylight savings.
Mommy said we get to start decorating for Christmas in a couple of weeks! I'm so excited about that! We love Christmas.
I'm working on reading, too. Sometimes I get frustrated because it's hard to sound out words - a lot of words are really tricky! But, I'm learning and trying to read. Noah is still reading everything he can - street signs, business signs when we go places, books. He even reads books silently to himself, which is really hard when you can't hear yourself sound out words. He has also been doing a good job with learning to write his letters.
Whew! I'm tired tonight. Have a good week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's almost Halloween! We're so excited!
We had a full week of school.
Tuesday, I got a package in the mail. I opened it up and it was a new uniform for soo bahk do! I was so excited! I tried it on right away. It was a little bit big, but I'll grow into it. The best part was when I put my belt on.
I got to wear it to soo bahk do on Wednesday. I even broke a board!
Thursday, Hannah had dance. She got to wear her new Minnie Mouse dress, so she was very excited.
Saturday was a busy day. We started our volleyball class in the morning. Then we went to Cub where they had treats and face painting. We both got pumpkins on our faces - mine was orange and Hannah's was pink. Then, we went home for dinner before running errands. Mom took us to an art store where we got to draw on some easels, then we colored some pictures for a coloring contest. After that, Mommy took us to a craft store and then we ran to our friends Dylan & Trevor's house to see Daddy. He showed us the Haunted house he was building. It wasn't too scary in the daylight. We didn't stay too long because we had to go home and get our costumes on! Mommy painted my face (she didn't like my Spiderman mask so she told me she'd paint my face instead.) and she did Hannah's hair like Rapunzel. When we got back to Dylan & Trevor's, there were lots of kids there! We had some food, played a little and then were told we could go through the haunted house. It was too dark down in the basement, so I didn't go. Mommy took Hannah and said it was scary. She got scared a couple of times, even though Daddy said they weren't going to try to scare us. We even got to climb the new climbing wall in the garage, too. It was so fun! But, we were so tired when Mommy and Daddy took us home. We stayed awake all the way home and hardly had the energy to brush our teeth when we got home.
This morning, we slept a little late before we went to Sunday School and church. I wanted to go to the nursery during church, but Mom and Dad let us sit in the back of the church so we could read & color during the service.
Sunday afternoon, we had quiet time before coming out to play outside. It was cold, so after Daddy cleaned out our pumpkins, we played inside and made a cake for daddy's work. After supper, we took really fast baths so we could carve our pumpkins! We each chose a face for our own pumpkin and Mommy carved it out. It was so cool!
Monday was Halloween. It was a very busy but very fun day! We'll write about it next week.
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

MEA Week = busy week

What a big week!
We only had school one day - Monday.
Monday night, Mommy promised us that we could get out the Halloween stuff and decorate, so we got out our Halloween candle holders, ghosts and pumpkins. We only have a few things, but we liked putting them up!
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday we just stayed at Sue's and played all day. Wednesday & Thursday, school was out, so all of our school friends were there to play with! I got to do projects with the third grade girls, and Noah got to do his project with Grayson & Joey. It was so great!

I didn't have dance class on Thursday because school was out. I don't understand why Noah had Soo Bahk Do and I didn't have dance, but Mommy said it was different classes with different rules. Noah got a yellow stripe for his belt. He was pretty bummed that he didn't have a uniform and most of the other kids do. He's one of just a few kids who only wear sweatpants to class.

Thursday night, I had a tummy ache and threw up in my bed. I felt a little better but since mommy wanted to let my bed air out, she let me sleep with her in the big bed. Neither Noah or I have ever slept in the bed with Mommy & Daddy before! I liked it. I want to do it again.
In the middle of the night, Noah threw up, too. So, he got to sleep in the spare bed with Daddy while Mommy changed his sheets and let his bed air.

When we got up Friday morning, Daddy called Sue to tell her we couldn't come play with our friends because we were sick. Unfortunately, Daddy & Mommy had to go downtown to sign some papers. We got to play on the iPads while they did, and it went really quick. We played a little bit when we got home and I tried on some clothes. (I've grown too tall for most of my favorite pants from last year!) Then everyone took naps - everyone except me. I played quietly in my room while Noah slept and Mommy and Daddy rested.

Daddy made soup for dinner, and after dinner, I played games with Mommy, went shopping at the thrift store (it was packed - we looked at dresses and leotards for dance class.) I found some leotards and a great dance costume to play dress up in. Don't I look like Minnie Mouse when I dance? We also found a Woody shirt for Noah so he can play Toy Story. After we shopped at the thrift store, we went grocery shopping. We went to a different Cub, so I got tired walking around finding all the stuff we needed. But, I was helpful. I made sure to get my free apple! It was yummy! We even saw our neighbor - Brooke's mom and her brother at the store.

Noah slept almost the whole time we were gone, woke up at 5 and had a high fever. Daddy gave him some medicine that made him feel better. We had some supper and went to bed because we were all tired!

Saturday, we had a very big day! We all felt better - Noah woke up at 7 but I slept until 8:30.
We had breakfast, then got our costumes on and went to the shopping center near our house to go trick-or-treating. I wore my Rapunzel and Noah was Spiderman. Mommy bought our costumes from the store this year - she didn't make them, so she felt a little bad about that. We were all too busy this year for her to make anything!
When we were there, we met our good friend Grayson and his brother and mom. Noah and Grayson are best friends. I love his brother - I love all the babies at Sue's house! We went to see the costume contest that Radio Disney did, and Grayson won tickets to the circus! His mom asked if Noah wanted to go with them to the circus Saturday night. At first I was excited because I thought I got to go, too, but then I realized only Noah got to go. I was so heartbroken! Noah and I do almost everything together. Daddy told me that I had to help him because Grayson's brother was coming to our place while Noah is gone and I had to help play with him. I'll get to do something special with Mommy or one of my friends sometime without Noah.

Before we left, we went through the haunted house (which wasn't very scary - it was just creepy and dark). But, at the end, we gave them some canned vegetables and got pumpkins in exchange! We're excited about our pumpkins.

After the trick-or-treating at the stores, we got dressed and went to the apple orchard. It was a lot of fun! We got to ride the cow train, jump on the giant air pillow, have hot apple cider, play on the playground (with slides, tires, a car and fun stuff) and look at the apple trees. There weren't many apples left on the trees, but mommy said these trees grew apples.

We even got to ride horses. Real horses! It was fun. The ride was short and the ponies were just our size. But we loved it. it was awesome.

We also took a bunch of pictures. I love to take pictures. I smile nice every time daddy and mommy take out their cameras. Noah did sometimes, but he likes the silly face pictures most of all.

We were going to ride on a wagon, but ran out of time before we had to go home.

While we were there, Daddy took pictures of us in a tree that we've taken pictures in for the past 4 years. Look how we've grown:

We stopped for Subway on the way home, had a few minutes to eat before Noah had to leave for the circus. He was excited to go with Grayson!

I helped take care of his brother Zachary. I was disappointed when he just wanted to play with Noah's racecars and I wanted to have a tea party, but after he played with the cars for a while, we had animal crackers and milk and pretend tea at a tea party. I broke his animal crackers into little pieces just like Sue does for the toddlers. (He's almost 1 1/2 years old.) We played legos, read books and played with balls. Daddy had to go right after Noah left, so Mommy and I entertained Zachary until Noah came home. I was helpful to mommy.

I was very excited to see Noah when he got home. He didn't come home until 10:30! He got to have cotton candy and jump in the jump house at the circus. He told Mommy there was tigers that jumped through a hoop with fire and didn't get burned. He also liked the acrobats. Noah and Grayson said it was awesome, but Noah was so tired after a long day. Mommy put jammies on him, brushed his teeth and he was fast asleep before I even finished brushing my teeth.

This morning, I helped daddy make french toast out of the apple fritter bread that we bought yesterday. It was delicious. Noah slept until 9 o'clock, then we got ready to go to our cousin Michael's birthday party. It was a long drive, but we liked getting to play with our cousins when we got there, though. Michelle had a guitar, piano and drums all in her room so we got to play that, and it was fun! Then we drew until it was time to eat. We got party favors of rings and airplanes when we left. We also got to take home balloons! We love balloons!

On the way home, Noah pinched his finger in his marker. When his finger finally felt better, he asked Daddy to open the window and when Daddy opened the window, Noah's balloon flew out. Daddy closed the window, then when he opened it back up to pull the balloon back in, the string broke and his balloon flew away. Noah cried again and was very sad the whole way home. I made sure to hang on tight to my balloon all the way home! He fell asleep close to home, so Mommy and Daddy decided to stop for gas and at Cub for dinner before we got home. While Mommy was in Cub getting chicken, she also bought Noah a new balloon. He was glad to have a new balloon.

Whew! It was a very busy weekend! We're looking forward to a regular week of school again.

Have a good week! Try to stay healthy and not catch the bug that's making our tummies hurt.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week on the go

What a busy week we've had!

Monday night was our night at home with Mom & Dad.

Tuesday, we got to go to our friends Dylan & Trevor's house. Daddy had to help their mom fix her computer, so we got to eat Mac & Cheese and watch movies at their house. It was a lot of fun! We even got to stay up late - we stayed up late enough for Mommy to come give us a hug after her volleyball game.

Wednesday, it cooled off outside. And it rained! It hadn't rained in a long time. We had our pictures taken at school. It took up a lot of time, so we didn't have a normal schedule at school.

After school, I had soo bahk do. There were fewer kids there with more instructors, so I did a better job paying attention. I had a lot of fun. I learned some blocks and a punch. I have to remember to practice every day! When we got home, we had pizza because Mommy was at volleyball. And, then we packed a bag so we could have a party at Dylan & Trevors' house the next night.

Thursday, Hannah had dance class. She was excited because she started tap. (She's been doing ballet for the past 3 weeks.) When she goes to class, I get to play with Daddy's iPad, so I don't mind waiting in the hallway while Hannah has class. After dance, we got to go back to Trevor & Dylan's house. Our parents went to a hockey game together, so we hung out at their place while our parents were gone. We played, had pizza and rice and had a slumber party. We fell asleep on Dylan's floor, then Mommy & Daddy picked us up and drove us home late. I remember driving home in Mommy's car, and unrolling my quillow to cover myself up on the way home.

Friday, we were still very tired. We actually took naps at Sue's house during naptime!
We had to be at daycare a little bit early because Mommy and Daddy had to go to Parent Teacher conferences with Mrs. Bodin. She said she's been impressed with how much progress I've made in school since last year. When she thinks I need to settle down, she asks me to read a book and I calm down. She said Hannah is doing well with her fine motor skills and learning to read, and she's very impressed with how well I can read. We're very good kids and she really enjoys having us in class. We're also superstars on the bus! Other kids get in trouble but not us. She told Mom & Dad all about our new friends. I sometimes like to play by myself and sometimes like to play with my friends. And, sometimes, friends join me when I am playing something new. Hannah has made new friends, too, even though she talks about her friends less than I do at home.

Friday night, Daddy picked us up from daycare and we drove down to Green Mill to meet Daddy's cousin for dinner. They're bringing their kids here in a couple of weeks to live! We were very good at the restaurant, though we did wander around and try to look at the pool in the hotel nextdoor to the restaurant. Daddy's cousin said she thought we were very good, though. We both had our favorite: macaroni & cheese.

Saturday, Mommy had a tournament, so we hung out at home. Hannah got all her Barbie stuff back. (She had it taken away last week for not picking it up.) We had pizza for lunch, then went to Dylan & Trevor's for a short time, but they weren't there, so Daddy took us to Mommy's tournament to play with Piper, Anika & Deion. Daddy went to a hockey game, so we hung out at Mommy's tournament. We had fun playing with the other kids while we waited for Mommy to finish the championship match.

After volleyball, we chose to go to Perkins for supper. It was a different Perkins than we've ever been to. After that, we went to Mommy's work to pick up the Gogurt she forgot at work. I have gogurt every morning, and Hannah has it most mornings for breakfast. We danced to a fun musical mummy toy there then went to the new Menards by her work. It was a cool one with an elevator and escalators.

But, by the time we got home Hannah's tummy hurt. She went straight to bed and didn't even want a story. I got my story and went to bed. I slept through Hannah throwing up 3 times that night!

Today, I got to go to Sunday School without Hannah. She didn't feel good this morning. I got to read for the "reader theater" skit, though Mommy looked unhappy with me when I put the microphone really close to my mouth and talked very loudly into it.

We only have school once this week. Mommy said she's hoping for a less busy week. She hardly took any pictures of us at all this week!

Have a good week!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Barnyard Boogie

This week was such a nice week! We got to play outside every day at school and at Sue's. It was beautiful (too beautiful, as Noah would say) but we're looking forward to snow.

Friday, a firefighter came to school! It was a girl firefighter. We got to see the truck, they gave us new fireman hats and talked all about fire safety. It was cool.

Friday night, we went to the Barnyard Boogie at the Community Center. It was so fun! We looked at the petting zoo animals a little but mostly danced. Noah got a bloody nose when he accidentally ran into Mommy when we were dancing, but he was OK. We got our yummy snack cake and juice after he stopped bleeding. Daddy said it was a good time to sit down and relax.

Saturday morning, Daddy took Noah to the hardware store to fix his Monster Truck. I was jealous when he got home and had popcorn from the store, but he shared with me. Mommy popped some up for me to make me feel better.

I wanted to have corn dogs for lunch, but Daddy took us all out to Quiznos for subs. They were pretty good. And, we got dinosaurs as toys! Noah got a pink one and I got a blue one, but I traded with him when Daddy asked me to. They're cool! Their skin comes off and their bones glow in the dark.

After lunch, we went to Ikea. They had a play room with a giant ball pit, trains, a slide and movies. We got to play in there while Mommy & Daddy shopped for 45 minutes. It was so awesome and fun! When Mommy picked us up after shopping, we were thirsty, so she took us to the deli. I got water but Noah tried lignenberry juice. He let me try some and it was pretty good. He drank it down within a few minutes!

I read the bedtime story Saturday night. I read Hop on Pop. I'm still learning to sound out words, so sometimes it's slow. But, I'm getting better! I'm very good at writing my name.

Today, we went to Sunday School. I got to wear my dress with a matching dress for my baby. Mommy's friend gave it to me. I even wore my pretty hat with it, so I looked so cute. After Sunday School class, we got to go to the nursery to play with Kasey and her sisters and our friends from Sunday School.

After church, we had corn dogs (yay!) and hung out at home. I had my Barbies taken away yesterday (because I put water in the pool when Mom said no and didn't put them away when she asked) but I played with my Alphie, my little dress-up doll and play-dough with Noah. Daddy made mostaccioli for supper. It was a good day.

I love to draw at preschool. My favorite thing to draw is my family. Here's a picture of my family. Mommy is wearing a pink dress on the left, Noah is next to her, Daddy is the one with really long legs and I'm wearing a pink skirt holding Spike. Cheyenne is next to me, too. I love my family.

Noah is really doing well with reading! He reads with expression and loves to read signs wherever we go.

Have a good week! We're looking forward to a nice week.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nice weekend

Monday night, we got to go eat at Broadway pizza. Daddy met us there. It was so awesome! We love to eat pizza and watch the train go around and around the dining room. We even got ice cream! I ate all mine, but Hannah only had a few bites of hers before we left to go home.
When we got home, we put on a show for Mommy. We made curtains over Hannah's bed so her bed was the stage. I played guitar and she danced. Mommy loved it but we had to cut it short because Mommy said it was bedtime!
Thursday, Hannah had her dance class again. She got her very own ballet shoes so she was excited. She even did a little dance for us when she was done.
Friday, Daddy picked us up from daycare with Cheyenne. We met mommy at the park instead of going home. We got to play in the park while Daddy took Cheyenne in the dog park. It was so fun, but we didn't stay long because we were hungry. We stopped at Menards to pick up a few things. We even had our pictures taken with a new friend.
After that, we went to Chipotle for Mexican food. We weren't impressed. Hannah only ate her chips - she didn't like her beans, rice or quesadilla. I ate my quessadilla, rice and chips but didn't like my beans. Daddy is happy when we try new things, even if we don't like it much.
Saturday, Mommy had to go get her car worked on so we got to watch a movie and put together a puzzle with Daddy. After dinner, we got in the car and went driving down by the river. We got out to take some pictures. It was fun to see the river, all the people and the fall trees changing colors. It was a fun day just driving around the city.Saturday was also the day we had to pick a costume for Halloween. We've changed our minds a few times over the past few weeks so Daddy set a deadline. I don't know of Mommy is going to make a costume for us or if she's going to buy one at a store. I chose Spiderman and Hannah wants to be Rapunzel. I'm looking forward to Halloween!
Today, Mommy had to go to work so she missed church with us. I got to read the part of Abraham in the reader's theater (like a radio play). It was cool to have the microphone and speak. After church, Daddy helped the neighbors while we played in our backyard and in Griffin's backyard. It was a very nice day to hang out at home.
Tomorrow is school day and Sue day. It's going to be a nice week. We're looking forward to it!
Have a great week!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

This week has flown by!

I'm learning to read. I'm really trying hard to sound out words and Sue's and at school. Sue is even working with us on adding numbers sometime. Noah and I are the only preschoolers that can read, write our letters and add numbers, though. When everyone else tries to learn how to spell and write their name at Sue's project time, she is teaching us how to write our last name. (We've been able to write our first names for almost a year now.) Noah is still reading everything he sees. Mommy came home one day and I was reading a board book with colors in it and Noah was reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Monday we finally got to ride the bus to school! We are happy to be able to ride the bus with our friends again - especially Joey. We miss getting to play with him all day at Sue's and at preschool. It was Noah's day to bring snack, so we had cheese and crackers that we picked out with Daddy.

I started my first day of dance class on Thursday! I'm so excited about it. We just listened to music the first day. We tried on some shoes to see what fits us but didn't buy any. I'm going to learn tap dancing and ballet. Daddy & Noah weren't allowed to be in the room with me when I dance, so they sat in the hallway and played with Daddy's iPad.

Thursday we also changed our beds. I'm on the bottom bunk again and Noah is on the top. I've wanted to switch back to the bottom for a while, but Noah didn't want the top. But, Mommy asked us on Thursday and Noah said he wanted to be on top again.Mom and Dad said they hope we're more careful about the top bunk now that we're older.

Saturday, Mommy was gone most of the day at her MOM sale. She got rid of some of our old clothes to moms with littler kids. I was so excited that she found tap shoes for me! YAY! Now I just need ballet shoes. She also got skates for us and a few pairs of pajamas. Noah was disappointed she didn't bring him a karate outfit but she said they didn't have any.

While she was gone, Daddy took us to a fire department open house. It was so much fun! We got to sit in the trucks and police cars. We got a chance to spray the hose, but I didn't want to. Just Noah did. They also had hot dogs, chips and oreo cookies. We went into their safety house and impressed Daddy and the fireman when we went into the kitchen and told him all the fire hazards in the room as well as the good things. We picked out all the fire hazards in the living room, too. When we went into the bedroom, smoke started to fill the air. The firemen helped us climb out the windows to safety.
The best part of the day was the bouncy house! They let us go into a bouncy house for 5 minutes to jump then it had a stairs to get out. When we went out the door at the top of the stairs, there was a slide to get down. It was so awesome!

Mommy came home shortly after we got back. She hung out with us and played for a little while. Then after supper, she had to go again. She went to a party for one of her Diva friends who is getting married.

Daddy took us to church today and we talked about Noah's ark. We got to make marshmallow animals (and eat them!) for an ark that was made out of graham crackers. We stayed in the nursery for a little while after Sunday School then came home and had corn dogs for dinner. We just got to stay around the house and play. I played dress up, played with some toys downstairs and chalked on the sidewalk outside. It was a fun day just doing our own thing at home today.

On the way to church, Daddy and I had a conversation about Jesus.
Daddy: Why do we go to church?
Hannah: To see Jesus!
: Who is Jesus?
Hannah: God
: What did Jesus do for us?
Hannah: Tells Santa to give us Presents!

Daddy said he has some work to do yet...

Here's some pictures of the art we've done this week. I love to draw. When I go to preschool, I love to go to "creative cupboard" where I can draw. I mostly draw pictures of our family...sometimes me and Noah, sometimes me and Mom, sometimes the whole family - usually with Cheyenne, sometimes with Spike. Noah doesn't do as much creative cupboard. He prefers to play puzzles and in the pretend play areas.

This afternoon, we drew ourselves on the sidewalk. There's also some pictures of our volcanos we did on Friday at daycare. They were really cool.

Tomorrow we get to go to Sue's house and back to school. It's going to be a fun week!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

The summer is wrapping up and the weather is getting cold!
On Sept 9 (a week and a half ago) we started our first day of preschool. We went to Creative Play preschool last year, so we're not new to the class, but we have all new friends in our class! Mrs. Bodin & Mrs. Hanks were happy to have us back in their class. Mrs. Bodin & Mrs. Hanks are also happy that I'm reading! I really am impressing them with my reading skills. I love to read - I read everything I can see (signs) and get my hands on (books).
Our first day, mommy took us and stayed with us. Only half of our class was there on that day. This whole past week (our first full week of school) almost everyone was there. The buses weren't running so Daddy took off work to bring us. We were picker-uppers, so we were so cool! We love riding the bus with the schoolkids, but we love to be picked up at school sometimes.
I am making new friends slowly. It's so much easier to just hang with Hannah, but I've met new friends. Hannah is a little more shy but she'll make some new friends this year.
The first day of school, she couldn't find her mailbox in class because Mrs. Bodin gave us all new mailboxes. Mommy tried to point her new mailbox out but she kept insisting that was Joey's mailbox. Joey is in kindergarten now; Joey's old mailbox is now hers. My new mailbox is Hannah's old mailbox from last year.
Last weekend we got to spend Saturday at the Diva Stud volleyball party with Mommy & Daddy. All the Diva families were there. We had some yummy food and lots of time to play in the sand where the adults usually only play. There were lots of girls, and most of them were doing some cheerleading dances. For a while, us 3 4-year old boys played Hot Wheels.
This weekend was a busy one! Friday night, Daddy got us Chinese food. I liked it. Hannah didn't (except the rice, noodles and sweet & sour chicken without the sauce). Then Daddy got the bonfire out and we had a bonfire with our neighbor Griffin. It was fun! We got to have s'mores and stay up late.
Saturday was a SURPRISE party for my best friend Grayson. We went to a place with a GIANT play area, waited for Grayson and surprised him when he came in. He was surprised! He looked a little scared at first, but when he realized what it was, he was so happy! We were so happy to see each other, we ran to each other and gave each other a hug. After games, pizza, cake and presents, we got to play in the play area. It was awesome! We played for 2 hours before going home.
We got prizes and toys from the party. I got some candy and a funny face, Hannah got a tiara crown. The place with the party also had a cool bridge outside, so we got to play on the bridge before we went home.
After supper, we walked down to a local church carnival. We played a few games and won some prizes. It was fun, but we didn't stay long because Daddy said we had to go home for bedtime.
Today, we got up and went to Sunday School. Last week was our first day of Sunday School. TJ & Penney are our teachers again, so we're so excited about them! They're so awesome.
After Sunday School, we got ready to go to a Twins game. Hannah has been talking about this all week. We were excited! Unfortunately, it drizzled and rained on us most of the time. But, we brought our blankets, rain coats and snacks so we made it to the 7th inning. After the 7th inning, we got some lemonade and waited to run the bases. We got to go down under the bleachers and then out on the field to run the bases. We got to run the same bases that Joe Mauer runs! It was awesome. Mommy & Daddy didn't get to run with us (though, Mommy got her picture taken with TC Bear while we ran the bases).
When we got done running the bases, we got to go out to dinner at Sunshine Factory. It was a really good day, but after our baths, we were exhausted.
We're looking forward to school tomorrow. Hannah has the sharing bag (I got sharing bag last week) and I am bringing treats. It's going to be a fun day!

Monday, September 5, 2011

State Fair and Waterpark Vacation week

This has been the best week in a long time!
Monday, we came home from daycare and a big tractor was digging up the street in front of our house! It turns out it was actually our neighbor's yard that was being dug up to put in some new pipes underground. Angie came shortly after we got home, so we got to hang out with her Monday night. We asked her to come with us to the state fair, and she came Monday so we could leave early Tuesday for the fair. After supper, Angie and Mom took us to the store to buy shoes. I got sketchers! I've wanted Sketchers for a long time so now i can be really fast! They didn't have the hot lights shoes I wanted, but I'm still excited about my new sketcher shoes.

Tuesday morning, we got up bright and early to go to the state fair. We are big kids now, so Mom and Dad said we wouldn't use strollers. When we got tired of walking, we could go home. We took several rests during the day and survived from 8:30 until 6:30! Daddy and Mommy were so impressed with us. We saw the baby animals in the baby animal barn (we saw baby pigs that were 3 days old and even a pig who was having new baby pigs!), we saw all the animal barns, we rode rides (in the kidway as well as the space needle and the skyride), helped out at the little farmhands, did projects in the kids area, checked out campers, saw how they get milk from cows and looked at a lot of things at booths. We had lemonade, hot cheese, strawberries & cream, peanut butter sandwiches that came in a little car, corndogs and ice cream. It was such a fun day! We can't wait to go back to the fair next year!Wednesday we went back to daycare. I was the best eater for the month of August - I cleaned my plate the most times - so I had a Happy Meal for lunch! It was good to see our friends and get to tell them all about the fair! After daycare, Daddy and Mommy picked us up and we went to our preschool open house. Mrs. Bodin & Mrs. Hanks were so happy to see us. Mrs. Bodin rearranged the room a little bit, but was very impressed that I'm reading. Afterwords, Mom & Dad brought us to an exercise store. We checked out all the different machines while Mommy checked out the treadmills. It was pretty fun!

Thursday morning Daddy took Cheyenne with us to daycare. At lunchtime Sue called us up to lunch and Mommy and Daddy were there waiting for us! What a fun surprise. They said they were going to take us for a picnic but it started to rain, so we drove to a restaurant on our way to vacation!

Mom and Dad had talked about going to a water park for vacation, but we weren't too excited about it. Hannah was sad because Cheyenne went to a puppy hotel without us, and I'm not excited about new things sometimes.

On our way to vacation, we stopped at an army museum. We saw lots of guns, weapons, uniforms and medals. Daddy even got us camo t-shirts like he had when he was in the army! After that, we got to go outside and climb on helicopters and tanks and check them all out. Unfortunately, we had to cut that visit short because it started to rain on us.

We drove for a little while longer until we came to a big town and Daddy stopped at a hotel. It was pretty nice, so we were excited to go in. There were bears and animals in the lobby. Mommy got a room key and we went into our room - it was nice! It had a little living room with beds behind a little wall on the other side of the room. We got to pick our own bed - we, of course, picked the bed with the TV by it. Then we checked out the waterpark. It was awesome! We couldn't wait to swim in it! We had to make a trip to Target to pick up some snacks for the week, but got to come back and swim! It was so fun - there was a lake with a pretend tree in the middle of it and a river with waterslides that we could sit in tubes and swim around.

Friday morning we got up and went to Paul Bunyan Land. Paul Bunyan was a really big man - he knew our names when we walked in! We let Mom take our picture while we sat on his boot, but I didn't like him. He was kind of scary. Hannah kept wanting to talk to him, but I didn't like him. As long as I could avoid Paul Bunyan, I had a blast riding all the rides I wanted to ride. We rode every ride that we were tall enough for - boats, canoes, bugs, airplanes, train, frog hopper (that's our favorite ride!) the roller coaster (Hannah didn't like that one!), the ferris wheel, sleighs, bumper cars and the tilt-a-whirl. There was a bunch of barns and a little town set up with old stuff in it. We looked at it, but the only part we wanted to check out was the little school's playground. We did also get to ring the church bell.

We got tired at about 1:30 so we stopped for sandwiches and went back to the hotel. We relaxed for a short time before going back to the waterpark until suppertime. We went to pizza ranch for supper - that was so yummy!

Saturday morning, we got up, packed our bags and went to the waterpark one last time before going home. I wanted to play all day, but once it was lunch time, we cleaned up and headed out for lunch. We got to go to McDonalds, have Happy Meals and play in the playland. We stopped by our friend Reid's cabin on our way home, but he wasn't home. We also stopped at a weird store with a little of everything and that was fun to check out the fish house, furniture and fun stuff on the shelves.

When we got home, we unloaded and headed out again. We went to Daddy's volleyball friends house on Lake Minnetonka. I got to play with their 3-yr old boy, so we played good guy/bad guy and roughhoused while Hannah played in the kitchen. It was a fun night.

We were on the road a lot Sunday. We got to play a little bit in the morning before going to a big house to look at some beds that Grandma wanted us to buy for her. Mom and Dad had to take them apart and load them in the truck, and we were on our best behavior while they were in and out, packing the trucks. The lady that was there was so nice! She gave us play money, books and Christmas bows!

We played at home for a little while and then got to go get Cheyenne from the puppy spa. We've missed her so much! She ran around the yard and house when we got home - she was so happy to see us and we missed her a lot, too.

When we got home, Mommy told us we were going to have supper guests so we cleaned up a little bit. Grandma, Grandpa, Dani, Jason, Lauren & Ben came over! We had supper then went back to the house where we got the bed. We played in the front yard while they moved some couches out of the house. Unfortunately, they couldn't stay and play. But, it was so fun to play with our cousins for a few hours!

Today we got to go to Ron & Carol's house for a volleyball party. Of course, we had yummy food (we brought pizza!) and there were lots of other kids there to play with. My favorite thing to do at Ron & Carol's is still to play in the hammock. Hannah played with the girls all day - I did my own thing most of the day. I had a fun time, but it has been a very busy week! We're looking forward to going back to Sue's house tomorrow. And, we start our first day of school on Friday, so we're really looking forward to going back to school.

Have a good week back to school! Next year, we'll be starting kindergarten at this time!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Muddy Buddies

Monday, daycare was closed so we stayed home with Mommy and she made Noah a quillow...a blanket that folds into a quilt. Mine is next! He liked his - it was pretty cool. I can't wait until she's done with mine! It's gong to be beautiful.

Thursday was tie-dye day. We look forward to this every year. It's so awesome! We both decided we wanted swirl designs. We got to pick our own colors and dye our own shirts. Sadly, we didn't get to take them home until Friday. But, Friday when Mommy picked us up and we were so proud to show off our new shirts! We decided we want to wear them to the state fair.

Friday after daycare, we were only home a few minutes before Mommy told us we were going to a town up north to pick up Daddy and have supper. We drove past a big lake on our way to Perkins to meet Daddy. He met someone with Mommy's old car. The girl Daddy talked to bought Mommy's old car and we brought Daddy home.

Saturday, we got to watch Rapunzel on the Wii and play at home most of the day. It was a good day to just sit at home and play. It was very nice out, so we got to eat outside twice.

Mommy asked us if we wanted to run in a race with a mud pit - I was SO excited. Especially after seeing the video of it! Noah said he wanted to until after the video - then he said he wasn't going to do it. But, we have to go pick up Mommy, whether we do the mud race or not.

Today, Mommy got up really early to pick up Lars and go to their muddy buddy run. Later, Juanita picked up Daddy and us and brought us to the race. They finished before we got there to see them, but they were covered in mud when we got there to see them! I didn't want to touch Mommy. But, Daddy got us registered for the kid's race. I was so excited to run through the mud pit. After waiting a while, we got to the starting line. Noah was so excited - he was yelling "let's get muddy!" "I can't wait to get to the mud!" The announcers who were starting us were holding the microphone up to Noah for him to talk because he was so excited! Daddy said Noah was getting the crowd pumped up, too! He asked Noah and me to say our names & ages in the microphone before we started.

Finally, it was time to start the race. We had to run through a muddy field for a short distance and Noah lost his shoe! I climbed over the 4-ft wall then waited for Noah to put his shoe back on. Then, we ran under a sawhorse and through old tires. When we got to the mud pit, that's where I wasn't so sure I wanted to finish. I realized it was really squishy - The mud around the mud pit was squishy. And once Mommy convinced me to come in the mudpit, I got stuck! Mommy had to pull me out and carry my over the flags we were supposed to crawl under. She put me down but I was stuck again. She ended up carrying me through all the flags. I didn't mind being muddy as much as I minded being stuck in the cold, squishy mud up to my knees.

Noah jumped in the mud pit more readily, though he hesitated at first when he got to the mud. He ducked under the flags - he didn't crawl. But, he ran through all by himself. There was a guy squirting a fire hose at all the people in the mud pit. When Noah got sprayed, he turned around and held out his hands for the guy with the hose to wash his dirty, muddy hands. He said people laughed at him, and he wanted them to stop laughing, but Mom said they were laughing because they thought it was very cute.

Noah waited for us when he finished the mud pit and we all ran through the finish line together. We got our own muddy buddy medals (they're rubbery - mom says that's so we can't hurt each other with them.) They're on ribbons that go around our necks and everything. We also got shirts. It's so cool!

We walked around a little and found Lars and his boys, then went to wash off. That's where I started to hate it. They didn't have warm baths - they had cold hoses to wash off. And, there were so many people, water was squirting in my eyes. I was cold, had water in my eyes and all wet. I just wanted a towel, but Mommy had to run back to the car to get it.

Once Mommy ran back to the truck to get the towels, I was better. Noah and I got dried off, put on clean, dry clothes with a warm sweatshirt and had a snack. It was a fun day - lots of people cheered us on and told us how cool we were for finishing the mini-muddy-buddy race. I don't know if I'll do it again, but it was kind of fun. Noah had fun, too, but I don't know if he'll do it again either.

Before we went home, Mommy drove a big truck on an obstacle course. We got to ride in the back seat with her! She drove on some really bumpy ground - sometimes we only had 2 wheels on the ground. She drove over logs and rocks, up a muddy, slimy hill and down the sandy, squishy hill. It was really fun.

We got to ride home with Dylan & Trevor, so we watched Spiderman in the car. That was awesome. We met Mom & Dad at Red Robin for dinner, then went to Dylan & Trevor's so Dad could drop off Lars' bike. It was a good, fun day but we were exhausted. Tomorrow, Mommy and Daddy are going to let us bring our medals to daycare to show our friends. Then, later in the week we're going on vacation.

I'm sad we have to leave Cheyenne at a kennel and she won't be able to go with us on vacation. I cried when Mom said she had to go to a puppy hotel, but Mom & Dad said she'll have fun and we will get to see her shortly after we drop her off.

Have a good week! I know we will. We're looking forward to Angie coming tomorrow and going to the State Fair with us on Tuesday. Yay!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun in the Sun

We enjoyed such a nice week of weather. We were able to get outside every day at daycare -sometimes TWICE in a day.

Monday night, Mommy took us to the fabric store to buy fabric to make blankets out of. I picked out fireman fabric and Hannah wanted stripes.

Wednesday night, we played with our vehicles (police truck and fire engine) in the backyard. We were bummed to have to go in!

Friday, we got to stay home and hang out with Daddy. We played outside all afternoon. We were hungry by the time Mommy finally came home!

Yesterday, we went to Mama G's for the whole day while Mommy played volleyball. Daddy didn't get to play because his shoulder is still healing. We got there early in the morning before the tournament started and got to see our friends - Anika, Piper, Deion and Nicholas. We played with our friends, watched a couple of movies and played iPad games in the morning.

Right before lunch, Hannah fell and hit her head so she had a giant bump on her head. She cried a lot, but she was still hungry for pizza and cheese bread when Daddy bought it. Yum! Restaurant food on the patio.
It was a fun day - we knew a lot of the people in the tournament. Afterwords, we got to run and play in the sand - and I played with the hose. I even climbed up in the ref stand. Mommy told me I was cute and took a picture because I climbed up the ladder, sat on the ref seat, put my fingers in my mouth and made a noise like I was whistling. It must be so cool to be a ref and sit up so high!

We got home and pulled out some reading tool stuff that Mommy & Daddy bought. It included these weird plastic things that Mommy called cassettes. She put it in the radio and it played music just like a CD. She even had a book to go along with it. It was pretty cool. She even had an electronic pen and some cards to go with it, too. So, we could play matching games on the cards and then pen made happy noises when we were right and buzzed when we were wrong. When we finished that, we had a delicious steak dinner that Daddy prepared. We were sure tired by the time we fell asleep for the night!

Today, we got up and watched a movie until Daddy said we were going to the zoo! At first, we just rode all the rides we wanted to. We rode the frog hopper (that was our favorite - it was so fun!) the fire truck ride, the teacups, the train, the swings and the driving school. Then we went to see all the animals in the zoo.
I was a little hesitant about seeing the lions, but they were sleeping safely in their cage so I was OK. We got to eat restaurant food in the zoo while we watched them get ready for a show in the amphitheater. There was a pig, bunnies and a goose on stage!
After we saw all the animals and played in the kids area for a little while, we went back to ride a few rides and went home. Daddy thought we would fall asleep, especially since I accidentally woke up Hannah when I woke up early and turned on the light to read early this morning. But, we didn't fall asleep!

We got home and had our cotton candy (our reward for being good). Yummy! We played for a little while. I went to the auto parts store with Mommy to get a spark plug to help Daddy fix the lawn mower. Then, Mommy took Hannah and I to a bike path to ride on. It was very nice - it was flat, paved and no cars were on it, so we could have the whole trail to ourselves. We still ran into each other a couple of times. And, my training wheels kept shifting so my bike would fall over while Hannah's feet would slip off her pedals, her feet would slip off the pedals and she would fall. So, we didn't make it all the way to the end before we got tired and went home, but Mom said we can go again. It was really great practice to ride our bikes.

It's been an exhausting weekend. We've eaten all our meals outside this weekend because it's been so nice. But since it's so nice, we've been playing a lot between meals. Maybe tomorrow we'll just stay home and hang out.

Have a good week!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Fun

We've had a couple of busy weekends that have been so much fun!

A couple of weeks ago on a Monday, there was a big storm and the power went out at our place. So, Daddy said we could go to a restaurant. I love restaurants. I wanted McDonald's, but he said there was a new pizza place so we tried it. It was so awesome! There was a train that went around the restaurant above people's heads. It went around the restaurant, into the kitchen and back out into the dining area. We loved watching it! It was so cool that we had a hard time sitting still and eating our pizza.

Last weekend, we stayed home with Daddy on Friday, then picked up mommy for lunch and a mexican restaurant. After lunch, we got to go to Ron & Carol's Sandbox to play. Mom & Dad played volleyball (it was the first time Daddy could play since before his surgery in May, so he was very excited) while we played in the yard with 2 boys who were there. Our favorite part is playing on the court when the adults take a break between games.

Saturday, we got up and drove a long ways to Great Grandma's lake cabin. (Daddy was sick, so we went with Mommy.) A bunch of Mommy's cousins were there so there were lots of kids to play with. After we ate lunch, we swam ALL AFTERNOON! It was such a nice day. Angie took us on jetski rides, Mommy, Angie and some cousins went waterskiing, Noah went tubing with the boys, and I played in the water with other kids. We got out of the water because the rain started to POUR down on us. We got dried off and got dressed just in time for pizza ranch pizza. We were so hungry, we ate a lot! I even ate fruit, a breadstick, a piece of pepperoni pizza and a dessert pizza. We had such a great day that we fell fast asleep on the way home to see Daddy.

Sunday, we got up and got ready for another party. Mommy's work had a picnic, so we went to play games, bounce in the bounce house, run the inflatable obstacle course, and eat picnic food. We even got cotton candy. I loved it. It was so delicious! Noah got a blue sno-cone. He loved it, but spilled blue all over his shirt. We had a fun day, but were tired and ready to go home after a couple of hours.

Monday we didn't have daycare, so we stayed home and hung out with Mommy. We got to visit Daddy's office for lunch - he took us to a yummy place that had grilled cheese, fries, burgers and awesome shakes. After we got home and played a while, we decided we wanted to go to the pool. We hadn't been to the pool (except for lessons) all year, so it was really fun! Mommy ran into a friend of ours from ECFE class that we used to go to when we were little, so we got to stay a little later while she talked. But we got home, showered and got to bed quickly because we were tired kids!

It was a nice week - we finally got to go outside a lot this week. We were looking forward to our family's visit all week. We knew they were going to come Friday.

Saturday morning, we got up and woke up Grandma and Grandpa. We were so happy to see them! Angie was at our house, too. And, Ben, Lauren, Dani & Jason came to our place while we were getting ready for pictures. Mom said she was unhappy with Noah because he was jumping off the clubhouse and fell so he scraped his arm up and knocked his eye so it was a little bit red & swollen before picture day. But, he said his eye didn't hurt. It looked OK for our pictures. She wasn't too mad, but told him he had to be more careful and stop doing dangerous things when she told him to. Sometimes Mom takes away all the fun stuff we want to do - she makes us stop because she said we could get hurt. We tried to smile and be good for pictures, but it was hard because we were so rushed. It wasn't our best day at the photo studio but Mom said it was OK. We still did a very good job. Every day can't be our best day. Grandma was so happy to have all of her family together for pictures.

After pictures, we came home to play with our cousins and eat lunch. We had a great time dressing up in costumes, playing house and playing with our toys. After dinner, we headed out to a museum. We didn't get to spend a lot of time at the museum, but it was awesome. They had real trains and toy trains. We could to into the real trains, we got a tour of the old, broken down trains that they were fixing up. It was soo cool. They had a roundhouse that Mommy said was like Thomas - the track moved so each train could go in their little bedroom in the garage at night. We didn't get to see any trains move, but maybe we can come back and see it when they're giving train rides. Dad's friend Ted & Jeremy were even there, though we didn't spend much time with them because we were busy playing with our cousins. We explored all the trains - coach trains, dining trains, crew trains and trains that people slept in - they even had trains with bathrooms in them, though the bathrooms looked old.
Lauren got to ride home for supper with us and Noah rode home with Ben. After supper, we put on a talent show (we each did a flip on our gymnastics bar with Lauren's help) and had a bonfire. We had marshmallows, s'mores and hung out with our whole family. It got crazy because after we had s'mores, Mommy, Daddy, Dani & Angie started playing volleyball and then Lauren, Ben, Noah and me played volleyball with Grandpa. Dani, Angie & Mommy even did some gymnastics in our backyard. It was a crazy night, but we were tired and ready to fall asleep when we went to bed at nine.

Today, Lauren & Ben came over again and we just played all day. We dressed up like superheros, princesses and transformers. (OK, the boys were transformers - Lauren & I were princesses and superheros). We played in the tents, on the swings, with our zhu zhu was a full day! We were sad to see them go, but they had to get home. We had such a fun weekend!

We're ready to get to Sue's again tomorrow.

We'll get back to our regular schedule again.
Noah will be a superhero (he always says "When there's trouble, I begin to heroguide!" He fights against the badguy, spy guy.) And I will be a mommy to my babies. Mom said the pool is closed now. That's such a bummer. We'll just have to fill our own little pool back up.

We can't wait for school to start! Mom said it will start in 3 weeks. We can't wait!

Have a good week.