Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week on the go

What a busy week we've had!

Monday night was our night at home with Mom & Dad.

Tuesday, we got to go to our friends Dylan & Trevor's house. Daddy had to help their mom fix her computer, so we got to eat Mac & Cheese and watch movies at their house. It was a lot of fun! We even got to stay up late - we stayed up late enough for Mommy to come give us a hug after her volleyball game.

Wednesday, it cooled off outside. And it rained! It hadn't rained in a long time. We had our pictures taken at school. It took up a lot of time, so we didn't have a normal schedule at school.

After school, I had soo bahk do. There were fewer kids there with more instructors, so I did a better job paying attention. I had a lot of fun. I learned some blocks and a punch. I have to remember to practice every day! When we got home, we had pizza because Mommy was at volleyball. And, then we packed a bag so we could have a party at Dylan & Trevors' house the next night.

Thursday, Hannah had dance class. She was excited because she started tap. (She's been doing ballet for the past 3 weeks.) When she goes to class, I get to play with Daddy's iPad, so I don't mind waiting in the hallway while Hannah has class. After dance, we got to go back to Trevor & Dylan's house. Our parents went to a hockey game together, so we hung out at their place while our parents were gone. We played, had pizza and rice and had a slumber party. We fell asleep on Dylan's floor, then Mommy & Daddy picked us up and drove us home late. I remember driving home in Mommy's car, and unrolling my quillow to cover myself up on the way home.

Friday, we were still very tired. We actually took naps at Sue's house during naptime!
We had to be at daycare a little bit early because Mommy and Daddy had to go to Parent Teacher conferences with Mrs. Bodin. She said she's been impressed with how much progress I've made in school since last year. When she thinks I need to settle down, she asks me to read a book and I calm down. She said Hannah is doing well with her fine motor skills and learning to read, and she's very impressed with how well I can read. We're very good kids and she really enjoys having us in class. We're also superstars on the bus! Other kids get in trouble but not us. She told Mom & Dad all about our new friends. I sometimes like to play by myself and sometimes like to play with my friends. And, sometimes, friends join me when I am playing something new. Hannah has made new friends, too, even though she talks about her friends less than I do at home.

Friday night, Daddy picked us up from daycare and we drove down to Green Mill to meet Daddy's cousin for dinner. They're bringing their kids here in a couple of weeks to live! We were very good at the restaurant, though we did wander around and try to look at the pool in the hotel nextdoor to the restaurant. Daddy's cousin said she thought we were very good, though. We both had our favorite: macaroni & cheese.

Saturday, Mommy had a tournament, so we hung out at home. Hannah got all her Barbie stuff back. (She had it taken away last week for not picking it up.) We had pizza for lunch, then went to Dylan & Trevor's for a short time, but they weren't there, so Daddy took us to Mommy's tournament to play with Piper, Anika & Deion. Daddy went to a hockey game, so we hung out at Mommy's tournament. We had fun playing with the other kids while we waited for Mommy to finish the championship match.

After volleyball, we chose to go to Perkins for supper. It was a different Perkins than we've ever been to. After that, we went to Mommy's work to pick up the Gogurt she forgot at work. I have gogurt every morning, and Hannah has it most mornings for breakfast. We danced to a fun musical mummy toy there then went to the new Menards by her work. It was a cool one with an elevator and escalators.

But, by the time we got home Hannah's tummy hurt. She went straight to bed and didn't even want a story. I got my story and went to bed. I slept through Hannah throwing up 3 times that night!

Today, I got to go to Sunday School without Hannah. She didn't feel good this morning. I got to read for the "reader theater" skit, though Mommy looked unhappy with me when I put the microphone really close to my mouth and talked very loudly into it.

We only have school once this week. Mommy said she's hoping for a less busy week. She hardly took any pictures of us at all this week!

Have a good week!

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