Sunday, October 23, 2011

MEA Week = busy week

What a big week!
We only had school one day - Monday.
Monday night, Mommy promised us that we could get out the Halloween stuff and decorate, so we got out our Halloween candle holders, ghosts and pumpkins. We only have a few things, but we liked putting them up!
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday we just stayed at Sue's and played all day. Wednesday & Thursday, school was out, so all of our school friends were there to play with! I got to do projects with the third grade girls, and Noah got to do his project with Grayson & Joey. It was so great!

I didn't have dance class on Thursday because school was out. I don't understand why Noah had Soo Bahk Do and I didn't have dance, but Mommy said it was different classes with different rules. Noah got a yellow stripe for his belt. He was pretty bummed that he didn't have a uniform and most of the other kids do. He's one of just a few kids who only wear sweatpants to class.

Thursday night, I had a tummy ache and threw up in my bed. I felt a little better but since mommy wanted to let my bed air out, she let me sleep with her in the big bed. Neither Noah or I have ever slept in the bed with Mommy & Daddy before! I liked it. I want to do it again.
In the middle of the night, Noah threw up, too. So, he got to sleep in the spare bed with Daddy while Mommy changed his sheets and let his bed air.

When we got up Friday morning, Daddy called Sue to tell her we couldn't come play with our friends because we were sick. Unfortunately, Daddy & Mommy had to go downtown to sign some papers. We got to play on the iPads while they did, and it went really quick. We played a little bit when we got home and I tried on some clothes. (I've grown too tall for most of my favorite pants from last year!) Then everyone took naps - everyone except me. I played quietly in my room while Noah slept and Mommy and Daddy rested.

Daddy made soup for dinner, and after dinner, I played games with Mommy, went shopping at the thrift store (it was packed - we looked at dresses and leotards for dance class.) I found some leotards and a great dance costume to play dress up in. Don't I look like Minnie Mouse when I dance? We also found a Woody shirt for Noah so he can play Toy Story. After we shopped at the thrift store, we went grocery shopping. We went to a different Cub, so I got tired walking around finding all the stuff we needed. But, I was helpful. I made sure to get my free apple! It was yummy! We even saw our neighbor - Brooke's mom and her brother at the store.

Noah slept almost the whole time we were gone, woke up at 5 and had a high fever. Daddy gave him some medicine that made him feel better. We had some supper and went to bed because we were all tired!

Saturday, we had a very big day! We all felt better - Noah woke up at 7 but I slept until 8:30.
We had breakfast, then got our costumes on and went to the shopping center near our house to go trick-or-treating. I wore my Rapunzel and Noah was Spiderman. Mommy bought our costumes from the store this year - she didn't make them, so she felt a little bad about that. We were all too busy this year for her to make anything!
When we were there, we met our good friend Grayson and his brother and mom. Noah and Grayson are best friends. I love his brother - I love all the babies at Sue's house! We went to see the costume contest that Radio Disney did, and Grayson won tickets to the circus! His mom asked if Noah wanted to go with them to the circus Saturday night. At first I was excited because I thought I got to go, too, but then I realized only Noah got to go. I was so heartbroken! Noah and I do almost everything together. Daddy told me that I had to help him because Grayson's brother was coming to our place while Noah is gone and I had to help play with him. I'll get to do something special with Mommy or one of my friends sometime without Noah.

Before we left, we went through the haunted house (which wasn't very scary - it was just creepy and dark). But, at the end, we gave them some canned vegetables and got pumpkins in exchange! We're excited about our pumpkins.

After the trick-or-treating at the stores, we got dressed and went to the apple orchard. It was a lot of fun! We got to ride the cow train, jump on the giant air pillow, have hot apple cider, play on the playground (with slides, tires, a car and fun stuff) and look at the apple trees. There weren't many apples left on the trees, but mommy said these trees grew apples.

We even got to ride horses. Real horses! It was fun. The ride was short and the ponies were just our size. But we loved it. it was awesome.

We also took a bunch of pictures. I love to take pictures. I smile nice every time daddy and mommy take out their cameras. Noah did sometimes, but he likes the silly face pictures most of all.

We were going to ride on a wagon, but ran out of time before we had to go home.

While we were there, Daddy took pictures of us in a tree that we've taken pictures in for the past 4 years. Look how we've grown:

We stopped for Subway on the way home, had a few minutes to eat before Noah had to leave for the circus. He was excited to go with Grayson!

I helped take care of his brother Zachary. I was disappointed when he just wanted to play with Noah's racecars and I wanted to have a tea party, but after he played with the cars for a while, we had animal crackers and milk and pretend tea at a tea party. I broke his animal crackers into little pieces just like Sue does for the toddlers. (He's almost 1 1/2 years old.) We played legos, read books and played with balls. Daddy had to go right after Noah left, so Mommy and I entertained Zachary until Noah came home. I was helpful to mommy.

I was very excited to see Noah when he got home. He didn't come home until 10:30! He got to have cotton candy and jump in the jump house at the circus. He told Mommy there was tigers that jumped through a hoop with fire and didn't get burned. He also liked the acrobats. Noah and Grayson said it was awesome, but Noah was so tired after a long day. Mommy put jammies on him, brushed his teeth and he was fast asleep before I even finished brushing my teeth.

This morning, I helped daddy make french toast out of the apple fritter bread that we bought yesterday. It was delicious. Noah slept until 9 o'clock, then we got ready to go to our cousin Michael's birthday party. It was a long drive, but we liked getting to play with our cousins when we got there, though. Michelle had a guitar, piano and drums all in her room so we got to play that, and it was fun! Then we drew until it was time to eat. We got party favors of rings and airplanes when we left. We also got to take home balloons! We love balloons!

On the way home, Noah pinched his finger in his marker. When his finger finally felt better, he asked Daddy to open the window and when Daddy opened the window, Noah's balloon flew out. Daddy closed the window, then when he opened it back up to pull the balloon back in, the string broke and his balloon flew away. Noah cried again and was very sad the whole way home. I made sure to hang on tight to my balloon all the way home! He fell asleep close to home, so Mommy and Daddy decided to stop for gas and at Cub for dinner before we got home. While Mommy was in Cub getting chicken, she also bought Noah a new balloon. He was glad to have a new balloon.

Whew! It was a very busy weekend! We're looking forward to a regular week of school again.

Have a good week! Try to stay healthy and not catch the bug that's making our tummies hurt.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week on the go

What a busy week we've had!

Monday night was our night at home with Mom & Dad.

Tuesday, we got to go to our friends Dylan & Trevor's house. Daddy had to help their mom fix her computer, so we got to eat Mac & Cheese and watch movies at their house. It was a lot of fun! We even got to stay up late - we stayed up late enough for Mommy to come give us a hug after her volleyball game.

Wednesday, it cooled off outside. And it rained! It hadn't rained in a long time. We had our pictures taken at school. It took up a lot of time, so we didn't have a normal schedule at school.

After school, I had soo bahk do. There were fewer kids there with more instructors, so I did a better job paying attention. I had a lot of fun. I learned some blocks and a punch. I have to remember to practice every day! When we got home, we had pizza because Mommy was at volleyball. And, then we packed a bag so we could have a party at Dylan & Trevors' house the next night.

Thursday, Hannah had dance class. She was excited because she started tap. (She's been doing ballet for the past 3 weeks.) When she goes to class, I get to play with Daddy's iPad, so I don't mind waiting in the hallway while Hannah has class. After dance, we got to go back to Trevor & Dylan's house. Our parents went to a hockey game together, so we hung out at their place while our parents were gone. We played, had pizza and rice and had a slumber party. We fell asleep on Dylan's floor, then Mommy & Daddy picked us up and drove us home late. I remember driving home in Mommy's car, and unrolling my quillow to cover myself up on the way home.

Friday, we were still very tired. We actually took naps at Sue's house during naptime!
We had to be at daycare a little bit early because Mommy and Daddy had to go to Parent Teacher conferences with Mrs. Bodin. She said she's been impressed with how much progress I've made in school since last year. When she thinks I need to settle down, she asks me to read a book and I calm down. She said Hannah is doing well with her fine motor skills and learning to read, and she's very impressed with how well I can read. We're very good kids and she really enjoys having us in class. We're also superstars on the bus! Other kids get in trouble but not us. She told Mom & Dad all about our new friends. I sometimes like to play by myself and sometimes like to play with my friends. And, sometimes, friends join me when I am playing something new. Hannah has made new friends, too, even though she talks about her friends less than I do at home.

Friday night, Daddy picked us up from daycare and we drove down to Green Mill to meet Daddy's cousin for dinner. They're bringing their kids here in a couple of weeks to live! We were very good at the restaurant, though we did wander around and try to look at the pool in the hotel nextdoor to the restaurant. Daddy's cousin said she thought we were very good, though. We both had our favorite: macaroni & cheese.

Saturday, Mommy had a tournament, so we hung out at home. Hannah got all her Barbie stuff back. (She had it taken away last week for not picking it up.) We had pizza for lunch, then went to Dylan & Trevor's for a short time, but they weren't there, so Daddy took us to Mommy's tournament to play with Piper, Anika & Deion. Daddy went to a hockey game, so we hung out at Mommy's tournament. We had fun playing with the other kids while we waited for Mommy to finish the championship match.

After volleyball, we chose to go to Perkins for supper. It was a different Perkins than we've ever been to. After that, we went to Mommy's work to pick up the Gogurt she forgot at work. I have gogurt every morning, and Hannah has it most mornings for breakfast. We danced to a fun musical mummy toy there then went to the new Menards by her work. It was a cool one with an elevator and escalators.

But, by the time we got home Hannah's tummy hurt. She went straight to bed and didn't even want a story. I got my story and went to bed. I slept through Hannah throwing up 3 times that night!

Today, I got to go to Sunday School without Hannah. She didn't feel good this morning. I got to read for the "reader theater" skit, though Mommy looked unhappy with me when I put the microphone really close to my mouth and talked very loudly into it.

We only have school once this week. Mommy said she's hoping for a less busy week. She hardly took any pictures of us at all this week!

Have a good week!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Barnyard Boogie

This week was such a nice week! We got to play outside every day at school and at Sue's. It was beautiful (too beautiful, as Noah would say) but we're looking forward to snow.

Friday, a firefighter came to school! It was a girl firefighter. We got to see the truck, they gave us new fireman hats and talked all about fire safety. It was cool.

Friday night, we went to the Barnyard Boogie at the Community Center. It was so fun! We looked at the petting zoo animals a little but mostly danced. Noah got a bloody nose when he accidentally ran into Mommy when we were dancing, but he was OK. We got our yummy snack cake and juice after he stopped bleeding. Daddy said it was a good time to sit down and relax.

Saturday morning, Daddy took Noah to the hardware store to fix his Monster Truck. I was jealous when he got home and had popcorn from the store, but he shared with me. Mommy popped some up for me to make me feel better.

I wanted to have corn dogs for lunch, but Daddy took us all out to Quiznos for subs. They were pretty good. And, we got dinosaurs as toys! Noah got a pink one and I got a blue one, but I traded with him when Daddy asked me to. They're cool! Their skin comes off and their bones glow in the dark.

After lunch, we went to Ikea. They had a play room with a giant ball pit, trains, a slide and movies. We got to play in there while Mommy & Daddy shopped for 45 minutes. It was so awesome and fun! When Mommy picked us up after shopping, we were thirsty, so she took us to the deli. I got water but Noah tried lignenberry juice. He let me try some and it was pretty good. He drank it down within a few minutes!

I read the bedtime story Saturday night. I read Hop on Pop. I'm still learning to sound out words, so sometimes it's slow. But, I'm getting better! I'm very good at writing my name.

Today, we went to Sunday School. I got to wear my dress with a matching dress for my baby. Mommy's friend gave it to me. I even wore my pretty hat with it, so I looked so cute. After Sunday School class, we got to go to the nursery to play with Kasey and her sisters and our friends from Sunday School.

After church, we had corn dogs (yay!) and hung out at home. I had my Barbies taken away yesterday (because I put water in the pool when Mom said no and didn't put them away when she asked) but I played with my Alphie, my little dress-up doll and play-dough with Noah. Daddy made mostaccioli for supper. It was a good day.

I love to draw at preschool. My favorite thing to draw is my family. Here's a picture of my family. Mommy is wearing a pink dress on the left, Noah is next to her, Daddy is the one with really long legs and I'm wearing a pink skirt holding Spike. Cheyenne is next to me, too. I love my family.

Noah is really doing well with reading! He reads with expression and loves to read signs wherever we go.

Have a good week! We're looking forward to a nice week.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nice weekend

Monday night, we got to go eat at Broadway pizza. Daddy met us there. It was so awesome! We love to eat pizza and watch the train go around and around the dining room. We even got ice cream! I ate all mine, but Hannah only had a few bites of hers before we left to go home.
When we got home, we put on a show for Mommy. We made curtains over Hannah's bed so her bed was the stage. I played guitar and she danced. Mommy loved it but we had to cut it short because Mommy said it was bedtime!
Thursday, Hannah had her dance class again. She got her very own ballet shoes so she was excited. She even did a little dance for us when she was done.
Friday, Daddy picked us up from daycare with Cheyenne. We met mommy at the park instead of going home. We got to play in the park while Daddy took Cheyenne in the dog park. It was so fun, but we didn't stay long because we were hungry. We stopped at Menards to pick up a few things. We even had our pictures taken with a new friend.
After that, we went to Chipotle for Mexican food. We weren't impressed. Hannah only ate her chips - she didn't like her beans, rice or quesadilla. I ate my quessadilla, rice and chips but didn't like my beans. Daddy is happy when we try new things, even if we don't like it much.
Saturday, Mommy had to go get her car worked on so we got to watch a movie and put together a puzzle with Daddy. After dinner, we got in the car and went driving down by the river. We got out to take some pictures. It was fun to see the river, all the people and the fall trees changing colors. It was a fun day just driving around the city.Saturday was also the day we had to pick a costume for Halloween. We've changed our minds a few times over the past few weeks so Daddy set a deadline. I don't know of Mommy is going to make a costume for us or if she's going to buy one at a store. I chose Spiderman and Hannah wants to be Rapunzel. I'm looking forward to Halloween!
Today, Mommy had to go to work so she missed church with us. I got to read the part of Abraham in the reader's theater (like a radio play). It was cool to have the microphone and speak. After church, Daddy helped the neighbors while we played in our backyard and in Griffin's backyard. It was a very nice day to hang out at home.
Tomorrow is school day and Sue day. It's going to be a nice week. We're looking forward to it!
Have a great week!