Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Sing Time!

Things are sure getting busy before the end of school. We practiced hard at school this week for Spring Sing.
Tuesday, Daddy wanted me to get my hair cut, but I told him I wanted to grow it long. He wasn't happy but he let me keep it long. Mommy asked why I didn't want to cut my hair and I told her I wanted magic hair like Rapunzel, so I'm going to grow it out. But, I decided I did want it cut, so Daddy took me to get my hair cut Thursday so I looked good for Spring Sing. It's really short, but I like it. 

Wednesday, we didn't get to go to Soo Bahk Do. I thought it was our last class, so I was looking forward to going. I was kind of bummed when Daddy said last week was our last class. But, I was a trooper and didn't get upset. He said we can go back in June, but May is too busy with Spring Sing, field trips and school ending.
We are looking forward to a field trip to Cub Foods in 2 weeks. I asked Mommy if she could take the day off, so she said she would! I hope my mommy can come! That would be so great!
demonstrating how the ballerinas on the bus look in our bus song
Friday was our big day at school. We practiced our songs for Spring Sing, and were SO excited to walk into the cafeteria and see Dad, Mom, Grandma & Grandpa sitting there waiting for us to sing. My arm itched and I was feeling a little bit sad, so I didn't sing a couple of our songs with the rest of the class. I sat down for 1 song, but Mrs. Bodin knew which songs were my favorite, so she had me stand up for those songs. My favorite song was the bus song. It's so much fun to sing!
smiling at Grandma & Grandpa as they took our pictures at Spring Sing
After we sang, we went back to our classroom and had cookies and juice. We shared cookies with Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy & Daddy. We also had our "mystery mommy" pictures hanging up. Mommy said she forgot to look at anyone else's because she found Hannah and my pictures RIGHT AWAY. We did such a good job of describing our Mommy - and she could tell herself by the pictures we both drew. She said she could tell our drawing style from our classmates' styles right away. She loved it. I said that her favorite food was white pizza; Hannah said her favorite food was sandwiches. And, when we had to put down our Mommy's age, Hannah was exactly right, and I was only a couple of years off. Some of the kids wrote down that their Mommy is 6! Our Mommy and Daddy are both so special to us.
We got to be picker uppers at school (picked up instead of riding the bus) (Though, we saw Ben, our bus driver, in the parking lot. He shouted hello out the bus window to us!) Grandma & Grandpa took us because Mommy and Daddy were on the motorcycle. Grandma & Grandpa took us to Acme tool, so I got to talk to the pretty girls selling tools.
Daddy downloaded new games on our Innotabs on Thursday, so we were excited to play our new games Friday when we got home from school! Some of the games were kind of hard, but some were really fun! We didn't get to play very long before we had to eat supper. And, because we were good at the store, Grandpa took us for ice cream after supper. I chose TCBY so Hannah and I could have rainbow sherbet. It's so yummy - and it turns our tongues blue!
Saturday morning, we had volleyball. My shoes were bothering me so I sat out some of the games, but I did get to play popcorn! That's my favorite volleyball drill.
After dinner, we showed Grandma Cars 2 (that's my favorite movie!), then made cupcakes and went shopping at Target with Grandma & Mommy.  Mommy & Daddy went to a party with their volleyball friends, so Grandma & Grandpa took us out to McDonalds. Yum!
Today was our last day of Sunday School. All the leaders did reader's theater, so it was really funny! Then we got to go to our classroom where TJ & Penney had a big Goliath set up in the room. We got to KILL GOLIATH with rocks like David. It was pretty fun. After Sunday School, we decided to go out to eat. We went to the Lodge - we ate there once before and loved it! We had waffles, donuts, mac & cheese, french toast and milk.
After we ate, we went home and Grandma & Grandpa got ready to go. They took Cheyenne with them to their house. Hannah cried really hard. We both miss our Cheyenne, but Mommy & Daddy said that Cheyenne needs a vacation from us, so she gets to go to Grandma & Grandpa's house to hang out with them and run in their yard. We'll get her back in a week or so...but Hannah was pretty sad, so we might have to go get her sooner.
Daddy decided to go play volleyball for the afternoon, so Hannah went with him. (She also checked out the fairies in Carol's Fairy Garden. They moved since we had been there last, but didn't move at all today.) I wanted to stay home with Mommy. She stayed home because she was trying to do some work. Mommy let me play Innotab for 5 minutes, but then I colored, did puzzles, played with toys and talked to Mommy until Daddy and Hannah came home. We even counted the money in my piggy bank! I have $22 in my piggy bank. Hannah has $23! I can't wait to bring my money to Target and buy a toy with it!
Have a good week.
Mommy & Daddy said we can go get Cheyenne this week if we really miss her, so we may have to make a trip to Grandma's house...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What a busy week we had!

Monday night was so nice that we went outside and played with our waterguns. Mom & Dad said it was too cold to put water in them, but we still enjoyed being outside.

Tuesday night, we had kindergarten roundup at Beacon Academy! Mom and Dad like the school and I think we're probably going to go there in the fall. We really liked it a lot. When we got to Beacon, we got to meet the kindergarten teachers, then they left us in the kindergarten rooms to play with other kids (and some parent volunteers). Mom and Dad got to meet our teachers, see the school and we got to look around a little bit before going home.

Wednesday, Mommy picked us up to go to Soo Bahk Do. Mommy doesn't come to watch us very often, so we're excited to show off to her when she comes! Daddy even came to see us for a short time before he went to the church to help out at a youth event. I really wanted to take a walk but by the time we ate supper, it was time to go to bed. I was pretty upset about it, but I'm just the little girl, so Mommy won that battle again. Poor Cheyenne. I wanted to take her for a walk, but we just ran out of time.

Thursday night was my dress rehearsal for dance! I got to dress up in my fancy pink costume and practice my dances in the gym. Noah was having a tough day, so he didn't even eat supper after daycare, but I ate a corndog while Daddy got me ready to go to dance. I got there at 6:30 and we practiced the finale and our two dances on the stage. It was so much fun! While I was in the gym, Mommy came to pick up Noah while Daddy waited for me at the community center. Noah was very happy to go home and do puzzles - especially since Mommy took away his Innotab toy (computer tablet) the night before when she found it on the floor.

I didn't even get home until after my bedtime - 8:30!  I had so much fun with all the other girls in dance. It was great.

Friday was our last day of school this week. Next week is Spring Sing, so we're practicing hard and really looking forward to it!

About the time Daddy was going to start cooking dinner on Friday, he told us to put our shoes on so we could go to a restaurant. When we got to the Dairy Queen, Angie, Grandpa & Grandma were there! They came to see my dance recital, but I didn't know they were coming in time to eat supper with us! It was such a fun supper. Then, we got to ride home with Grandpa & Angie. (Mommy drove Grandma back to our house.)

Saturday morning, Mommy made us take showers (Noah took a bath) while we waited for breakfast to be done (Daddy made cinnamon rolls). While Noah was in the tub, I got to go with Grandpa to Thomas Tool. I love my Grandpa.

After we were all clean, we went to volleyball. Noah hurt his wrist during class. Luckily, Angie had a Mater bandaid (from Cars!) so she was all better once his cut was covered. We got to jump when we hit the ball, serve, play popcorn and do some fun drills. And, Grandpa, Grandma and Angie all got to watch us play volleyball!

After dinner, we got to play with Angie's iPad a little and opened Easter gifts that Dani sent. I got sand art and bubbles, Noah got a new t-shirt and bubbles. Noah went with Grandpa, Daddy, Angie & Grandma to Sam's Club, and I had dance dress rehearsal. I was so sad Angie couldn't come with  me! Mommy said she wouldn't be able to watch me, but if she got done with Sam's Club early, she'd come meet us.That made me feel better.

I did my dances and watched the rest of the girls practice during rehearsal. I sat with my friends while we practiced, but Mommy was happy that she was able to watch us practice. While I practiced, Angie came! I was so happy to see her! I'm so lucky.

After practice, we showed Grandpa our favorite movie - Cars 2. He liked it. Noah and I really love that movie!

 We were so proud to have our grandma & grandpa at Sunday School on Sunday! We got to watch a movie in small group - TJ & Penney gave us juice & goldfish crackers while we watched "Dave and the giant Pickle".

After Sunday School, we went to the VFW for dinner, then home to help mommy pull some weeds in the yard (I like helping Mommy use the dandelion stomper to pick weeds!). She made us both try on some summer clothes (I guess it's getting warmer this week?) before I had to get my hair and nails done for the dance recital. I was so excited! Noah tried out his cool new bubbles while I got ready. Lucky!

We got there early so Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandpa & Angie could get seats, and I could go backstage. I didn't want my mommy to leave me all alone without her, but a lot of my dance friends were there and she showed me that there was someone there to help me from the rec department if I needed help with my costume. She also came back shortly before the show and gave me some crayons & coloring books from Grandma's truck, so I had something to do while I waited.
I did a great job. Noah said he stopped playing his Innotab and watched me, too. He said i did a great job. I loved it, too. It was fun! I can't wait until next year's dance class. Grandma, Grandpa & Angie gave me a bouquet of mini carnations, and Dad, Mom & Noah gave me a dozen roses for being a great dancer. I was so happy I got more flowers than a lot of the girls! Noah even got flowers from Grandma & Grandpa, too.

We got to go to Wagners for ice cream afterwards. It was yummy! I got a blue berry sundae and Noah got chocolate.

After ice cream, we went home. Grandma  & Grandpa had to get ready to go. We were so sad that they had to go, but they're going to come back next week for Spring Sing. We got to bed late because of such a busy night, but it was a fun weekend!

Have a good week!