Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cheyenne's find

Mom noticed Cheyenne digging into the raspberry patch one night. When she went to check out what she was doing, she found Cheyenne with her face buried in the ground sniffing at something that was screaming.
After Mom pulled Cheyenne into the house, we went out to find what we thought were bunnies deep in the hole that Cheyenne found. We did a little bit of research and found out that they were, in fact, baby bunnies.

We never saw a mom bunny, but we know that mom bunnies don't make an appearance when people are around. We found 2 dead babies in our yard, but there were 3 live bunnies huddled next to our garden the day after Cheyenne found their den. 

This is us on April 12th:
Looking at the cute little babies hidden in the leaves

Huddled together for warmth during cold nights, the babies were always huddled together when we saw them.

Over the next week, though, the three bunnies disappeared one by one. We hope they got brave and went to find safer places to hide! 

They were so cute! But, we were good and didn't touch them the whole time they were in our yard. 

Simple Machines

April 12:
We had an assignment to build simple machines for school. The machines had to include 2 different simple machines to create our invention.
Hannah engineered a launcher that used a pulley that dropped a weight down a tube onto a lever that launched fruit (plastic fruit, of course) across the room.
Of course, she decorated it and it looked great.
Hannah and her fruit launching machine
Noah was indecisive about what machine he wanted to build. He finally landed on a wheelbarrow type machine. A lever and a wheel.
It was a "lego hauler".

Checking out the farm with Cub Scouts

On April 11, mommy had a volleyball tournament. I had a trip to a local farm with my Cub Scout Troup. We took a friend of ours (who also happens to be a scout in a den of older boys) with us.

We had fun checking out the baby animals, the greenhouses and just climbing on the rocks & hay bales.

Getting ready to go check out the Farm

In the chicken coop

Looking at the baby goats
Just checking out the farm while the boys play behind her

Hanging out on the rocks 

In the greenhouse checking out the seedlings
No fishing rods, but checking out the lake and wishing fish would just jump out of the lake for us

Chilling with Scouting Friends
Group shot with Cub Scout friends!
It was a fun day!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rise of the Guardians

For 4 Mondays, we met with a class to cast and rehearse a performance of Rise of the Guardians.
In order to get a feel for different parts and drama, we took a different part for each act.

On the last Monday (April 6), Mom & Dad got to come watch us perform. We loved it!

Hannah, one of the tooth fairy's errand fairies, captured by Pitch Black

Jack Frost, summoned by the Guardians, to help fight Pitch Black
Jack Frost and a fairy

Cast of the Rise of the Guardians

It's just a cell phone video, but daddy caught our performance on his cell phone:

After we got home, Hannah lost a tooth!

It was a fun day. We really do enjoy drama and plays.