Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yeah! We finally got to go OUTSIDE this week. Daddy put up both of our new BIG KID swings so we got to swing at home, and got to play outside at daycare. We got to see our neighbors again - it's been a long time since we got to play at Griffin's and have him over to our backyard to play.
Daddy told us we had a surprise waiting for us when we got home Tuesday - it was ANGIE! We were SO EXCITED to get to see our auntie! She could only stay for dinner, but we love to play with her!
Wednesday, we got to go outside to play because it was so nice. It was St. Patricks Day so we made ourselves look like leprechauns, and I really liked being a leprechaun! We tried to catch the REAL leprechaun, but we just missed him. Maybe next year.
Saturday, Mommy was gone ALL DAY playing volleyball. We got to hang out with Daddy, so we had fun playing outside, playing games inside and eating yummy pizza!
Today we went to Sunday School and had fun there, then after I napped (Hannah slept a little later than me this morning, so she just laid quietly for quiet time while I napped this afternoon), we went to a bookstore. It was so fun! A WHOLE BOOKSTORE for kids books. They had kitties and a chicken running around the store - Noah wanted to catch that chicken! They also had a rat, a lot of different birdies, a tarantula, chinchillas and a big lizard in cages. We loved to look at the animals! There was a dark cave with scary books. Mommy went in the cave (that's where the rat lived) and stuck a snake out at us. We were apprehensive, but Mommy told us it was OK. Hannah realized it was "dolly" snake, so she pet it and played with it, but I just wanted Mom to pick me up so I could see the real birds in their cage.
When we got home, we told our neighbor all about it - Hannah told him they had bunnies (she thought the chinchillas were bunnies) and I said that we saw "LOTS of animals!"
And, I was a good boy tonight. When I was in the bathtub, I let Mommy cut my hair. I didn't sit very still for her, but for a long time, I have told her NO and not let her cut my hair at all. It feels shorter & cooler now, so hopefully that means warm weather will stick around. Unfortunately, when it's short, it sticks up everywhere! I don't care and don't like Mom to comb it, but it seems to bother her. Whatever.
I really hope we can go back to the bookstore soon. But, we're just hoping for nice weather so we can go outside and play again tomorrow.
Have a nice week!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

Can you believe a week ago, we were playing in snow that was over a foot deep in our front yard, and today we took a walk in the sunshine and played in our backyard?
This has been a week of "guess what the kids said". Monday, Dad said Noah sat down at the kitchen table, rubbed his feet and said "My dogs are barkin'!"
Wednesday, Mom mentioned to Hannah that St Patricks Day is coming up. (At daycare, the leprechaun pays a visit to the kids on St Patricks Day, and they try to catch him. He leaves small toys and trinkets for them, but they haven't caught him yet.) Mom asked Hannah if she was going to catch that leprechaun this year, since she and Noah are older and wiser. Hannah scrunched up her face and said "Mom, them are bitey". So, apparently, Hannah doesn't want to catch a leprechaun this year for fear of being bitten!
Saturday, we all got to hang out as a family in the morning before daddy went to play volleyball. Noah took a nap while Hannah and Mom waited for him. After supper, Mom took the kids to Menards to buy new window blinds, and Daddy came to meet us there. The kids were so excited to see him. And, they had fun at Menards, getting to go play in the displays of doors and checking out all the bathroom cabinets while we just watched them explore the store.
Sunday, Mom left bright and early for volleyball and the kids got to stay home and hang out with Daddy. When Mommy got home, she took the kids for a walk with Cheyenne. It's been several months since the kids (and Mom) took Cheyenne for a walk. Mom got out the wagon, but the kids decided they both wanted to pull it and nobody wanted to ride in it, so it stayed home. After our walk, we got the bikes out and rode bikes for a little while then went in the backyard. Hannah was ecstatic to open the sandbox and play in the sand! Noah tried to clear out all the toys from the "clubhouse". It was inaccessible during the winter since the door was covered by the snow, but now the kids are excited to get inside! Noah pulled out both baby swings and brought them to Dad - however, Dad was in the process of trying out the NEW swings the kids got for their birthdays. Big kid swings - no more baby swings. Yeah! Noah and Hannah each got to try it out for a short time before we had to go run an errand.
It's funny how the kids are like little sponges. Yesterday, Noah was playing and yelled "don't get mad - get glad!" Today, as he was pulling out baby swings that Dad wouldn't put up, he said "Oh, this is not a good day!"
Have a great week, and Happy St Patrick's Day. We'll keep you posted whether the kids actually catch a leprechaun (or if they really are bitey!).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is it spring?

It's been a tiring week. Noah has been waking up early for the past 2 weeks, and sometimes he wakes me up when I'm not ready to wake up. So, I've had some tired days, but still don't want to nap at daycare!
It has been nice enough this week to bring out a lighter coat. Mom said my green coat is too small for me, so she got out one that I wore last spring - she says it's thinner but still warm enough for the weather we've had this week.
Friday night, Daddy got Candyland out and taught us how to play a board game. We had fun! We asked about it (especially Noah) all day Saturday.
Saturday, we got to go out and play in the backyard. We went sledding - Cheyenne even gave me a sled ride when she stole the sled rope from Mommy's hand!
It was sunny and nice - I love playing outside and can't wait for it to get warm again so we can put up our swings and play in our clubhouse again!
Then when we came in, we started making cards with markers, stickers and fun stuff. When Mommy made dinner, she set up our kids table in the living room and we all ate in the living room - Noah and I ate our noodles on the table and Mom & Dad sat on the couch next to us. That was pretty cool - like a picnic in the living room.
We went to Sunday School today and painted with stampers made out of potatoes. They were hearts, so I made a pretty picture while Noah played.
After church, we played Candyland, but Dad wasn't there telling us rules so we skipped straight to the castle and let our gingerbread people play in the castle.
When we were supposed to be napping, I laid all my stuffed animals out for their nap, turned on the music on my crib toy, put on some of my dress-up clothes and laid down to listen to the music. I wasn't tired because I got to sleep until almost 8:30! Of course, Noah was up at 6:30, so he was tired by 1:00 and ready to nap.
While Noah was napping, I asked Mom if I could make brownies so we made brownies. They were delicious!
Mom and Dad told us to get ready to go, so we got in the car and drove to a pharmacy...The minute we pulled up, I said "I don't want a shot!" Mom and Dad don't know how I knew it but I'm a smart cookie! Luckily, the nurse was busy and couldn't see us, so we came home to eat supper.
Have a great week! I'm hoping to see more sun and grass this week so I can go out and play more, but Mom and Dad say they're expecting more snow before we get nice weather.
We're gearing up to catch the leprechaun at daycare this week - the last 2 years, we've missed him but maybe we can catch him this year, since we're older and wiser!
Have a good week!
PS-Props to Noah in his potty training! He has not had an accident where he peed his pants in a long time, and only pooped his pants once in the past week. Mom and Dad are proud of him, and I'm very happy for him!