Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pajama party Friday.

Noah loves to play in the snow. He played in the snow with Griffin when we got home from daycare on Thursday and Friday. Thursday, when Noah was getting ready for his bath, he told mom that he and Griffin are the SNOW TEAM! Shoveling and moving snow was what they did best. Friday, the girl from 2 doors down came to play with them-until Griffin lost his boot in the snow. Then, we all had to go inside.
Friday was a pajama party!
We went to daycare and school in our pajamas - all the schoolkids at daycare and preschool wore their pajamas, too! It was so cool.
Then, when we got home, our neighbors came over for a pizza party. Griffin came over in his pajamas, so we had a pajama party with him, too! We ate pizza, played cars, Barbies and Superheros all together. Griffin was going to sleep on our Spiderman couch in our room when it was bedtime, but unfortunately, he got scared when it was time to go to sleep, so he went home to bed.
Saturday, we went to skating and both of us tried to do a good job. Hannah even moved her feet, so Mom & Dad were happy. Then we went home, had pizza and spent the day playing at home. We like playing at home - it seems like it would be boring, but we don't have a lot of time to just play with all our toys that we have at our house. We're always so busy!
Daddy went snow-tubing with a friend after skating, and when he got home, we went out to eat! YAY! We went to Perkins - the place with the mirror on the ceiling. It was so yummy!
We had fun in Sunday School today. We made necklaces and got JUICE in our class. (That was our special treat after dinner.) When we went to the nursery while Mom & Dad went to church, we made picture frames for Mommy & Daddy.
After dinner, we went shopping for running shoes and skates for Mommy & Daddy. Mommy found a pair of skates to fit her, but Daddy didn't. So, when we got home, Mommy wanted us to take her to the skating rink at the park and teach her how to skate. We got cold really fast, but neither of us fell down. Mommy fell on her butt right away, though! We'll have to try again in a few days to teach her how to skate.
Noah has been very interested in superheros' alter-egos today. He was playing with Ironman, and saw party of the Ironman movie, so he was interested in how Tony Stark is Ironman. So, he asked who Spiderman and Batman were, too.
Hide and Seek is our favorite game. We got to play Hide and Seek for a little while after our baths. It's so much fun! We're getting much better at it. We used to jump out from our hiding spots when someone was close to finding us - now we just get caught occasionally when we giggle too loud in our hiding spot.
Have a good week. We've got to get to sleep so we can be up and ready for school tomorrow!
Noah & Hannah

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Singing in church!

It's been a really cold week! We're looking forward to the temperatures warming up a little bit this week.
We have been wanting to go outside for a long time, though, so Daddy let us play outside for a while on Saturday (yesterday) afternoon. It was 2 degrees below zero, so we only stayed out for 15 minutes. I went down the slide which was covered in snow. Hannah wanted Daddy to dig the swings out of the snow, but he said there was too much snow and it was too hard packed to dig out. The snow was all the way up to the bottom of the swings! But, I tried to push her while standing on the snow, anyway. So, she got to swing a little bit.
We got to see Mommy play volleyball yesterday. That was fun to get to go to her tournament. We saw the Divas, ate sloppy joes and chips and got to play with Nicholas.
I tried really hard in skating yesterday, too. I moved up to the next class up, but kept going back to see Hannah in the beginner class. She wasn't trying to move her feet, so Daddy was disappointed with her. I love skating! I am learning to move my feet and get up when I fall down. I'm going to play HOCKEY! i even wanted to bring my puck yesterday, though I couldn't find it when it was time to go.
Today, we sang in church. Then, we got to go in the nursery with all our friends. We got to make bookmarks, play with trucks and all the other kids from our class. It was fun.
Daddy played volleyball this afternoon, so Hannah and I painted with Mom at home. We painted one side of my Buzz Lightyear wings (we made them out of cardboard a couple of weeks ago) while Hannah painted on watercolor paper. My wings look SOO cool now, especially when I wear my Buzz Lightyear belt, gun, binoculars and Buzz Pajamas!
Have a fun week!
Mom just told us that we don't have school tomorrow, so I'm a little bummed. But, the teacher told me I was being putzy on Friday. I told her I was sorry, so when I go back on Wednesday, I'm going try to listen and focus on what I'm doing so I get my snowpants on in time for the bus.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Staying healthy...

We are trying hard to stay healthy! Everyone around us has been sick.
Hannah had an ear infection a few weeks ago, and I've had a stuffy nose, but we're hoping to stay healthy!
Monday, Daddy was home sick and found out he had a sinus infection, so he got new medicine to make him feel better.
Tuesday, our daycare provider had to take her daughter to the hospital because she was sick. We made her cards Tuesday night and brought them Wednesday morning. We stamped on cards, wrote our names and colored on the cards, then we put them in envelopes and put stickers on them. She loved them! We made her smile, and she put her cards on her dresser. We're happy we cheered her up.
Thursday, Mommy stayed home from work because she was sick. Daddy was home because some guys came to fix our sewer pipes. Since he was home, he took Mommy to the doctor and got her medicine for her throat. When we got home from daycare, the guys were STILL working! Hannah smiled at them, but then got shy and ran away when they were nice and talked to her.
Friday, we had a new teacher at school because our regular teacher was sick. I had the sharing bag to bring a toy to share, but didn't bring anything to share because I was so tired and crabby! I was happy the week was over because I just wanted to be home.
We got to play our new Thomas computer game Friday before supper. Hannah played on our "shared" computer, and I got to play on Daddy's. I even got to wear his cool headphones while I played the game.
Saturday, Mommy took Hannah and me to skating. Hannah got her skates on and went on the ice right away, though she didn't want to walk. Mommy told her she could wear a dress to skating if she tried, so Hannah promised she'd stay standing on her skates. I told Mommy I just wanted to go HOME and didn't want to go to skating lessons. About halfway through class, I decided to put on my skates and shuffle around on the ice.
When we got home, we got to spend the rest of the day wearing costumes! I wore my Bumblebee helmet then put on my Optimus Prime costume. I even got to wear it to eat lunch and take a nap!
Today, after church we got to eat Subway (we LOVE Subway!). Then for supper, Daddy took away our chairs and put the piano bench by the table for Hannah and I to eat. We were so much higher up! It was cool. Plus, we got to sit next to each other. That was great.
I gotta run. Tonight we have to go to bed early because we've been kind of naughty the past couple of days. We don't have school tomorrow, so we just get to hang out at Sue's house all day with our friends.
Have a good week! Stay healthy!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Big Kids Now!

Of course, our big news is that we started school this week!
After a busy couple of holiday weeks, we got into a new routine: preschool.
We went to Sue's house Monday, then after we ate, we went downstairs, went potty, and when everyone else had naps, we went up to wait in the kitchen for the bus. Joey, our friend from daycare, goes to preschool too. He gets to take the bus to school.
Mom & Dad came to pick us up, since the bus wasn't ready for us on our first day. We got to the school and found our classroom and teachers. Noah got shy and wanted Mom to pick him up, but our teacher told Mom that she had to put him down because we're big kids now. He pouted about it until the bus came, and we were both excited to see Joey (and he was excited to see us!) and that cheered Noah up. We got right to work on learning the preschool routine! It's going to take some getting used to - Noah and I each had a point where we wanted Mom to pick us up and hold us. We were tired from such a busy weekend. But, we're going to try to be good at school and prove we're big enough to be here!
Our teachers are Mrs. Bodin & Mrs. Hanks. They're strict, but we're going to learn how preschool works very quickly.
After preschool, we went home to play for a while. Then, we got to go to a restaurant to celebrate Mommy's birthday. We love restaurants! We gave her some pretty jewelry that the Divas helped Daddy pick out. She loved it. Noah was so hungry, he ate TWO meals - he ate his corndog & applesauce then wanted a grilled cheese, so he ate half a grilled cheese sandwich after that.
Tuesday was Mommy's birthday. We sang happy birthday to her. Unfortunately, she had to go to work, so we only got to see her a short time after work before she went to play volleyball.
Wednesday went better at school. We got to ride the bus with Joey. Noah and I both got the sharing bag, so we got to bring something to show and tell on Friday. After school, we got to ride the bus home - and we picked up some of our schoolkid friends at their school before going back to Sue's.
We were so excited to ride the bus, when Daddy picked us up, he asked what we did, and we said "We rode the bus to school, then we rode it back to Sue's!" Dad asked Noah about riding the bus to school, and he said "Dad, we didn't ride the bus home. We rode it to Sue's." That silly Dad - asking crazy questions. I guess he wanted to hear more about school, but we were too excited about the bus!
We also started skating again on Saturday. I really don't like it - they won't help me up like they did in the fall. They said I know how to do it, so I have to try harder. I don't want to fall down, so I'm not so sure if I want to try. Daddy is disappointed, though, so maybe I'll try harder for Daddy. Noah almost got moved up to the next class, but they decided to keep him with me. He likes to skate and tried really hard to do what the teachers asked. He wants to play hockey, and daddy said I can, too, if I try hard.
I had an early morning Saturday, so I actually fell asleep at naptime. I was tired! When I got up Daddy had brought the big chair back to the living room and we got to cuddle in the big chair for a while.
We were happy to see Mommy when she got home from her volleyball tournament. We played with her, and even made a campfire. (Mom has a basket of Christmas tree branches with pinecones and lights. We turned off the living room lights, plugged in the basket behind the big chair and had a campfire.) We roasted pretend marshmallows and laid next to our campfire. It was fun.
Today, we got to go back to Sunday School. I love Sunday school! Noah didn't want to go, but once we got there, TJ & Penny were there and cheered Noah up. We got to do camp activities in big group - we made cool cross necklaces and ICE CREAM in plastic bags! I fell down and got a rug burn on my elbow when Daddy was helping me with my ice cream, so I only had a couple of bites. Noah and Mommy shook his up and he had chocolate ice cream! I didn't like his, but he ate it all! He loved it!
It was a fun day to just play at home - we have been so busy we haven't been able to play with all our Christmas toys. I played princess, Barbies, Zhu Zhu pets with Noah, and he played with his transformers, read books and dressed up in costumes.
Looking forward to another day of school tomorrow! Have a good week. Stay warm.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
We were said that Mom and Dad took down the tree on Tuesday. But, Christmas is over and Mom and Dad wanted to get rid of the pine tree needles all over the floor.
We had a short week at daycare again. Lots of our friends were on vacation, so it was quiet.
Thursday, Mom & Dad picked us up early and had the truck loaded with luggage and Cheyenne. I KNEW that meant we were going to GRANDMAS! YAY!
It is always a long drive. We drove in the rain most of the way until daddy said it got really icy & slippery. Then, suddenly it got very snowy! It was scary because I couldn't see any lights for houses or cars around us. Sometimes there was a break in the wind and snow and Mom pointed out Christmas lights, but it was pretty windy. Mom & Dad made us turn off our movie because they couldn't see the lines on the road with the snow blowing so hard. Mom & Dad said we were very good when we were asked to be quiet, even though we were very hungry!
We got to Grandma & Grandpa's house and they were in the garage with Angie to take us out of our car seats right away. We were so happy to be there! We ate pizza and got to play a little while before we had to go to bed. See this picture of us with Grandma? It says "What Santa doesn't give me, Grandma will!" There are a lot of presents under the tree, and we counted a bunch for us!
Friday morning, Lauren & Ben came over to play. Lauren got a Leapster from Santa, so she let us play with it. It was pretty cool. I told her all about my Alphie. He's a robot that I got for Christmas.
After we had dinner, we got to open presents. WOW! We had a LOT OF PRESENTS! Some from Angie, Dani and Grandma & Grandpa! I got princess sheets & a comforter, Barbie clothes, new princesses, new slippers, some new clothes and lots of other things. Noah got Toy Story sheets and a comforter, Optimus Prime (he LOVES the transformers), a football, a Transformers sweatshirt, some new clothes and a lot of other things. So, we got to play with our cool toys until supper, then we had birthday cake and got BIRTHDAY gifts, too! Grandma made us run all over the house to find clues to find our sled, and I got a new Barbie princess dress, new Barbies and a computer. Noah got some books, a Toy Story Alien, a Spiderman hat, a Buzz Lightyear computer and we both got new chairs to use on the deck! We were so exhausted by the end of the day.
Saturday, we went to Great Grandma's. The roads were still pretty snow covered but the sun was shining and all the snow on the trees was pretty. There weren't very many people at Great Grandma's, compared to other days we're there when there are LOTS of adults and kids all over the place. We went to see Great Grandma Marita after dinner. She fed us rosettes and cheese. They were both pretty good! After that, we went back to Great Grandma Leona's to open presents. We got a bunch more gifts! I got some My Little Ponies and Noah got a big truck to carry his matchbox cars just to name a few...We really get spoiled at Christmas time!
After supper, Mom & Dad left us at Grandma & Grandpa's house while they went to a movie. We made sure to be very good for Grandpa. We brushed our teeth and went to bed with no stalling. Staying at Grandma & Grandpa's is nice - the room we stay in is kind of cozy, but there is a built in night-light. I turn on the closet light and it shines out just enough so Noah and I aren't scared of the dark.
We got a LOT of cool things this year. It was so fun to rip open the paper and see all the neat stuff! I can't wait until next Christmas!
Today, we had to pack up and go home. We were ready to go home. Daddy and Mommy packed up the truck and we left to go home, but the roads we left on were still pretty bumpy and snowy and we got STUCK in the snow! We couldn't get out. After we sat there a while, I asked Mommy, "Are we stuck?" She said yes, we were. I asked how were going to get out, and she told me that we were going to have to wait until it melted. Really?
I told her that would be a long time! She smiled and said Grandpa was going to come get us. Sure enough, he came to pull us out with his big truck! But, he broke his rope that he tried to pull with, so he gave Daddy and shovel and left. Fortunately, he came back soon with a new chain (after the BIG snow plow went by us and made a path next to us) and was able to pull us out of the snow. YAY! Grandpa is our hero today!
We did get to play with our computers most of the way home - we watched a movie for a little while and traded computers so I got to play with Noah's Buzz Lightyear computer while he played with my computer. I love new toys!
We're very excited because tomorrow, we have our FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Mom said we're going to be at the same school as Joey (from daycare). We're really looking forward to getting to go to PRESCHOOL!
Happy New Year to everyone.