Monday, May 25, 2015

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a fun weekend, as always.

Friday, we left in the afternoon so we could have supper at our favorite restaurant on the way to Grandma's. We got to the Pizza Ranch and had some yummy food. And, of course, the Montevideo Pizza Ranch always keeps their Cactus Bread Stocked, so that's our favorite Ranch. :-)

Saturday was spent at Grandma Clark's house. We had dinner, then our annual Easter Egg Hunt. There aren't enough places to hide all the eggs, but part of the search is just finding our own eggs among all the eggs & toys in the yard!

We did find all our eggs & prizes!

After we found all our prizes, we went to see Grandma's sister's new house. She's going to live close to Grandma! It's a nice place. She's going to like it once the remodeling is done. 

After heading back to Great Grandma's for supper, we went to see a movie. We saw Home. It was cute, and we love getting to see movies with our cousins! 

Easter morning, we woke up to find our Easter Baskets. Mom & Dad gave us each some candy, gum, Vitamin Water and Minecraft paper craft kits. 

Then we had to look for the gifts from the Easter Bunny. The Bunny didn't disappoint, either! Our basket was filled with jellybeans and we each got an awesome toy! Noah got a Lego Minecraft kit (The End) and Hannah got an Our Generation doll with an extra outfit. 

Instead of our regular dinner at Grandma's, we packed up and had Easter dinner at Dani & Jason's new house. They are remodeling a house in order to buy it in a couple of months. We were really excited to get to see their new place! 

It was a long drive back home, but we had a really fun Easter weekend.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spring Break

We took it easy over Spring Break. We took the opportunity to stay home, clean up the house a little, relax and play. (We don't have a lot of chances to just play at home with our toys or with each other. Life gets so crazy!)

We did take a couple of field trips.
Tuesday was our biggest day! Mommy left for work, and Daddy took us down to the U of M right after Mommy left.

We visited his coworkers, then headed out to explore campus.

We stopped at the alumni center to check that out.
Just hangin' with our old pal, Goldie.

"What's THAT, Dad?" 

Floor to ceiling books! It makes our collection look kinda small...

Could this be our future?

Daddy said it was just a small museum, but there were a lot of cool things there!

Checking out electricity

Learning about elk

Comparing her foot to a T-Rex footprint 
Comparing his body to a T-Rex footprint
Holding the Moon on her shoulders
Holding the weight of the world on his shoulders

Pi is 3.1415...

Checking out the beautiful National bird close up

What did the fox say? 

After a run through the museum, we had lunch and then got on the train, heading for the Mall of America.

We made a stop to check out the progress at the Vikings Stadium.
Checking the construction at the new Vikings Stadium

This is going to be a big stadium!

We didn't spend much time at the Mall. We walked around Nickelodeon Universe, but got some ColdStone and headed back home on the train.
Hanging out at the Mall of America with ice cream treats
It was a pretty fun day! We made it home in time to make supper and spend the evening with Mommy.

Thursday, Mommy offered to take us to a museum, but we just wanted to go play at the local park. We spent a while playing, climbing & running around the ropes course, then headed home.

Friday, we took the opportunity to head out to Grandma & Grandpa's for Easter weekend.

We had a great week over Spring Break!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

End of March

The end of March brought our grandma & grandpa home from their 3 week cruise through the Panama Canal.
Angie came to watch us Friday night while Mommy & Daddy had date night. They got to go to dinner at the Mall of America & see a comedian.
Daddy & Mommy

The next day, we picked up Grandpa & Grandma at the airport (actually Daddy picked them up - we made signs and hung them all over to welcome them back to Minnesota)

Welcome home sign for Grandma & Grandpa
We enjoyed some time with them, had dinner, went out for ice cream (we found a place where even GRANDMA can eat gluten free & dairy free treats) while Daddy met his cousin for supper downtown.

The next week we got to see some of Daddy's family. Daddy's aunt & uncle and 2 of his cousins brought their families to our house for dinner. It was fun to see them, and Daddy's cousin has 2 kids who played dress up, legos & ran around with us. We had a fun night, and were excited to be able to show off our home to members of Daddy's family.

Us with Daddy's aunt and Daddy's cousin's kids

On Palm Sunday, we had a Palm Sunday Fair. We had a palm leaf parade, made palms of things we were thankful for, had palm leaf crossword puzzles & activities, jellybean prayers and made palm tree themed snacks.
Palm Parade

Palm Sunday Snack

Making our Palm Sunday Snacks

Palm Sunday Snacks
The next week, we enjoyed Spring Break & Easter.

During March, we also started a drama class. Once a week, we work on a play that we will perform for Mom & Dad at the beginning of April.

N & H