Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

What a fun week we had!
Monday was our last day of preschool. We got to make hats, then daddy came to watch us step up on a pedestal, get a certificate of completion for preschool, then we had icees and got to be picker-uppers. Our teachers were so sad that our class was all going on summer vacation, but we gave them big hugs and let them know that we'll be back in the fall.After that, we got to go home and play. Since we got home right after school, we got an extended playtime! We "painted" our clubhouse with water and played on the swings.
Wednesday, Daddy blew up the jumpoline. Grandma bought it for us for Christmas, so we've been asking to blow it up since then, but it's been too cold or rainy or whatever. Finally, it was nice enough for Daddy to blow it up. It was awesome! Brooke & Griffin came over to play with us. we all enjoyed the jumpoline.
Thursday, we woke up to Mommy & Daddy carrying us out to the truck at 5:15 in the morning. It was the day of Daddy's shoulder surgery. We were supposed to stay late at Sue's and have Megan watch us, but the surgeon moved Daddy's time so he had to be at the hospital at 6 in the morning. I was very excited to be the first one at Sue's house! She did open early for us. We were very good for her, despite our lack of sleep. We took a short nap at quiet time and were rested for a fun day playing with our friends. Daddy was hurting a lot. We tried to be quiet for him and help him out whenever he asked for help. We got him pillows, his iPad, drinks and kicked the chair legs out on his recliner so he could sleep. He even took sat outside and watched us play, so we had supper outside with him.
Friday, Mommy dropped off AND picked up. We were excited, especially Noah. Sometimes Daddy does both drop off and pick up, but we only remember Mommy doing it once. We like when Mommy picks us up - she doesn't know why. She thinks it's just because she doesn't do it as often as daddy. We were big helpers to Daddy again.
Saturday, Daddy was feeling better so we went to Acme tool to pick up Grandpa's ladder, then to the furniture store to look at clocks. Noah wanted to drive around in the racecar cart, but Daddy was starting to get tired, so we headed toward home. We had to bring back library books, so daddy & mommy let us go pick out new books, then we went to the fabric store because Daddy wanted his sling to be softer so he bought stuff for Mommy to make his sling softer. I also got to pick out fabric for a dress! But, Mom said she was going to make Noah Spiderman scrubs first. She's got a lot of work to do!
In the afternoon, Griffin came over to play with us. We jumped on the jumpoline, swang on the swings, read books and played at his place, too. It was a fun afternoon until raindrops hit us. They didn't last long, so Mommy took us to the garden store. We got to help pick out vegetables and best of all, we got lollipops from the manager! We were tired after a long day.
Today, we got to go to church. Casey helped us make tamborines while Mom & Dad were in church. Then we got chicken and ate it at home. I wanted to go into the restaurant, but Mom said Daddy was tired and wanted to go home. So, we had chicken and then quiet time so Daddy could take a nap.
After quiet time, we played computer games on our favorite website,, had a snack then went to Cub. We got a rocket cart with two seats, so we were very good! We love driving around the carts that look like rockets. When we got home, Mommy put away our food while Daddy played Candyland with us. I got a few lucky cards and won the game very quickly.
Daddy made hot dogs on the grill and Mommy cut a pineapple up. We even got to drink some leftover juice out of the pineapple shell. When we finished eating, we went to get gas so Mommy could mow the lawn. While she mowed, Daddy showed us that he got sparklers at the store! They were so cool!
Daddy told us to get our jammies on so we could have a bonfire! We love bonfires and have been hoping for one for weeks, but the rain hasn't cooperated. Finally, we got to sit around the fire (I got sent inside once because I was flipping my blanket and kicking at the firepit, so Daddy brought me inside and told me how dangerous fire is.). We made s'mores and drank milk, and when the fire died down, we did more sparklers. Yay! What a fun night.
Now we're hoping for a nice day tomorrow so we can go play with our friends at Ron & Carol's Sandbox tomorrow.
Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tuesday, we got to bring our alphabet books home. We were very excited to show Mom & Dad. We had been working on them all year - we decorated and worked on a few new letters every week and this week, we finally got z and were done! We like to read our books, and it was very fun to show Mom & Dad how hard we'd worked on them all week.
Wednesday was field trip day at school! We got to go to the library. There was a castle (but no stairs in the castle to get to the second floor) and a BIG dragon at the library.
Thursday Mommy picked us up from Sue's, and after we got home, we replanted our Harry Heads. (At school, we planted grass in a cup, then drew a face on the cup so it looked like the grass was Harry's hair). We planted it in the yard - I planted mine in the middle of a dead spot in the grass. Hannah planted hers against the garage. We dug a hole, took the grass out of the cup, put it in the ground and watered it.
Friday, we got to bring home a bunch of papers, including our report cards. Mom and Dad said we did a good job - our teacher wrote notes as to what we like to do and that she's looking forward to having us in her class next year. Monday is out last day of school!
Saturday was a busy day with lots of running around!
Daddy had to study for a big test, so we got out of the house so he could have some quiet. Mom was going to take us to see fire trucks at a vehicle fair, but the place they were supposed to be in was empty. Bummer! So, we went to Target, Marshalls (I called it Martian's when I told Grandma where we went) and Michael's craft stores. We had our moments when we weren't good, but there were so many new things to see, it was hard to not touch things! When we got home, we had leftover pizza with Daddy to celebrate his passing one of his tests.
After lunch, Daddy gave us walkie talkies to play with. They were so cool! We could talk to each other in any area of the house. We even took them with us to run afternoon errands with Mom while Daddy did his last test.
We were talking to each other while driving in the car (yes, we were sitting next to each other) when some guy came on our walkie talkies. We thought it was Daddy, so we started saying "Daddy? Is that you?" "Daddy, talk to us!" Mom told us anybody who has the same walkie talkies as us can talk to us, so it wasn't Daddy. Even Griffin could talk to us if he had the same walkie talkie! So, Hannah pretended to be Griffin when talking to me. She's funny!
We got to bring our walkie talkies in the fabric store with us while Mom picked out some patterns and zippers. I talked on my walkie talkie twice, so Mommy turned mine off - she's serious when she says I can't talk on the walkie talkie in a store! It was a fun store, though. Hannah found feather boas, we played with pillows, sat in chairs and played with each other. I walked up to the sales lady when we were ready to check out and told her that I am Noah, my sister is Hannah and my Mom is Shari. I made her smile.
Daddy called to tell us he passed his test so we could come home and play with him, but Mom had to stop at 2 more stores - she wanted to go to the container store to buy something for daddy's truck, and Blick to buy big black boards for her work. Then we took an unfamiliar route home through neighborhoods before coming back to see Daddy.
After supper, we had to go to the basement because the weather got bad. We didn't stay down long before we had to put our pajamas on and go to bed. We heard thunderstorms overnight, but we're brave so neither of us got out of bed to sleep with Mom and Dad.
This morning we got to watch Madacascar when we got up. It's my new movie! I love it!
We had a low key day of dinner, quiet time and played with Hannah's princesses before the sirens started to go off. Daddy told us that we should run straight to the basement if we hear sirens, so we went straight to the basement. Hannah colored while I sat on Mom's lap and watched TV. There were a bunch of tornadoes around us, but our house was OK. We even played in the backyard after we got out of the basement!
We did get a lot of rain this weekend. We had a lot of storms with rain, thunder, lightning and even hail. But, we had a few peeks of sun, too, so we could enjoy ourselves outside.
Before we went to bed tonight, we got to play Lightning McQueen game with Mommy.
Tomorrow is our last day of school!
Have a good week!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

It was kind of a rainy, chilly week. Especially for May!
Monday night, we came home and helped Mommy make beef stew. We helped add ingredients and stir it up. It was delicious! We don't normally like stew when Mom or Grandma makes it, but we ate it all up since we helped.
Tuesday, Mommy was gone so Daddy put us to bed. I was already asleep and Hannah was almost asleep when Daddy came and woke us up and told us to come in the basement. Daddy said the weather was bad and the sirens were going off, so he wanted us to go to the basement. We waited there for about 10 minutes before Daddy brought us upstairs to see the sky had cleared. We talked about severe weather (we had talked about severe weather at school & daycare, so we know what tormados are) (yes, I call them tormados-not tornados) and being safe before going back to bed.
Friday, Mommy picks us up. She brought us home to make birthday cards for Daddy! After we made cards and had a snack, we went to a surprise party for Juanita. We got to go jump on the trampoline with 4 other kids. It was so much fun! Mommy said we crashed into other kids and just laughed about it but when Hannah and I bumped into each other, we cried. When we came in to eat supper, I told Mommy "That was so much fun!" After supper, we played a little more before all the 4-year olds at the party put on jammies. After I put my jammies on, I sat with Daddy, Hannah and 2 other people at the campfire. I wanted to roast marshmallows, but before I could ask for some, I heard them singing to Juanita, so we went inside and had some delicious birthday cake before we went home to bed.
Saturday, we were very quiet so Daddy could sleep in. But, once he got up, it was a very busy day! We took Mommy's car to the mechanic (which upset me that we just left her car there) then we went to Menards. It was a fun trip - we got to go upstairs, take the elevator and check out grills. I even told the cashier it was Daddy's birthday, so she and the customer in front of us told him happy birthday. When we got home, we helped Mommy wrap Daddy's birthday gift and make dinner.
After dinner, we went back to get Mommy's car. The mechanic got her air conditioning to work again, so Daddy was very happy about that! We drove the car to Mommy's work to pick up a card she forgot, then we went to an art supply store. It was really a fun store. Our favorite part was the easels that we drew on with chalk. Daddy even bought us sketch pads to keep in the truck to draw on trips.
When we got home, we let Daddy open his cards and presents. I did a good job all day - only telling daddy he was getting a surprise. I didn't spill the beans about what he got until he said "Noah, I'll give you five bucks if you tell me what I got" Without hesitating, I said "Um, a chair!" He still owes me five bucks...
Daddy loved the chair! But, he had to fight Hannah for it - she jumped right on it. I was patient and didn't get a turn to sit in it until today.
It was a very good day!
Today, we let Mommy sleep in then went to church to help roll bandages. We ran around a lot because Mommy had to do a lot of set up to help us roll bandages. But, we helped so someone who is hurt in another country will have bandages because we helped. We lasted about halfway through church before going into the nursery where we were the only kids!
After church, we helped make white mac & cheese and had quiet time. After quiet time, we got to go outside and play. It was a nice sunny day, so we played on the swings and slide before getting our bikes out. We went for a ride around the block, and when we got back, daddy adjusted Hannah's bike and got me a new bike! (Daddy said it wasn't new, but it was new to me since I'd been riding a trike all day.) It's different to be on a 2-wheel bike that has brakes, but I'm getting used to it. I was a little upset because Mommy found a bell on a different bike that we outgrew before we could ride it. Hannah wanted the bell so Daddy put it on her bike. I want a bell, but we only had one. But, mom said we could either take turns or have no bell. I guess we'll just have to take turns.
After dinner at Subway, we took baths and then I wrote my letters using my stencil ruler until it was time to go to bed. It was a very busy weekend, so we were ready to crash. We hope Daddy had a very happy birthday.
We're looking forward to a field trip at school this week!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Sing & Mother's Day

It was an exciting week for us. We were looking forward to our Spring Sing on Friday. We also looked forward to Mother's Day - Noah even made a paper chain to count down the days from Wednesday!
We helped Daddy wrap Mommy's mother's day present on Thursday. I helped color the wrapping paper to make it pretty. Noah came in the kitchen and told we got her a keyboard for a surprise! Daddy was very unhappy, but mom said Noah may not even know that he spilled the beans. He was very excited and only referred to it as a "surprise" from then until when she opened it.
When we took our baths, Mom told us that Grandma & Grandpa were going to come see us sing on Friday. We were so excited - Mom said our eyes lit up when she told us! She wanted to make it a surprise, but didn't want it to distract us when we were singing.
Friday, I got to wear a fancy dress and Noah wore his Thomas overalls. We practiced in the cafeteria before our parents showed up, then we sang with our class.We did a great job! We were very excited when we came in to see Grandma Diane, Grandpa Mark, Mom and Dad all there to see us. Some of the kids cried, some of the kids didn't sing but we sang nicely. Mom said Noah can't wear his overalls next year because he tugged at them most of the program. She said he was distracting but not really naughty. Afterwords, we got to bring our grown-ups back to our classroom and show off our room, our projects AND have TWO cookies! YUM!
After Spring Sing, Grandpa wanted to go shopping, so we went to a tool store. It was really cool, but Mommy was tired of Noah touching everything so we went outside to play. We went next door to a furniture store and tried out all their chairs, then walked around to find a playroom. That was really cool to have a place to play with toys where Mommy wasn't telling us to stop touching everything. Daddy & Grandpa came to get us, then we went to Target and tried on hats while Grandma & Grandpa shopped.After shopping, we were STARVING so Daddy took us all out to eat at the VFW. We got to see some planes take off and land, and got some yummy food. It was so great to spend time with Grandma & Grandpa.
Saturday, we were very quiet and patient waiting for Grandma & Grandpa to get up so we could play with them. Daddy decided that we would go to the park & have a picnic because Grandma & Grandpa had to leave after lunch.
Before we went to the park, we gave Grandma her Mother's Day present. She let us help her open it. Then we went to the big car wash to get Grandma's truck washed. It got really dark when we went inside, then we got out of the truck so a girl & boy could wash inside and make it REALLY SHINY! We even got to go inside a room where we could see the other cars getting washed.
We went to the park with the BIG nets & play equipment, then had sandwiches with Grandma & Grandpa before they left.We were sad to see Grandma & Grandpa go, but we got to go to the library then home for quiet time. We were so tired, we both slept!
Saturday night, we got to go out to eat again. We must be very good kids to go out to restaurants twice this weekend! After we ate, we came home and got to hang out with Griffin, Dan & Melissa for a short time. We were going to have a bonfire, but it got too late after playing with our friend. Maybe next week, we can have a bonfire. We were glad to get to play with Griffin since it's been a long winter of being couped up inside.
Noah was kind and shared his Woody pajamas with me Saturday night, so I could pretend to be Jesse from Toy Story.
Today, we got up and played quietly so Mommy could sleep in a little bit. Then we went to Sunday School. They had cupcakes & juice for teacher appreciation Sunday, then we went to our classroom and planted flowers for Mommy. It was our last day of Sunday School, so we're very sad about that. TJ & Penny have made the Sunday School Year so much fun! It's been awesome.
Mom & Dad went to church, so we hung out in the nursery with our Sunday School friends & Kasey. We got to draw on the sidewalk and play on the playground. It was a great day! Then we came home to eat Mac & Cheese - our favorite.
While we had dinner, we gave Mommy all her presents. Of course, we (us and daddy) got her a new keyboard for her computer. We made her pretty hearts with our pictures on them in preschool (we wrapped them in pretty boxes and held the boxes when we did our Mommy in a Box song for Spring Sing). At Sue's, we made her a bookmark and little decorated jewelry box and filled it with candy for her. And, we gave her the flowers we planted in Sunday School. We helped Daddy spoil Mommy and make her feel really special because we love her so much.
We got to play with Mommy inside (because it was raining outside). After watching our Spring Sing concert that daddy taped (and singing along), Daddy made dinner. It was a delicious steak, potatoes and cheese bread. We were so full, but we still had room for the ding-dongs that TJ & Penny gave us in class. :-) Yum!
What a busy weekend! We gave Mommy an extra special hug tonight before we went to bed. We're so lucky to have a Mommy & Daddy who take such great care of us.
Happy Mother's Day to our Mommy, Grandmas and Great Grandmas!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Monday was a fun day. We didn't have school and it was nice out, so we played outside all afternoon. Mommy set up our tent and Griffin and Brooke came over to play at our place after supper. It was nice to get out and play!
It was a very cold week. Mommy said she even had to play volleyball in the snow on Wednesday. Daddy was home sick with strep throat, too. Mommy & Daddy have been sick a lot this winter. We sure hope summer is here soon!
Yesterday, Mommy was at a Mom sale in the morning.While she was gone, Daddy took us to our last volleyball class. I wasn't listening very well, but ran a lot of energy off! After lunch, Daddy let us have new "quiet time" rules. We could talk and play but did not have to be on our bed, we just couldn't leave our room.
After mom got home, we went to get our hair cut. We both got our hair cut short - Hannah's is at her shoulder, mine is short for summer. Mommy thought I shouldn't have long hair anymore because I've been running around the house pointing pretend guns at mirrors (when I see myself with my long hair) yelling "I'll get you Justin Beaver!"
We were so good at the salon that Daddy bought us Subway cookies. But, we didn't go home and eat, we went to a sports store to buy a volleyball for us! We wanted to go upstairs in the sports store, so we got to ride the escalators up. We sat in a kayak, tried out the tents and tried out the camping chairs. Daddy found a really cool triple camping chair in our size. He thought it would be perfect for bonfires with our friends! He also found a double chair for he & Mommy.
This morning, Mommy was so proud of me. I woke up early and was very quiet as I played and ate my yogurt. Shortly after Hannah got up, I decided to eat the last piece of cinnamon bread for breakfast. Hannah was very upset and started crying, so Mommy sent her to her room to cry. But, I came in and asked Mommy if I could share my bread with Hannah. So, I went and asked Hannah if I could share with her. She was still crying, but Mommy lifted me up to her bed so she could take a bite of my bread. Mommy said it was very nice of me to share.
After church, we got to eat chicken for lunch. Hannah was so tired she almost fell asleep on the table, so Daddy put in her bed for quiet time so she could sleep. Mommy set up the tent in the living room and let me have quiet time in the tent! It was so cool - I had my blanket, John (my froggie pillow pet) and a book in the tent for quiet time. I was pretty good until I got tangled in the tent and Daddy had to rescue me. After quiet time, we had snack and we went bowling for the first time ever! It was fun. The had a ramp for us to push the ball down the alley. Mom bowled with us but Daddy's shoulder hurt, so he didn't get to bowl. He enjoyed watching us, though.
After that, we got to go grocery shopping to a new store. I don't think Dad planned on going to the bookstore after the grocery store, but I read the "book store" sign near the grocery store, so I told him I wanted to go to the bookstore.
It's been a very busy weekend! We're looking forward to our Spring Sing on Friday at school.
Until next week, have a good week!