Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a Weekend!

We had a fantastic weekend!
It started out a little bit rocky...I threw up in my bed Friday morning so I stayed home from daycare with Daddy. But, I felt better in the afternoon, so I picked up Noah then we went to Ron & Carol's. Mommy's team played volleyball against Daddy and all the Diva's husbands while we played with the other kids. I got cold at the end of the night - but Noah was running around and playing on the court when Ron lit a bonfire. Noah stopped in his tracks and said "The Bomfire is turned on!" and ran over to the fire. We had a fun night!
Saturday morning, we got up and went to meet Grandma & Angie. We stopped at Target before we went to meet them for brunch, so I sat in the car and Noah helped daddy change the taillight on his truck.
We were so excited to meet Angie at Perkins! Grandma was there, and so was great grandma and aunt Dee & June. We had yummy pancakes - Noah finished his but I wasn't very hungry.
After we had brunch, we went back home and had quiet time before we went to Grayson's party! We had been looking forward to this all week. We hoped Spiderman would be there, but he didn't make it. We had fun anyway - we had a sack race, hit a Spiderman piniata, played with Grayson's toys, had pizza, cake & ice cream, and helped him open his presents. A lot of our daycare friends were there, and we were so excited to see them! Mommy & Daddy even left us there and didn't stay with us. Daddy kept making comments on how big we are now that we're going to friends' parties without them.
Noah didn't want to go home - when Mommy told him it was time to go home, he fell down and threw a tantrum - he was so mad that Daddy had to put him in the truck.
Today, we went to church and had our first real day of Sunday School! We have a big class of 3,4 & 5 year olds. Mommy & Daddy don't come with us to our class - we go with our teachers while Mommy & Daddy wait without us. We had fun - we made bags for our Sunday School stuff.
After Sunday School, we went home and got ready for the baseball game. Mommy & Daddy took us downtown to the new baseball field to a Twins game! We got there early and saw the statues and plaza area in front of the stadium.
We had so much fun there! It was a cool place - we had hot dogs, lemonade, snacks and watched baseball! We were very excited when the fireworks went off. We got to see fireworks twice. yeah! We were in the shade, so we were cold, but we kept moving and mommy shared her sweatshirt with us (mostly Noah) to keep us warm. I kept warm with my cozy sweatshirt and cuddling with Mommy.
We're exhausted after a long, busy weekend! Have a great week!

Friday, September 10, 2010

If my son wears a Vikings jersey to bed on NFL opening kickoff night, does that mean we're doing a good job as a parent? The kids put on their Vikings shirts for supper last night and watched part of the game. Hannah took hers off but Noah wanted to go to bed with his jersey over his pajamas.
The kids went to the neighbor's birthday party today. When they were invited, they both were adamant that they were going to get a Transformer for him. So, today we went to Target to pick out a Transformer. As much as we told them "This is a surprise. Don't tell Griffin what we got him." We got home and saw him playing in his yard. Hannah runs up to tell him "We got you a surprise!" Noah ran over and shouted "We got you a transformer at Target!"
I guess we have a little work to do on how surprises work. Though, the birthday boy was still surprised when he opened his transformer. be three again.
The kids have been doing a preschool program at daycare for 2 years now. They're starting their third year of preschool learning letters, shapes, colors and numbers. Hannah does really well on writing her letters. Noah still doesn't have a lot of interest in writing, though some days are better than others. He is, however, holding his pencil better than he used to. Both kids can spell well, though.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

State Fair!

Monday night Angie came to see us. She came so she could go with us to the State Fair!
We were very excited about it. We got up early, got ready to go and got there at 9 o'clock. We promised we would be good and stay in our strollers all day. And, we did.
First, we got to see the baby animals who had just been born. We got to pet a baby calf, two baby pigs and a baby lamb. We also saw baby bunnies and baby turkey chicks. Then we got to start our day with hot cheese! (Cheese Curds) We LOVE hot cheese - it's always a treat, though we don't usually have our hot cheese battered and fried. We also got lemonade. We don't get to drink it at home, and we LOVE IT!
We got to go through the cow barns, spin the moo-lette wheel, enter a coloring contest (Hannah spent a lot of time making a beautiful rainbow cow) and see how they milk cows. We also saw the biggest pig in Minnesota and got new pig ears from the oink booth. We saw some horses, too.
Daddy bought us tickets to ride on the sky ride this year - last year, we rode the space needle to the top so we could see all around us. This year, they closed us in a small car and we rode above everyone at the fair and saw all over the fairgrounds.
When we got off the ride, there was a booth that gave us free applesauce. (We LOVE applesauce!) Then we tried more hot cheese, an elephant ear and had some milk.
We saw a lot of things - we participated in a study at the U of M building where they measured our height, weight and waist and gave us free ride tickets to use. We got ourselves weighed and saw all the germs on our hands in one place, we played lacrosse with professional lacrosse players and toured inside campers to see how nice they were.
We got to help out on the farm...We've done it before but get better every year. We fed the chickens, sheep, got wool, planted seeds, picked apples, milked cows and drove the tractor, then brought our wares to the farmer's market and picked something from the market. We got cereal. Yummy!
We also got to ride a couple of rides in the kidway. We both wanted to ride the dinosaurs, then Noah wanted to do the slide while Hannah wanted to ride the train.
At the end of the day, after we were tired and ready to go home, we saw fish and went through a cave of animals. We had a fun day.
Friday, Daddy had to work, but right before we went to bed, Dani & Jason came to see us. They had to leave early Saturday morning, but it was fun to see them!
We have enjoyed playing outside this weekend. It's been much cooler, but still fun to play on the swings and slide. Today, we even got to play with Griffin for a little while in our backyard. When we're inside, we like to play house or restaurant.
Tomorrow we're looking forward to a party at Ron & Carol's sandbox with our friends. Then we'll go back to daycare - it will be quiet with all the school kids gone.
Have a Happy Labor Day!
Noah & Hannah