Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's our Birthday!

Today is our sixth birthday! It's been so busy, we haven't gotten to the blog in a longtime!

The last time we wrote was November!

We spent Thanksgiving at Grandma & Grandpa Mark & Diane's. We got to visit Santaland and even saw Santa there! We saw the trains and signed the nice/naughty list. (We signed the nice list, of course.)

While we were there, Mommy & Daddy went shopping and bought a Wii for Grandma & Grandpa. So, we got to dance with aunt Angie, Grandma and even Grandpa!

We spent Saturday of Thanksgiving at Great Grandma Leona's house. We got to play with lots of cousins, eat yummy food, visit Santaland with our cousins again. It was a fun day, ending with Grandpa's popcorn and a movie with Lauren & Ben at the end of the day.

We had a short week at school after Thanksgiving. We were excited to go back to school, though! We really do love school.

The weekend after Thanksgiving was another busy one. Hannah got to dance at Winterfest with her dance class. She did a dance, but her class also danced to the DJ, so I got to dance to my favorite song - Call me Maybe! Hannah played a lot with her friend Abbey while I jumped, ran & danced. And, we saw our friend Ava from church! She had heart surgery a few weeks ago, and now is feeling better. Of course, we also got to go to the petting zoo and see a GIANT turkey. And, we took a hayride with Ava and her family.

That afternoon, we had our last day of volleyball. It was fun. Mommy wasn't able to come to our class this whole fall session until today. She said we're getting better every time we play! I guess practice does help.

 night, we went to pick our tree! We picked a big FAT one and brought it home. It's a really nice one! Sunday after church, we came home and decorated the tree. What a fun day of decorating!

Sunday night, we got to experience something new. We got to go to the Holidazzle parade in Minneapolis. It was a long wait - we had to sit on the sidewalk and wait for an HOUR. Luckily, the store we sat near was open (it closed shortly after we got to our spot!) and Mommy could go buy blankets to sit on and cover up with. It was so AWESOME, though! It was really worth the wait. It kind of like the Disney Electric parade at Disney World, but Christmas themed! 

Monday morning, as we were eating breakfast, Mommy & Daddy were standing in the living room talking, just as mommy was going to go shower and daddy was going to go to a meeting, when the tree fell down! Mommy and Daddy said they weren't mad that we were playing under the tree that morning, but they were mad that we weren't done with our morning lists before we turned on. Mommy & Daddy picked it up, cleaned up the broken ornaments and got it standing up again, but we know we have to be careful around the tree from now on.

We also started our Christmas countdown. I have a cutout of Santa that I place a puff-ball on his beard every day to count down to Christmas. Hannah has a cutout of a snowman that she places a puffball on every day to count down to Christmas. We're looking forward to our Birthday even before Christmas!

Friday, Daddy was playing with Cheyenne when I asked if I could play. She is a really strong dog to play with! But, she's a really fun dog. I love her!

Saturday, Mommy had a tournament, so we had a low-key day hanging out with Daddy. We kind of wanted to see Mommy, but she said there were no kids at the tournament, so we stayed home.

Sunday  morning we woke up to a WHOLE BUNCH OF SNOW! It was AWESOME!
We had a fun activity at Sunday School. We got to take a camera around the church and find items that brought us joy. We found a lot of things - Christmas tree, cookies, books... Then after Sunday School, we lit the Advent candle at Church.

We got a LOT of snow that day! We went out and played for a long time, built a snowman, had a snowball fight, and watched it snow. It was beautiful, but Daddy's snowblower broke, so Mommy & Daddy had to shovel 12 inches of snow! We loved it!

The next week was our last day of gymnastics! We've had fun with gymnastics but are ready to be done with it and go back to Soo Bahk Do class. We haven't been able to show off our gymnastics until tonight when Mommy & Daddy both got to watch us do our swinging on the bar, tumbling on the floor and jumping on the little vault.

The whole weekend was busy getting ready for Christmas and birthdays. Friday night, we went to Menards and bought a new snowblower. We're ready for some snow now! Too bad a lot of it melted over the weekend because it got to 35 degrees!

Saturday morning, we got up and made up birthday bags for our school friends. Mommy bought Hannah 4 different Owl themed party favors to pass out and she bought me dinosaur themed party favors. We made bags for all our friends in school, as well as our teachers. We're so excited to give them out to our friends! 

After that, we went to Target and bought gifts for our daycare friends and each other. Then, we came home and played. After supper, we backed some cookies while Daddy dropped some stuff off at his cousin's house. 

Sunday morning we had Sunday School, then after Sunday School, we got to go to brunch with our friends Ryan, Jackson & Kendra while our parents talked at Perkins. It was so fun! We love eating out - and getting to eat out with friends is even better! When we got home, we got to open our gifts from our Sunday School teachers. Mommy & Daddy are our teachers! They made gifts for everyone in our class, and we got them, too! They were bags with pockets for crayons, coloring books & crayons, light up bracelets and angel suckers. Hannah got one with Sparkly princess fabric and I got one with Cookie Monster & Elmo. 

Monday, we got to deliver our daycare gifts to Sue after shool. We love getting to see Sue and all our friends. Sue even gave us our Birthday and Christmas gifts to bring home. 

Today was the big day! We turned SIX! We woke up and our room looked like a circus because Mommy & Daddy decorated our room with streamers. We got to wear birthday crowns at school and lead the line - even in front of the line leaders! We passed out our birthday treats to our friends and they thanked us because they thought our treat bags were cool. Mommy picked us up at school so we didn't have to ride the bus home. We also got to bring home birthday bags with books, stickers, a journal page and a birthday animal from our classrooms. (Hannah got a stuffed frog that says "ribbit", I had the birthday bear.)

After homework, we got dressed and headed to the Mall of America. There were a lot of cars on the road, so I was afraid that Santa would get in his sleigh and go back to the North Pole before we got there! But we made it in time to go eat at Famous Daves. I had Mac & Cheese and Hannah had corn dogs & french fries. After our meals, they brought us birthday ice cream sundaes. The waiter brought them out with HUGE FIREWORKS on them! It was AWESOME, but kind of scary.

After we ate, we walked by Lego Land (AWESOME!!!) and went to wait for Santa. We had to wait about 20 minutes, but Santa was so worth it! We've met Santa every year on our birthday since the day we were born. 

I asked Santa for a Cars 2 Lego Oil Rig set, and Hannah asked for a Monster High Doll. 

After we got home, we had presents to open. Sue gave me a Connect 4 game and Hannah got a Littlest Pet Shoppe toy. Mommy & Daddy gave us new pajamas (Hannah got a princess nightgown and mine looked JUST like Spiderman!) and a camera. Mine was blue with Mickey Mouse on it and Hannah's was red with Minnie Mouse on it. We blew out our candles and ate birthday cupcakes. Mommy read us some of the birthday books from our birthday bags while we ate our cupcakes. After we put on our pajamas, we had to make our journal entries for school. 

What a busy and exciting day! We fell asleep fast tonight!
Now we're looking forward to Christmas! We're heading to Grandma & Grandpa's house on Saturday for Christmas. 

Merry Christmas!