Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekends at Lake Cabins

It's been a busy couple of weeks for us.

Two weeks ago was tie die day at Sue's house! I even got to tie-dye pants. This year, I made purple pants to go with my starburst shirt with purple on it! Noah made his red white & blue.

Last Thursday, we had another playdate at the park with some of our new Beacon classmates. It was a nice night, so there were a lot of kids there. And, since we know who our teachers will be, we could meet some of the kids who will be in our classes with us.

Friday morning, we woke up early because we knew Grandpa & Grandma would be at our place. Grandpa brought the scissor lift up to help daddy cut down trees. We didn't get to help him raise the scissor lift in the air because he & daddy were using a chainsaw. But, we did get to go to Thomas Tool with grandpa. We love going to that store with him! We hung out with Grandma while Daddy & Grandpa worked on the trees. When the trees were trimmed, Grandpa put the scissor lift on the trailer, loaded us in his truck and we went up to the lake cabin (Mom & Dad had a volleyball tournament on Saturday, so we got to go with Grandma & Grandpa to the lake without Mommy & Daddy!)

When we got to the cabin, Grandpa took the scissor lift of the trailer and let us (along with Lauren & Ben) play on the scissor lift for a while. We even got to stay up and have a movie night on Friday night. We watched the Lorax & ate popcorn.

Saturday Jimmy & Cathy came to visit. It was fun to see them, but I didn't feel too good. My head hurt and I was really COLD, even though Angie said my temperature was really hot.  I didn't feel like doing much of anything, so I stayed home with Angie while Noah went shopping with Grandpa & Grandma.

Sunday, I felt better. We went fishing in the morning. I even felt good enough to swim a little while in the afternoon after it warmed up a little bit. We packed up our stuff and went home with Angie. We've been waiting to go to Angie's house for a long time, so we were happy to get to play at her place while we waited for Mommy to pick us up. Mommy came shortly after we got to Angie's and took us all out for supper at the Pizza Ranch! After the Pizza Ranch, we drove home to see Daddy. It was really good to see Mommy & Daddy, even though we had so much fun with Grandpa Mark, Grandma Diane, Angie & the Dehnes.

Monday morning, Sue showed us our tie-dye shirts. They turned out really great! So did my pants. I'm so excited to wear them! We usually wear them to the state fair. That's coming up really soon!

Friday afternoon, Daddy picked us up early from Sue's house and brought us to Ron & Carol's so he could play volleyball. There weren't really any other kids there, but we still have fun playing. There were hot dogs & lots of snacks, so we never got hungry or bored.

Saturday morning, we got up and went to Reid's cabin. We've been looking forward to this all summer. It rained on our way up there, then rained when we got there, so we thought we might not get to have fun on the lake. Noah found a Rubik's cube and we played with it for a while, trying to get all the colored squares to line up on one side. Luckily, after lunch, the weather cleared up enough for us to swim. It was a little chilly but we were still excited to be in the water. Reid got out a HUGE 3-person tube that we got to ride with our friends Juanita & Trevor. It was awesome!

After I got splashed, I decided to get off. But, Noah stayed out tubing a lot longer with Juanita, Trevor & Mommy (even when it rained on them!) before they came inside to play.

After supper, we got to go on a 4-wheeler ride through a 4-wheeler trail through the woods. It was pretty awesome! It was such a busy day, though, that we fell asleep on the way home! I even slept in until almost 9 o'clock, even though Noah tried to wake me at 7 o'clock.

Today, we got to go to Ron & Carol's to play volleyball. We met a girl there who is going to be in the 11th grade next Tuesday when we start kindergarten! She was there with Max, the baby. I think she's Max's sister. I really love babies. I played ball with Max for a while, and that was so fun. Noah got to play with Buddy - a new baby puppy that someone brought.

We're looking forward to the fair this week! Angie's going to come with us to the fair, so we can't WAIT! Have a good week!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

A chill in the air

Brr! The past 2 weekends have been chilly!

Last weekend we went to the lake and it was kind of cold. We went swimming for a little while on Saturday, but the wind was so cold, we only swam for 30 minutes. The water was warm, but the wind was so strong and cold we decided to go back to the house and play inside with our cousins. We all pretended we were a family of giraffes, and Mommy painted our faces like giraffes. (Except me - I wanted my face painted like IronMan!)

Sunday, we went out fishing for a while. Daddy had gone the night before and caught some big fish, but we didn't have as much luck. We did have fun, though, fishing with Mommy & Daddy.

Monday, we had testing at Beacon for placement in our kindergarten class. We're so excited to start school! We went shopping for a few last school supplies, then went to Beacon. We got there a little early, so we walked around the church. (Beacon shares space with a big church.) There was a lot of playground space, though they didn't have any playground equipment.

We went inside and met our teachers. They took us back to a room separate from Mommy with one other girl. We each met with both teachers to show them how good we are at letter recognition, sound recognition, counting and number recognition. Mommy had to fill out some forms while we were meeting with our teachers. We did a really good job on our tests are ready to start school.

When we got out of the testing, we both knew who we wanted to be our kindergarten teacher! I want Ms. Wold and Hannah wants Ms. Leismacki.

After we had lunch, Mommy took us to the pool. We had so much fun at the pool! Hannah was learning to float on her back and getting her face wet. Mommy wanted me to get my face wet but I am not ready to get my face wet and swim more. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay long, because Mommy had to go to registration and get us all registered for Beacon Academy in 4 weeks! Daddy fed us and took us to Ron & Carol's - we played in the yard while Mommy & Daddy played volleyball. Lars & Juanita even brought Dylan!

Tuesday was National Night out, so we went to our neighborhood party down the block. I got to turn on the lights in the police car, and Hannah played with Brooke and some other girls. We had fun playing with other neighbors, eating yummy food and even got to bring some balloons home with us!
Hannah riding in the wagon with our friend Brooke

Wednesday, I really didn't want to go to Karate. I think Ms. Laura doesn't like me. When I try to do the right thing, she tells me to take a break anyway. But, Mommy made me go to karate anyway. We were in a smaller, carpeted room with windows. One kid was being really naughty, but I tried really hard to concentrate on making my body match Ms. Laura's. I did a really good job until she split us up in groups for the games. But, I played the game with my group and my mommy said that I could have a gumball because I did such a good job paying attention before the game! Yay! It was a really good night. 

Thursday, Mommy got an email from school. She got our class lists in her email! I got Ms. Wold for my teacher and Hannah got Ms. Leismacki! I also have another Hannah in my class - but not my sister. We're both so excited for school!

We were excited to go to Grandma's on Friday after daycare! Mommy picked us up and brought us home. We packed up the car and headed toward Grandma & Grandpa's house. Mommy and Daddy said we could stop and eat at Subway or Burger King partway out there, but we said we wanted to wait for the Pizza Ranch when we were almost to Grandma's. We LOVE the pizza ranch! We got there after their buffet was done, so Daddy ordered one pizza for our whole family. We had to eat fast because we got there right before they closed, but daddy bought us a delicious pizza and our favorite - cactus bread! It was so yummy! We filled our tummy and were very excited to get to grandma & grandpa's house.

Noah digging with the backhoe
Hannah digging with the backhoe

Saturday, we got up and played for a while before Grandpa asked us if we wanted to dig with his backhoe digger. I got to go first. It was pretty cool! I dug BIG holes out of grandpa & grandma's garden. When it was Hannah's turn, I went and got the pedal tractor and started riding it around the yard and brought it down to the garden where we dug the big hole. Grandpa started to dig in the ground under his potato plants and found potatoes! It was so cool to help him harvest the potatoes! He dug them up and we picked them out of the dirt and put them in the pedal tractor's trailer. When we had dug them all up, we brought them to the house and washed all the potatoes with the hose. When Hannah started to help wash potatoes, I decided I should I would wash the sidewalk off, too.

Noah finds a big potato in the garden
After dinner, we got ready for mommy's cousin's wedding. It was a long drive through the rain, so we got to watch a movie.

After the wedding, we drove to a hotel where they had a dancefloor, tables and a table with candy and snacks to eat while we waited for the dinner to start. It was a long wait to get our food, but it was delicious and I cleaned my plate! I was so anxious to start dancing on the hardwood floor, but I had to wait for some people to talk, then for the bride & groom to dance and do a bunch of dances. Mommy helped Hannah and I change into our pajamas while we waited for the boring stuff to be over so we could dance!

We fell asleep on the way home. It was kind of cold out, but Mommy got us each a blanket to fall asleep under.

Hannah dancing with our cousin, Lauren
This morning, we got up and played Spiderman & Spidergirl before dinner. After dinner, great Grandma Marita came by to say hello before we made the long drive home. We watched Scooby Doo again! That movie is SOO FUNNY! We've watched it about 4 times this weekend with all the driving we've done!

It has been a very long, exhausting weekend. We had a lot of fun, but are looking forward to playing with our friends again this week at Sue's. Mommy & Daddy say we only have 3 more weeks with Sue, then school starts!

Have a good week!