Sunday, July 22, 2012

What a week we've had! Lots of volleyball, and time with cousins, too.

Monday night, we got to go with Daddy when he played volleyball, and we got to stay until 9 o'clock! It was a fun night.

Tuesday night, Mommy didn't come home. Daddy said she had a volleyball tournament for work, so we got to choose WHATEVER WE WANTED to eat for supper! Daddy said he'd make mostaciolli (our favorite!), mac & cheese, buy pizza - whatever we wanted. We chose Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches. I ate 2. Hannah had 1. They were delish! Mommy came home late from her tournament, but she was happy because her team won the tournament!

Wednesday, we had soo bahk do. I didn't want to go, but Mommy said we could have some dinosaur puzzles that she printed for us at work, and if we were really good, she had quarters for gumballs! We both tried really hard to be good (even though there was a naughty 3 year old who was running all over and yelling). But, Mommy said we were both good enough for gumballs! I got an orange one and Hannah got a pink one. It's been a while since we've gotten gumballs, so it was a good day!

Friday, Sue was closed so we played quietly in the morning while Daddy worked. Then, we went to Ron & Carol's sandbox for hooky day. A guy was building a path to the food shed, so the food was out near the fire ring. I loved watching him work on making the brick pathway. He didn't get a lot of work done since he only worked when he wasn't playing volleyball. We had fun, even though we were the only kids there. We were excited to see Mommy - she had to go to a big meeting for work, so she was late.

Saturday morning, we woke up to rain. Mommy asked us if we wanted to go to the lake, so we got in the car and drove to the cabin. Daddy stayed home with Cheyenne, so we missed him. But, Mommy said he was going to work on cleaning while we were gone.

We met Grandma, Grandpa, Angie, Dani, Jason, Lauren & Ben at Menards, then drove out to the cabin. It was a nice, sunny day at the lake. After dinner, we were ready to swim! We swam all afternoon - we tubed, rode the jet ski, relaxed on floaties, and played with fun noodles. It was awesome! When I got tired, I went to the cabin and found some "find-a-word" puzzle books that Great Grandma used to do. I found a few words in the books. I like find-a-word puzzles.

After supper, Grandpa started the fire. We had some delicious s'mores before Mommy made us go to bed.

We were so tired! We fell asleep fast.

This morning, we got up and had a big, delicious breakfast and played with our cousins. Mommy painted everyone's faces but mine. Lauren was a butterfly, Hannah was a puppy and Ben was a tiger. I chose to be a superhero with my superhero mask instead of facepaint.

Grandpa & Jason took us fishing for a short time, but we ran out of bait so we went back to the house to play hide & seek.

For dinner, we had chicken, corn & strawberries. What a delicious meal! We wanted to go swimming after dinner, so Mommy said we could swim for a few minutes while she did dishes. It was sunny & warm, so it was  perfect day to swim. Too bad we had to leave, so we didn't get much swim time.

We were very good when Mommy said it was time to go, though. We got dressed quickly, went up to the house and got ready to go. Mommy said if we got home in time, we could meet Daddy's cousins at a restaurant for supper.

After a long drive with lots of traffic, we got home, picked up daddy and went to eat. We were hungry, but once we got food in us, we were happy to play with Daddy's cousins' kids while he talked to his aunts, uncles, and 3 of his cousins. After we had a cheese sandwich, we walked to an ice cream store! I had a mango ice cream cone - it was so delicious! Hannah had a cotton candy ice cream cone while we hung out with cousins.

By the time we got home, we were SO TIRED! I was so excited that I could hardly sit still; but when the lights went out in our bedroom, I fell asleep fast. What a fun weekend!

Have  a good week!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy to be home.

It was so nice to be home this week and back in our routine.

Monday night, we normally go play volleyball at Ron & Carol's, but we were so happy to be home, we just spent the night playing with our legos & Barbies.

Wednesday night, we got back into our Soo Bahk Do routine. I was glad to be back at Soo Bahk Do. I love it! There were just a few kids in the class. We had a new kid, so we reviewed some of our commands, drills and moves. Noah had to take a time out, but when he was ready to join our group again, he did a great job!

Friday, Daddy picked us up early and we drove a long ways until we got to a park. Mommy was there playing volleyball with some people she worked with, so Daddy joined her. I read for a little while, played soccer with Noah and then played in the sand on the other volleyball court. After playing soccer with me, Noah sat on a bench and looked at the bugs on the lake, then he climbed up the ref stand and helped keep score. Right when Mom & Dad were done, it started to RAIN REALLY HARD, thunder, lightning and hail! It was crazy. We got to the truck just in time to stay dry, but it was a really scary ride to the restaurant where we had supper. After supper, though, the rain had stopped and it was a nice night!

Yesterday, Daddy took us to the grocery store in the morning, then we came home and played. After lunch, Mommy & Daddy filled up our swimming pool! It's much bigger than the kiddie pool we've had for the past 4 years. This one is big enough for us to lay down - but too deep for us to lay down! We can splash, swim and use our snorkle & goggles. It was so fun! Noah swam for about an hour, but I swam for much longer.

After supper, we convinced Mommy to take us for a walk. After she got the dog leash and locked the door, we told her we wanted to go for a ride in the wagon! So, she pulled us in the wagon with Cheyenne walking next to us. We wanted to go to the park, but Mommy said we didn't have enough time to go to the park, so we just rode the wagon home. Maybe she'll take us to the park another time.

Today, Daddy went to church and then went to the Twins game. I wanted to go with him, but he said it was going to be too hot outside, and he was going with his guy friends. It was OK that I stayed home - I played with Noah and with my Barbies. Mommy did make us help clean up our room for a while. She took away one of our toy shelves, but said it helped clear some space for our shoes and backpacks. She also kept wanting me to take the play food downstairs to our kitchen - I asked why I had to keep going to the basement. The basement is scary. I am afraid there's monsters down there. Mom said there aren't, but I'm not so sure.

After cleaning, we swam for a little while before supper. (Actually we bounced back and forth from the swings to the pool. It was fun!) It sure was a great day for swimming! It's been so hot all week, I'm glad our pool is up now. We were so hungry at supper, that Noah ate THREE sandwiches, and I had 2 helpings of chips with my sandwich. What a fun but busy day!

Have a good week! Daddy said it's going to be really hot, so I hope everyone can stay cool!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

We're home!
And, happy to be home.

We just returned today from being gone for a whole week. Our daycare was closed, so we spent a whole week in Madison with Grandma & Grandpa S. It was fun, but we were happy to get home tonight.

The week before we left was very exciting. We were really looking forward to going to Grandma's house.

We enjoyed our last week of Little Rookies sports camp. We got to play flag football! It was really fun. The best part was that Daddy picked us up early and brought us to the playground to play before Little Rookies Sports Sampler camp. Of all four sports, tee ball was my most favorite and football was my second favorite. Hannah said her favorite was tennis and her second favorite was tee ball.

Mom & Dad took us to the lake for the weekend to meet Grandma & Grandpa, so we could just go home with them for the week.

It was a fun week, just playing with Grandma's & Grandpa's toys. We love our toys, but it's fun to have new and different toys. It was a really HOT week, so we played inside in the air conditioning a lot and swam in grandma's kiddie pool a lot.

Monday night, we asked Grandpa to take us up and down on the scissor lift, so we got to take a ride on the scissor lift. We also got to go inside the broken camper. A tornado wrecked it 2 weeks ago, and we thought it might be OK if Grandma & Grandpa could just patch up the holes or fix it, but we got to see all the damage that the tornado caused. We're so happy that Grandma & Grandpa were not hurt - only the camper and their garage doors were hurt.

I had a little accident at the store on Tuesday. Grandma told me not to lean back on the shopping cart, but I did anyway and I fell out. I hit my head and got a REALLY big knot on my head! It really hurt, but putting ice on it hurts too. And my face was just starting to heal from falling down and hitting it on the rocks. What bad luck! 

On the fourth of July, we got to ride in Grandpa's Mustang and throw out candy in a parade. It sounded pretty fun, but it was SOO hot that day! And before the parade started, we stood around too much just waiting. Hannah had a really great time, though. She LOVED throwing candy and waving to everyone in the parade.

After the parade, we swam in the kiddie pool before getting ready to go back to Madison and watch some fireworks. It was fun, but a really late night for us! We were pooped out after such a long, busy day.

Friday, we drove back to the lake. We were SOO excited to see Mommy & Daddy! We gave them LOTS of big hugs when we saw them.

Saturday, we went to bring Mommy's car to the car dealer where she bought it so they could do some stuff to it. I wanted to just wait for it, but Mom & Dad said we had to leave it and take a different car to shop a little and go back to the cabin. I was reluctant to leave our car, but Mommy promised we'd have it back in the afternoon.

Since we were in town, we went to get our hair cut. Daddy had his cut while we were at Grandma's, but mine was getting long and pretty hot! So, I got my hair cut, and Hannah got a few inches cut off hers, too. And, Mommy had her hair cut REALLY REALLY short! She said that they took her hair and gave it to kids who don't have hair because they're sick - she said they can make a wig out of her hair. After I got my hair cut, Daddy and I walked to Caribou Coffee, had a mango smoothie (Daddy had coffee) and hung out there while we waited for Mommy to finish her hair cut.

When Mommy and Hannah picked us up and took us to the store, I was SO BORED shopping. But we did buy some cool superhero masks for Ben & me, and butterfly masks for Lauren & Hannah. When we looked through them, everything looked like a rainbow! They were pretty cool masks.

After we got back and had dinner, Daddy promised he'd take me fishing. So, we went out on the boat and caught some fish! Nothing big enough to keep, but it was fun to fish with Daddy. The other kids swam and went jetskiing with Angie while I played games and hung out in the house with Daddy when we were done fishing.

After supper, we waited for fireworks! When it got dark, we did some sparklers and watched Angie shoot some fireworks. It was so cool, but the bugs bit me a lot. After fireworks, Grandpa made delicious popcorn! We were so tired that we fell right asleep after that! We normally sleep downstairs, but Mommy said it smelled bad because Grandma was cleaning, so we slept in the bedroom upstairs with Mom & Dad.

We got up and went fishing this morning. We caught a few little fish, but nothing too big. I was really excited to get to swim after dinner, so we got our suits on and ran to the lake right after dinner! Not only did we swim but we got to tube and take jet ski rides with Angie, too. We had so much fun! The ride home was long, especially with all the cars that were in our way and going slow! But, we were really happy to be home when we finally pulled in the driveway. We're looking forward to going back to Sue's house tomorrow.

Have a good week!