Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Has 6 REALLY been so busy that we've gone a whole month with no blog entries!

It's been a busy month.
After our birthday was over, Christmas really snuck up on us!

Our last day of school for the year (2012) was Friday, December 21 and it was winter party day! Mommy came and helped out at my classroom party so musical chairs was my FAVORITE part of the party. It was really fun to have mommy in my class. I won my first round of musical chairs, so when it came time to play again, I let my friends in my group get a chair before me so they could win a game, too. Hannah was sad that Mommy couldn't be in her classroom party, but Mommy said she'd come to Hannah's class another time.

Saturday before Christmas we went to Grandma & Grandpa Schuelke's house. It was a busy day of gifts, food and playing with our cousins but we had so much fun! We celebrated Christmas and our birthdays all in the same day so it was a day FULL of gifts!

The next day, we got to see both of our great grandmas. Grandpa's mom and family had brunch at Great Grandma's apartment building. I challenged a few people to Connect 4 - I got that from Sue and it is my FAVORITE game. It's SOO fun!

After that, we got to go to the radio station and see how it worked. It was all computers! I expected something fancier to put radio waves all over the area for people to hear, but it was just a bunch of computer stuff with a microphone. Angie showed us the satellites that send the radio waves to a big tower that sends the radio sounds out all across the area. It was pretty cool. The tower isn't far from Grandma & Grandpa's house!

We also got to go to Great Grandma Leona's house to see her while Daddy & Grandma dropped off a TV with the Wii at her house. Mom's uncle Al was there, and he picked on Hannah. I was ready to go when Dad said it was time to go, but we liked seeing Great Grandma for a while.

Monday was Christmas Eve. We hung out with Grandma & Grandpa a little while before driving home Monday. When we got home, Mommy had to go out again to Target to buy some things, then when she got home, Daddy left. He said he was going to pick up our cousin Michelle. We looked forward to seeing her - we haven't seen her in probably a year! Hannah helped Mommy wrap gifts that Mommy had bought for Michelle so she had gifts to open when we opened our gifts on Christmas.

We hung stockings for Michelle, we put out our cookies for Santa and went to bed on Christmas Eve looking forward to Christmas!

When we got up, Santa had come and gave us what we asked for! Mommy & Daddy gave us lots of fun gifts, too. It was a really great Christmas! Hannah bought me the Spiderman glove with web shooter solution, so I can shoot webs from my wrist like Spiderman. It was AWESOME! I gave her the Brave Bow & Arrow, and she loved that. Santa gave me the Cars 2 Lego Oil Rig Set and he gave Hannah a Monster High Doll. Just what we wanted! I also got a bunch of other Legos (I LOVE LEGOS! I WANT ALL THE LEGOS IN THE WORLD WHEN I'M SEVEN!!!)

Our older cousin Michelle had come to stay with us on Christmas Day, too. She was staying with a friend of her dad for a few days before Christmas, and then Daddy got her on Christmas Eve so she could spend Christmas with her family. We were very happy to see her.

After we opened our gifts and had breakfast, we couldn't WAIT to play with our new gifts! It was nice to have Michelle eat Christmas dinner with us.We ate on fancy Christmas plates and we had a guest for dinner so it felt special to us.

At about 3 o'clock, Grandma & Grandpa Perkins came to our house. (They were supposed to be to Minnesota sooner, but they had bad luck and their car gave them trouble for a few days and they spent a few days in Arkansas fixing it.) We were happy to see them! They brought our cousin Alex, so we played with him and helped to entertain him while he was here. We got to open our gifts from Grandma & Grandpa while they were here, too. What a fun day!

The day after Christmas, we were very excited to go to a Christmas party at Sue's house! We've been looking forward to spending Christmas vacation at our old daycare with our old friends since this summer. We got up and got ready to go, told Grandma & Grandpa & Michelle & Alex goodbye and went to Sue's.

We had so much fun at Sue's for the week! My best friend Grayson was there and Hannah LOVED to help Sue take care of the babies. And, since we're schoolkids now, we got to sit on the couch and watch a movie during naptime.

That Friday was the Diva Christmas party! We love the Diva Christmas party because it's a chance to get together with all the other Diva kids, eat yummy food, play late into the night and have a great time!

The Saturday after Christmas, we went to take our 6 year pictures. Mommy bought us cool hats, I got a cool shirt & tie and Hannah had a sparkly dress and sweater. (She LOVES sparkles & glitter!). The pictures turned out kind of cool.

Then after pictures, while Mommy bought the photos Daddy took us to Barnes & Noble to spend the $10 gift cards from Angie. We got some chapter books - I got the Junie B Jones book I've had my eye on for a while. Hannah got the 2nd book of Ivy & Bean since she's working on the 1st one right now. I read my Junie B Jones book on the way home and finished it that day! I really like Junie B Jones books. She's my favorite! I even sat in the car while Hannah & Mommy went to the pet store to buy some pills for Cheyenne. While they were in the pet store, they looked at fish, lizards, snakes, gerbils, hamsters and lots of dogs, but I was content to read a few chapters in my new book.

We spent New Year's Eve Day at home with Mom because Daddy had to work after a week vacation. We were anxious to play with our new Christmas toys, but we also had homework! We got Gingerbread men that had to be disguised so they could make it through the Christmas season with out being EATEN! I chose to make my gingerbread man Luke Skywalker! Hannah made hers into Santa. They turned out pretty nice! Daddy was proud of us when he got home.

We were supposed to spend New Year's Eve night at a friends' house with Daddy's volleyball team, but one of our friends got sick and  Mommy & Daddy decided that they didn't want us exposed to the sickness of our friend, so we stayed home and celebrated with Mommy.

She brought us to the Dairy Queen for ice cream treats, then we went home and played Wii games until 10 o'clock. Then we counted down with Mommy's iPad to the new year before falling asleep after a busy day and a REALLY busy year!)

I'd better sign off for now - I'll catch up on blogging now that we're getting back into a regular routine with school and work and everything we're doing. I'm REALLY Looking forward to our school spirit week this week (January 28-Feb1). Tomorrow is Pajama day, and we have lots of other dress up days at school this week. (We just have to remember our money! In order to dress up for school spirit week, we have to pay $.50 a day to be out of uniform and the money goes to kids who have cancer to make them better)

Have a good week!

Monday, January 7, 2013

See Hannah grow

Every year around the New Year, we take Hannah's photo wearing Mom's wedding gown to see how she's grown.

Hannah, age 1-6 (2007-2012)