Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to our cousins

We are still so excited about our new bunk beds - we've only had a chance to sleep in them once since Daddy put them up!
It's been cold since last week when Daddy put up our bunk beds. We hope that warm weather comes soon - Daddy wants it to stop raining so he can work on the deck, and we want to be able to play outside on it before it snows and Christmas comes.
We got to stay home and play with Mommy all day Friday. We played on our new bunk beds, packed our suitcases (of course, we played with our suitcases, since they were out of storage) and got in the car for a long drive to Grandma's house. We were so excited to get to see Angie, Grandpa & Grandma after that long drive!
Saturday Ben & Lauren came to Grandma's. Ben stayed after we ate dinner, but everyone else went to Lauren's dance recital. It was fun to play with Ben - we played zoo, fireman, and then we played outside until Grandma & Grandpa came home. We were so tired by the time we went to bed.
We went to Lauren & Ben's house to play today - they had a birthday party, so we got birthday cake! YUM! We were ready to come home, though. We almost fell asleep on the way home, but were re-energized when we got to our house. It is good to be home and sleep in our own room (in our new beds!)
It's been a long, exhausting weekend. We're ready to get back to daycare with our friends again tomorrow.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bunk Beds!

We got bunk beds! We’re so excited!

Today, we didn’t go to daycare, but stayed at home with Mommy. She let us watch Toy Story while she cut our hair. Then we got ready to go see Daddy at work. We picked him up and he took us to a restaurant with really yummy food.

Then we went to Daddy’s office and saw a bunch of his coworkers who saw us when we were little babies. When we got home, Daddy came home and started to put together our bunk beds. YEAH! Mommy helped him put them up against the wall by the window, move our dressers and put our mattresses up. They’re HUGE!! We both agreed on where we wanted to sleep with no fights. Hannah wanted to be on the bottom and Noah wanted to be on the top.

After we ate and took our baths, we were so excited to get into our bunk beds, we didn’t even ask to play the cow game. We crawled into our beds before Mommy even read our story.

Of course, we normally don’t fall asleep right away when we go to bed, but tonight we talked and played even longer because we were so excited because of our new beds.

We weren’t able to blog last week because there was something wrong with our blog site. We had a good weekend!

Friday after daycare, we got ready and went to a surprise party for some of Dad & Mom’s volleyball friends. We were a little scared that we didn’t know anyone at first, but when the “guests of honor’s” children showed up, we loosened right up and had fun playing and eating delicious food. Too bad we couldn’t stay very late because we had to go home and go to bed.

Saturday, Daddy left in the morning and came home in a black truck. He dropped off some things on the deck, and the next time we saw him, he had his red truck again. We didn’t get a chance to play outside because it started to rain after Dad got home in his red truck.

We ran some errands with Mommy & Daddy after dinner, played in our room for an hour then we got in the truck and went to another Barbeque party at one of Daddy’s coworkers’ homes. We kinda fell asleep on the way there, but it was worth waking up for! They had cool stuff! We met lots of other kids and got to play with Thomas on a big train table, Barbies in a big Barbie castle, Littlest Pet Shop and Sesame Street doll houses, PLUS they had a trampoline in their basement! We need one of those. That was so cool!

We were very bummed to have to go home, but we were very tired once we got home. (We told Mom & Dad we were tired, but we were up talking & playing for over an hour past bedtime.)

Hannah had been asking to go to church for weeks. (Actually, she wanted to “hang out” and go to church over the weekend.) We finally were home on a Sunday, so we went to church as a family. After we had lunch at home, we went to Menards to buy paint. When we got home, we played in our bedroom while Mom & Dad worked.

We were playing on a cushion in the hallway when Noah fell down and smacked his head on the door frame to the upstairs. He started to bleed and cry, but stopped after about 2 minutes of ice packs and hugs from Mom. When he realized he had blood on his Mickey Mouse shirt, he had to IMMEDIATELY go change his clothes! Mom & Dad decided to take him to the bandaid store (which turned out to look a LOT like the doctor’s office!) The doctor said he didn’t need stitches, but gave him a very tiny bandaid that didn’t quite cover the cut.

Noah was very good for the doctor, just playing with his cars while the doctor looked at his cut.

Since we were out, Mom & Dad decided to go shopping for new beds!

We went into one store, but Daddy & Mommy yelled at us for jumping on the beds and we left right away. We drove to Sams Club and goofed around in the cart while Mom & Dad shopped, and when we checked out, Dad came around the corner with new mattresses! When we got home, he took our mattresses away and put down these new big mattresses in our room! YEAH!
Dad said we’re going to get bunk beds this week for our new mattresses. We got new sheets that we’ve never seen then after our baths, we got new pajamas, too. New big kid beds, new pajamas! Despite the hole in Noah’s head, we had a really fun weekend!



Kids say the funniest things.

Noah really has been excited to spell things. This week, Dad was looking for Noah, so he shouted “N-O-A-H ! Where are you?”
From upstairs, we heard a voice say “I’m upstairs, D-A-D!”

At a Barbeque on Saturday, the kids had eaten and went back to playing. We told them it was time to go, and Hannah decided she wanted cake. She told Dad “I’m so hungry!” Dad asked her how she could still be hungry, and she replied, matter-of-factly “Because I didn’t have cake!”

Since Noah cut his head, he has walked around telling everyone “I got a hole in my head!” Today he had a Goofy Bandaid covering it, and he told all of Daddy’s coworkers “I got a hole in my head and Goofy covered it up!”

Mom went into Subway on Sunday to pick up 2 sandwiches. As Mom was in the store ordering, Hannah called to tell her “no onions” on her sandwich. Of course, the minute mom got in the car, Hannah made sure Mom did NOT put onions on her sandwich. Mom joked that she got onions and olives on her sandwich and Hannah replied in a serious tone “Mom! I don’t LIKE onions and olives!” Of course, Mom was joking. She knew that ham & cheese was exactly what Noah & Hannah wanted.

This evening, at the supper table, Hannah asked how to spell “brain”, so Mom spelled “B-R-A-I-N” for her. She picked up a cheeto and went “whoah. That’s a long word.”