Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

We got snow this week! We've been waiting for it for so long - we were very excited to get it.

Monday, I got the writing briefcase at school. It was full of papers, crayons & markers to make pictures & stories. Mommy pulled out some of her ribbons, stamps, punches, as well as some of our crafts so we could do something fun and cool.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to do my project on Monday because Hannah's ear hurt so we had to drive around to Minute Clinics to find one that was open for us to go to! Luckily we found one that was open and found out Hannah had an ear infection! Before we went to the Minute Clinic, Mommy made us Mac & Cheese, so we ate our Mac & Cheese while we waited for Hannah's medicine.

Tuesday, we got to work on the writing briefcase project. Hannah did a project while I made a person. I gave him a head, arms and legs with different types of papers and craft materials, then I made him a cape and wrote "This is a silly person" on the cape. He looked silly!

Wednesday, Hannah brought home the briefcase. Mommy kept her ribbons & fun scissors out so that we could do another project. Hannah made a picture of a lady while I used stickers to make my own art project and write on it.

We're both getting really good at writing our letters. We're working on spelling things now. We don't always spell them right, but we sound out the letters as best we can.

Thursday, Daddy had volleyball after Hannah's dance class, so we went to the gym where he played volleyball. We got to run around a little and saw Reid, as well as a bunch of other people Mommy & Daddy play volleyball with.

Friday, we came home and helped Daddy bag up the rest of the leaves in the back yard. We got to jump in them a little bit before he put them in a bag, but then we helped bag them. After we bagged up all the leaves, Daddy started a bonfire! He said he thought it would be a good idea - Hannah and I thought of the idea, too. It was a really nice night for a fire. We got to make s'mores and talk to our neighbors and run around. Daddy said it would be the last good night for a bonfire.

Saturday, we had our last day of volleyball. One kid budged in line again and I pushed him. That made Daddy mad, so I have to remember not to get physical with kids even if they're doing something naughty. After volleyball, it started to snow! It was so awesome. We've been waiting for snow for a long time. We got to talk to Aunt Angie on the computer, too. We found out we're going to her house on Thursday! We're excited to go to her house for Thanksgiving. Yay!
After lunch, I was going to play transformers, but Daddy told me Grayson was coming to pick me up so we could go play! We went to see a bunch of bouncy houses and bounce in one. His mom bought us sodas with ice cream in them! They were root beer floats and they were really good. While I was gone, Daddy was going to take Hannah grocery shopping but the store was too busy so she got to go dress shopping. She said they didn't find any dresses but got some new leotards for dance class. When Grayson dropped me off, Daddy and Hannah came outside and we had a snowball fight! Daddy didn't fight back - Grayson's mom did, but us kids still beat the adults.

Today, we woke up early and played quietly so Mommy & Daddy could sleep a little bit. We even played in the snow for a little while. The slide was REALLY slippery with all that snow on the slide. Then we went to Sunday School and then the nursery while Mom & Dad were in church. We made snowflakes in the nursery - when Mom & Dad came to get us, I told them to go away because I wasn't done with my snowflake yet. After church, we went to Red Lobster for a really great lunch. I had shrimp, and tried some of Daddy's lobster (it was good.) We even got a brownie with ice cream on it for dessert. Then we went shopping. It was kind of a boring store - lots of clothes, so it was hard to behave the whole time. There were some cool toys, but we didn't get to look at them much. But for some reason Mommy couldn't buy them so we had to drive to a different store. I fell asleep on the way there, while Hannah ate her pizza that she didn't finish at lunch.

When we finally got home, we took baths and ate a late supper.

We're looking forward to the week because we get to see our family!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I won the coloring contest!

Monday night when we got home from daycare, Mommy called me into the kitchen and told me to listen to the message on the answering machine. It was Penco Art Supplies saying "Congratulations" to me for winning the coloring contest! Noah and I had colored a picture when Mommy ran in the store the weekend before Halloween (we actually colored the pictures in the car while Mommy talked to Daddy on the phone in the parking lot) and I won my age bracket! I was so excited to tell everyone!
Tuesday, Mommy brought home 2 toy catalogs and gave one to me and one to Noah. She wrote our names on them and told us to circle EVERYTHING we want for christmas. She said we won't get everything, but she can give a list to Grandma of what we want. I circled ALL THE DOLLS and girly things. Noah circled a lot of boy things, though he circled less things than I did. I can't wait for Christmas!
This week was "H" week at school. We each got to bring something that started with the letter "H" to school on Wednesday. Noah brought a HAMMER and I brought a HAT.
Wednesday, I started soo bahk do with Noah. The instructor thought that I had done karate before, but it was my first day! I did a good job keeping up with all the kids who had been in class longer. Noah still didn't pay attention sometimes - he was doing "extra stuff" as the instructor called it. Daddy was not happy about how he didn't pay attention.
We got to wear hats on Friday to school. Daddy sent our baseball hats. I thought it made me look like a boy so i didn't want to wear it, but Sue pulled my ponytail through the hole in the back and Mike told me I looked so pretty in my hat, so I wore it to school.
Friday when Mommy picked us up, we came home and played a little bit before Mommy & Daddy took us out to eat! We stopped at the bank and then drove around to a "surprise" restaurant. We had supper at the 50s grill. It was really good.
Then we went to Target. We had so much fun looking at Christmas stuff, sports equipment, toys and just having fun going up and down the aisles. We got to bed an hour late, but had a fun night!
Saturday we had volleyball. We worked on hard skills, but we just have to keep practicing.
After volleyball we picked up Daddy and went to Penco to pick up my prize. I got $10 off a $25 purchase, so we went shopping! We got a easel pack with paper, markers, chalk and erasers. It was so cool. We also got a paint by numbers for us and Daddy. It was hard to choose what I wanted with my money, but Daddy helped me choose what would be best. This way, I can use it and can also share with Noah.
I know the colors and art supplies will come in so handy! I always draw pictures at school during our free time, I color pictures in the car when we drive places. I sometimes color a picture in the time it takes to get to daycare! I also draw and color a lot at home and when I have a chance to play on the iPad.
When we left the art supply store, Daddy got a phone call that Ron & Carol had his volleyball, so we met them at Sunshine factory to eat. Then we went home to put some stuff in the truck and left to meet Daddy's cousin.
She was just moving in to her new house, so there were boxes everywhere. We got to run all over their new house - it was very nice! Hopefully we get to go back and meet her kids soon! They were gone playing with their auntie - except for one that was sick.
Then we went to the container store to look at shelves and to Best Buy to drop off our old TV and DVD player. It was a busy day, but we were happy to get home. I was very excited to use the new paper on the easel!
Today, we got up early and played quietly until church. Mommy let me have a part in the reader theater (where we read the bible story as a play in front of the Sunday School) but I was too shy to read my part. Noah was mad because he missed his line and not paying attention.
After Sunday School, we ate sandwiches and went down the the University to watch Gopher Volleyball! It was so cool! The gophers didn't play too well, but it was fun to watch everything going on. Mommy bought us some snacks, and we had to take a few trips to the drinking fountain. Noah was not paying attention a lot, so I'm not sure if Mommy & Daddy will take us to a game again this year. We really wanted to go get our picture with Goldy gopher, but we didn't get a chance. We did get to give him "5" in our seats when he was sitting near us and then again when we left the game. But, Daddy had to get home so he could go help out with a church dinner.
When Daddy left for church, Mommy raked all the leaves and let us jump in piles! We had so much fun jumping in piles, burying each other and moving leaves around.
Noah told Mommy about our superhero gang at daycare. Noah is HeroGuide - Mom thinks he's the leader of our super friends. He said his sidekicks are Rex (Grayson), SuperRex (Joey), and Superflower(Ariana). Mommy asked if I was a supervillian - but Noah said I help them and I am HeroFlower. We protect the world against SpyGuy. He's the bad guy. Noah loves to play superhero, though he also likes to play with cars if he's not pretending to be heroguide. I have played with my Barbies a little lately, but still LOVE to color!
Have a good week. Tomorrow we've picked out food to bring to school because they're having a food drive for food shelves. We're looking forward to Christmas - only 6 more weeks until it's here!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Week

We had a great Halloween!
We had a party at Sue's in the morning. Then we got to put on our costumes to wear to school. I decided to wear my Barbie dress instead of my Rapunzel. We sang songs and had a costume parade for parents. Daddy came for snacks, so he got to see us and all our friends dressed up and then we were picker-uppers. And, as a bonus for the day, I got the sharing bag so I got to bring a special toy to show off Wednesday.
After school, Daddy brought us to his cousin's house to trick or treat, then we came home to see Mommy. Daddy didn't feel good so he went to lay down while we ate burgers. We also opened up presents and cards from Aunt Dani, Lauren & Ben and Grandma Diane and Grandpa Mark. We got some new books, new socks, little toys and candy. It was so fun to open care packages! Thank you Grandma & Dani!
After dinner, Mommy did my hair and painted Spiderman on Noah's face and we got ready for trick-or-treating. I wore my Rapunzel dress to trick or treat in our neighborhood instead of the Barbie dress I'd worn. Mommy was able to get a sweater & tights under the Rapunzel dress to keep me a little warmer. When we were leaving to trick or treat, Griffin was leaving his house, so we went trick or treating with him and his family. We've trick-or-treated with them for the past few years, so it's a lot of fun. And now that we're older, we're big enough to knock on the door by ourselves while they stand back on the sidewalk. We went up and down 2 blocks on the next street over, then to the houses on our street around our place. I got cold and had to wear a sweatshirt about a block from home, but we were comfortable the rest of the night. Except, my candy got so heavy by the end of trick-or-treating, that I had to have Mommy carry it!
When we got home, we put out our pumpkins and turned on the light for trick-or-treaters to come to our place. I was so excited to hand out candy! I set a chair up in front of the door so I could be ready. Noah couldn't sit still like me, but he came over and helped hand out candy when people knocked. It was fun!
We had to turn off the light and put on our jammies at 7:30. We were exhausted but had such a fun day!
Tuesday, I woke up with a headache and had a sore throat by the end of the day. I even got up at 10 and at 1 because I was coughing so hard, my temperature was warm and I didn't feel good. Mommy and Daddy cuddled with me in the big chair to make me feel better. I got up Wednesday when Daddy woke me at 10am. I felt better but he said I was sick so I could stay home all day with him.
Thursday, I felt better so I went to Sue's and then dance class. It was a good day!
Mornings have been tough to get up, though. Mommy & Daddy have been waking us up at 8 to go to Sue's. Friday when Daddy woke us, Noah rolled over and said "I want my cardboard back!". We used to have cardboard over our window to make it dark in our room, but that fell off a couple of weeks ago. It's still dark, but Mommy & Daddy can open the curtains to the sunrise now.
Saturday, Mommy had a volleyball tournament all day. She left long before we got up and came home after we went to sleep. We had a fun day with Daddy. He took us to volleyball, then came home to mow the lawn and clean up the yard. We had a fun day just hanging out and playing at home.
Today, we got up, played and went to Sunday School. It was the first time in a while that Noah went to class after large group and didn't pout about something. Mommy was happy about that!
After Sunday School, we went to the VFW to eat. We LOVE the VFW. And, it was even better because Amy from church and her daughter Sophie came. Sophie and I had fun sitting next to each other because we laughed, colored and had a lot of fun! It was too windy for airplanes to be flying, so we missed out on that. But it was really cool to eat with a friend!
After church, we went home and played quietly at home for the afternoon. We watched football with Daddy and worked on Christmas Lists. Mommy put a ToysRUs app on her iPad that we're making our lists on. Mommy and I ran to Target to pick up lettuce for supper while Noah worked on his list and Daddy made supper. We checked out the Halloween sales, bought some costumes and fun stuff, picked up doggie treats and a toy for my birthday. Unfortunately, we took too long and were late for dinner. We had fun shopping, though!
Look at Noah's hair. He wanted spikes after our bath. He decided he likes the spikes. His hair is getting long, so he's got some spikey hair!
It got to be late, though, when we went to bed. I was so tired. The day seemed long and it got dark early for some reason. It was strange. Daddy was resetting clocks this morning - something about daylight savings.
Mommy said we get to start decorating for Christmas in a couple of weeks! I'm so excited about that! We love Christmas.
I'm working on reading, too. Sometimes I get frustrated because it's hard to sound out words - a lot of words are really tricky! But, I'm learning and trying to read. Noah is still reading everything he can - street signs, business signs when we go places, books. He even reads books silently to himself, which is really hard when you can't hear yourself sound out words. He has also been doing a good job with learning to write his letters.
Whew! I'm tired tonight. Have a good week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's almost Halloween! We're so excited!
We had a full week of school.
Tuesday, I got a package in the mail. I opened it up and it was a new uniform for soo bahk do! I was so excited! I tried it on right away. It was a little bit big, but I'll grow into it. The best part was when I put my belt on.
I got to wear it to soo bahk do on Wednesday. I even broke a board!
Thursday, Hannah had dance. She got to wear her new Minnie Mouse dress, so she was very excited.
Saturday was a busy day. We started our volleyball class in the morning. Then we went to Cub where they had treats and face painting. We both got pumpkins on our faces - mine was orange and Hannah's was pink. Then, we went home for dinner before running errands. Mom took us to an art store where we got to draw on some easels, then we colored some pictures for a coloring contest. After that, Mommy took us to a craft store and then we ran to our friends Dylan & Trevor's house to see Daddy. He showed us the Haunted house he was building. It wasn't too scary in the daylight. We didn't stay too long because we had to go home and get our costumes on! Mommy painted my face (she didn't like my Spiderman mask so she told me she'd paint my face instead.) and she did Hannah's hair like Rapunzel. When we got back to Dylan & Trevor's, there were lots of kids there! We had some food, played a little and then were told we could go through the haunted house. It was too dark down in the basement, so I didn't go. Mommy took Hannah and said it was scary. She got scared a couple of times, even though Daddy said they weren't going to try to scare us. We even got to climb the new climbing wall in the garage, too. It was so fun! But, we were so tired when Mommy and Daddy took us home. We stayed awake all the way home and hardly had the energy to brush our teeth when we got home.
This morning, we slept a little late before we went to Sunday School and church. I wanted to go to the nursery during church, but Mom and Dad let us sit in the back of the church so we could read & color during the service.
Sunday afternoon, we had quiet time before coming out to play outside. It was cold, so after Daddy cleaned out our pumpkins, we played inside and made a cake for daddy's work. After supper, we took really fast baths so we could carve our pumpkins! We each chose a face for our own pumpkin and Mommy carved it out. It was so cool!
Monday was Halloween. It was a very busy but very fun day! We'll write about it next week.
Happy Halloween!