Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's almost Halloween! We're so excited!
We had a full week of school.
Tuesday, I got a package in the mail. I opened it up and it was a new uniform for soo bahk do! I was so excited! I tried it on right away. It was a little bit big, but I'll grow into it. The best part was when I put my belt on.
I got to wear it to soo bahk do on Wednesday. I even broke a board!
Thursday, Hannah had dance. She got to wear her new Minnie Mouse dress, so she was very excited.
Saturday was a busy day. We started our volleyball class in the morning. Then we went to Cub where they had treats and face painting. We both got pumpkins on our faces - mine was orange and Hannah's was pink. Then, we went home for dinner before running errands. Mom took us to an art store where we got to draw on some easels, then we colored some pictures for a coloring contest. After that, Mommy took us to a craft store and then we ran to our friends Dylan & Trevor's house to see Daddy. He showed us the Haunted house he was building. It wasn't too scary in the daylight. We didn't stay too long because we had to go home and get our costumes on! Mommy painted my face (she didn't like my Spiderman mask so she told me she'd paint my face instead.) and she did Hannah's hair like Rapunzel. When we got back to Dylan & Trevor's, there were lots of kids there! We had some food, played a little and then were told we could go through the haunted house. It was too dark down in the basement, so I didn't go. Mommy took Hannah and said it was scary. She got scared a couple of times, even though Daddy said they weren't going to try to scare us. We even got to climb the new climbing wall in the garage, too. It was so fun! But, we were so tired when Mommy and Daddy took us home. We stayed awake all the way home and hardly had the energy to brush our teeth when we got home.
This morning, we slept a little late before we went to Sunday School and church. I wanted to go to the nursery during church, but Mom and Dad let us sit in the back of the church so we could read & color during the service.
Sunday afternoon, we had quiet time before coming out to play outside. It was cold, so after Daddy cleaned out our pumpkins, we played inside and made a cake for daddy's work. After supper, we took really fast baths so we could carve our pumpkins! We each chose a face for our own pumpkin and Mommy carved it out. It was so cool!
Monday was Halloween. It was a very busy but very fun day! We'll write about it next week.
Happy Halloween!

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