Sunday, August 28, 2011

Muddy Buddies

Monday, daycare was closed so we stayed home with Mommy and she made Noah a quillow...a blanket that folds into a quilt. Mine is next! He liked his - it was pretty cool. I can't wait until she's done with mine! It's gong to be beautiful.

Thursday was tie-dye day. We look forward to this every year. It's so awesome! We both decided we wanted swirl designs. We got to pick our own colors and dye our own shirts. Sadly, we didn't get to take them home until Friday. But, Friday when Mommy picked us up and we were so proud to show off our new shirts! We decided we want to wear them to the state fair.

Friday after daycare, we were only home a few minutes before Mommy told us we were going to a town up north to pick up Daddy and have supper. We drove past a big lake on our way to Perkins to meet Daddy. He met someone with Mommy's old car. The girl Daddy talked to bought Mommy's old car and we brought Daddy home.

Saturday, we got to watch Rapunzel on the Wii and play at home most of the day. It was a good day to just sit at home and play. It was very nice out, so we got to eat outside twice.

Mommy asked us if we wanted to run in a race with a mud pit - I was SO excited. Especially after seeing the video of it! Noah said he wanted to until after the video - then he said he wasn't going to do it. But, we have to go pick up Mommy, whether we do the mud race or not.

Today, Mommy got up really early to pick up Lars and go to their muddy buddy run. Later, Juanita picked up Daddy and us and brought us to the race. They finished before we got there to see them, but they were covered in mud when we got there to see them! I didn't want to touch Mommy. But, Daddy got us registered for the kid's race. I was so excited to run through the mud pit. After waiting a while, we got to the starting line. Noah was so excited - he was yelling "let's get muddy!" "I can't wait to get to the mud!" The announcers who were starting us were holding the microphone up to Noah for him to talk because he was so excited! Daddy said Noah was getting the crowd pumped up, too! He asked Noah and me to say our names & ages in the microphone before we started.

Finally, it was time to start the race. We had to run through a muddy field for a short distance and Noah lost his shoe! I climbed over the 4-ft wall then waited for Noah to put his shoe back on. Then, we ran under a sawhorse and through old tires. When we got to the mud pit, that's where I wasn't so sure I wanted to finish. I realized it was really squishy - The mud around the mud pit was squishy. And once Mommy convinced me to come in the mudpit, I got stuck! Mommy had to pull me out and carry my over the flags we were supposed to crawl under. She put me down but I was stuck again. She ended up carrying me through all the flags. I didn't mind being muddy as much as I minded being stuck in the cold, squishy mud up to my knees.

Noah jumped in the mud pit more readily, though he hesitated at first when he got to the mud. He ducked under the flags - he didn't crawl. But, he ran through all by himself. There was a guy squirting a fire hose at all the people in the mud pit. When Noah got sprayed, he turned around and held out his hands for the guy with the hose to wash his dirty, muddy hands. He said people laughed at him, and he wanted them to stop laughing, but Mom said they were laughing because they thought it was very cute.

Noah waited for us when he finished the mud pit and we all ran through the finish line together. We got our own muddy buddy medals (they're rubbery - mom says that's so we can't hurt each other with them.) They're on ribbons that go around our necks and everything. We also got shirts. It's so cool!

We walked around a little and found Lars and his boys, then went to wash off. That's where I started to hate it. They didn't have warm baths - they had cold hoses to wash off. And, there were so many people, water was squirting in my eyes. I was cold, had water in my eyes and all wet. I just wanted a towel, but Mommy had to run back to the car to get it.

Once Mommy ran back to the truck to get the towels, I was better. Noah and I got dried off, put on clean, dry clothes with a warm sweatshirt and had a snack. It was a fun day - lots of people cheered us on and told us how cool we were for finishing the mini-muddy-buddy race. I don't know if I'll do it again, but it was kind of fun. Noah had fun, too, but I don't know if he'll do it again either.

Before we went home, Mommy drove a big truck on an obstacle course. We got to ride in the back seat with her! She drove on some really bumpy ground - sometimes we only had 2 wheels on the ground. She drove over logs and rocks, up a muddy, slimy hill and down the sandy, squishy hill. It was really fun.

We got to ride home with Dylan & Trevor, so we watched Spiderman in the car. That was awesome. We met Mom & Dad at Red Robin for dinner, then went to Dylan & Trevor's so Dad could drop off Lars' bike. It was a good, fun day but we were exhausted. Tomorrow, Mommy and Daddy are going to let us bring our medals to daycare to show our friends. Then, later in the week we're going on vacation.

I'm sad we have to leave Cheyenne at a kennel and she won't be able to go with us on vacation. I cried when Mom said she had to go to a puppy hotel, but Mom & Dad said she'll have fun and we will get to see her shortly after we drop her off.

Have a good week! I know we will. We're looking forward to Angie coming tomorrow and going to the State Fair with us on Tuesday. Yay!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun in the Sun

We enjoyed such a nice week of weather. We were able to get outside every day at daycare -sometimes TWICE in a day.

Monday night, Mommy took us to the fabric store to buy fabric to make blankets out of. I picked out fireman fabric and Hannah wanted stripes.

Wednesday night, we played with our vehicles (police truck and fire engine) in the backyard. We were bummed to have to go in!

Friday, we got to stay home and hang out with Daddy. We played outside all afternoon. We were hungry by the time Mommy finally came home!

Yesterday, we went to Mama G's for the whole day while Mommy played volleyball. Daddy didn't get to play because his shoulder is still healing. We got there early in the morning before the tournament started and got to see our friends - Anika, Piper, Deion and Nicholas. We played with our friends, watched a couple of movies and played iPad games in the morning.

Right before lunch, Hannah fell and hit her head so she had a giant bump on her head. She cried a lot, but she was still hungry for pizza and cheese bread when Daddy bought it. Yum! Restaurant food on the patio.
It was a fun day - we knew a lot of the people in the tournament. Afterwords, we got to run and play in the sand - and I played with the hose. I even climbed up in the ref stand. Mommy told me I was cute and took a picture because I climbed up the ladder, sat on the ref seat, put my fingers in my mouth and made a noise like I was whistling. It must be so cool to be a ref and sit up so high!

We got home and pulled out some reading tool stuff that Mommy & Daddy bought. It included these weird plastic things that Mommy called cassettes. She put it in the radio and it played music just like a CD. She even had a book to go along with it. It was pretty cool. She even had an electronic pen and some cards to go with it, too. So, we could play matching games on the cards and then pen made happy noises when we were right and buzzed when we were wrong. When we finished that, we had a delicious steak dinner that Daddy prepared. We were sure tired by the time we fell asleep for the night!

Today, we got up and watched a movie until Daddy said we were going to the zoo! At first, we just rode all the rides we wanted to. We rode the frog hopper (that was our favorite - it was so fun!) the fire truck ride, the teacups, the train, the swings and the driving school. Then we went to see all the animals in the zoo.
I was a little hesitant about seeing the lions, but they were sleeping safely in their cage so I was OK. We got to eat restaurant food in the zoo while we watched them get ready for a show in the amphitheater. There was a pig, bunnies and a goose on stage!
After we saw all the animals and played in the kids area for a little while, we went back to ride a few rides and went home. Daddy thought we would fall asleep, especially since I accidentally woke up Hannah when I woke up early and turned on the light to read early this morning. But, we didn't fall asleep!

We got home and had our cotton candy (our reward for being good). Yummy! We played for a little while. I went to the auto parts store with Mommy to get a spark plug to help Daddy fix the lawn mower. Then, Mommy took Hannah and I to a bike path to ride on. It was very nice - it was flat, paved and no cars were on it, so we could have the whole trail to ourselves. We still ran into each other a couple of times. And, my training wheels kept shifting so my bike would fall over while Hannah's feet would slip off her pedals, her feet would slip off the pedals and she would fall. So, we didn't make it all the way to the end before we got tired and went home, but Mom said we can go again. It was really great practice to ride our bikes.

It's been an exhausting weekend. We've eaten all our meals outside this weekend because it's been so nice. But since it's so nice, we've been playing a lot between meals. Maybe tomorrow we'll just stay home and hang out.

Have a good week!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Fun

We've had a couple of busy weekends that have been so much fun!

A couple of weeks ago on a Monday, there was a big storm and the power went out at our place. So, Daddy said we could go to a restaurant. I love restaurants. I wanted McDonald's, but he said there was a new pizza place so we tried it. It was so awesome! There was a train that went around the restaurant above people's heads. It went around the restaurant, into the kitchen and back out into the dining area. We loved watching it! It was so cool that we had a hard time sitting still and eating our pizza.

Last weekend, we stayed home with Daddy on Friday, then picked up mommy for lunch and a mexican restaurant. After lunch, we got to go to Ron & Carol's Sandbox to play. Mom & Dad played volleyball (it was the first time Daddy could play since before his surgery in May, so he was very excited) while we played in the yard with 2 boys who were there. Our favorite part is playing on the court when the adults take a break between games.

Saturday, we got up and drove a long ways to Great Grandma's lake cabin. (Daddy was sick, so we went with Mommy.) A bunch of Mommy's cousins were there so there were lots of kids to play with. After we ate lunch, we swam ALL AFTERNOON! It was such a nice day. Angie took us on jetski rides, Mommy, Angie and some cousins went waterskiing, Noah went tubing with the boys, and I played in the water with other kids. We got out of the water because the rain started to POUR down on us. We got dried off and got dressed just in time for pizza ranch pizza. We were so hungry, we ate a lot! I even ate fruit, a breadstick, a piece of pepperoni pizza and a dessert pizza. We had such a great day that we fell fast asleep on the way home to see Daddy.

Sunday, we got up and got ready for another party. Mommy's work had a picnic, so we went to play games, bounce in the bounce house, run the inflatable obstacle course, and eat picnic food. We even got cotton candy. I loved it. It was so delicious! Noah got a blue sno-cone. He loved it, but spilled blue all over his shirt. We had a fun day, but were tired and ready to go home after a couple of hours.

Monday we didn't have daycare, so we stayed home and hung out with Mommy. We got to visit Daddy's office for lunch - he took us to a yummy place that had grilled cheese, fries, burgers and awesome shakes. After we got home and played a while, we decided we wanted to go to the pool. We hadn't been to the pool (except for lessons) all year, so it was really fun! Mommy ran into a friend of ours from ECFE class that we used to go to when we were little, so we got to stay a little later while she talked. But we got home, showered and got to bed quickly because we were tired kids!

It was a nice week - we finally got to go outside a lot this week. We were looking forward to our family's visit all week. We knew they were going to come Friday.

Saturday morning, we got up and woke up Grandma and Grandpa. We were so happy to see them! Angie was at our house, too. And, Ben, Lauren, Dani & Jason came to our place while we were getting ready for pictures. Mom said she was unhappy with Noah because he was jumping off the clubhouse and fell so he scraped his arm up and knocked his eye so it was a little bit red & swollen before picture day. But, he said his eye didn't hurt. It looked OK for our pictures. She wasn't too mad, but told him he had to be more careful and stop doing dangerous things when she told him to. Sometimes Mom takes away all the fun stuff we want to do - she makes us stop because she said we could get hurt. We tried to smile and be good for pictures, but it was hard because we were so rushed. It wasn't our best day at the photo studio but Mom said it was OK. We still did a very good job. Every day can't be our best day. Grandma was so happy to have all of her family together for pictures.

After pictures, we came home to play with our cousins and eat lunch. We had a great time dressing up in costumes, playing house and playing with our toys. After dinner, we headed out to a museum. We didn't get to spend a lot of time at the museum, but it was awesome. They had real trains and toy trains. We could to into the real trains, we got a tour of the old, broken down trains that they were fixing up. It was soo cool. They had a roundhouse that Mommy said was like Thomas - the track moved so each train could go in their little bedroom in the garage at night. We didn't get to see any trains move, but maybe we can come back and see it when they're giving train rides. Dad's friend Ted & Jeremy were even there, though we didn't spend much time with them because we were busy playing with our cousins. We explored all the trains - coach trains, dining trains, crew trains and trains that people slept in - they even had trains with bathrooms in them, though the bathrooms looked old.
Lauren got to ride home for supper with us and Noah rode home with Ben. After supper, we put on a talent show (we each did a flip on our gymnastics bar with Lauren's help) and had a bonfire. We had marshmallows, s'mores and hung out with our whole family. It got crazy because after we had s'mores, Mommy, Daddy, Dani & Angie started playing volleyball and then Lauren, Ben, Noah and me played volleyball with Grandpa. Dani, Angie & Mommy even did some gymnastics in our backyard. It was a crazy night, but we were tired and ready to fall asleep when we went to bed at nine.

Today, Lauren & Ben came over again and we just played all day. We dressed up like superheros, princesses and transformers. (OK, the boys were transformers - Lauren & I were princesses and superheros). We played in the tents, on the swings, with our zhu zhu was a full day! We were sad to see them go, but they had to get home. We had such a fun weekend!

We're ready to get to Sue's again tomorrow.

We'll get back to our regular schedule again.
Noah will be a superhero (he always says "When there's trouble, I begin to heroguide!" He fights against the badguy, spy guy.) And I will be a mommy to my babies. Mom said the pool is closed now. That's such a bummer. We'll just have to fill our own little pool back up.

We can't wait for school to start! Mom said it will start in 3 weeks. We can't wait!

Have a good week.