Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Fun

We've had a couple of busy weekends that have been so much fun!

A couple of weeks ago on a Monday, there was a big storm and the power went out at our place. So, Daddy said we could go to a restaurant. I love restaurants. I wanted McDonald's, but he said there was a new pizza place so we tried it. It was so awesome! There was a train that went around the restaurant above people's heads. It went around the restaurant, into the kitchen and back out into the dining area. We loved watching it! It was so cool that we had a hard time sitting still and eating our pizza.

Last weekend, we stayed home with Daddy on Friday, then picked up mommy for lunch and a mexican restaurant. After lunch, we got to go to Ron & Carol's Sandbox to play. Mom & Dad played volleyball (it was the first time Daddy could play since before his surgery in May, so he was very excited) while we played in the yard with 2 boys who were there. Our favorite part is playing on the court when the adults take a break between games.

Saturday, we got up and drove a long ways to Great Grandma's lake cabin. (Daddy was sick, so we went with Mommy.) A bunch of Mommy's cousins were there so there were lots of kids to play with. After we ate lunch, we swam ALL AFTERNOON! It was such a nice day. Angie took us on jetski rides, Mommy, Angie and some cousins went waterskiing, Noah went tubing with the boys, and I played in the water with other kids. We got out of the water because the rain started to POUR down on us. We got dried off and got dressed just in time for pizza ranch pizza. We were so hungry, we ate a lot! I even ate fruit, a breadstick, a piece of pepperoni pizza and a dessert pizza. We had such a great day that we fell fast asleep on the way home to see Daddy.

Sunday, we got up and got ready for another party. Mommy's work had a picnic, so we went to play games, bounce in the bounce house, run the inflatable obstacle course, and eat picnic food. We even got cotton candy. I loved it. It was so delicious! Noah got a blue sno-cone. He loved it, but spilled blue all over his shirt. We had a fun day, but were tired and ready to go home after a couple of hours.

Monday we didn't have daycare, so we stayed home and hung out with Mommy. We got to visit Daddy's office for lunch - he took us to a yummy place that had grilled cheese, fries, burgers and awesome shakes. After we got home and played a while, we decided we wanted to go to the pool. We hadn't been to the pool (except for lessons) all year, so it was really fun! Mommy ran into a friend of ours from ECFE class that we used to go to when we were little, so we got to stay a little later while she talked. But we got home, showered and got to bed quickly because we were tired kids!

It was a nice week - we finally got to go outside a lot this week. We were looking forward to our family's visit all week. We knew they were going to come Friday.

Saturday morning, we got up and woke up Grandma and Grandpa. We were so happy to see them! Angie was at our house, too. And, Ben, Lauren, Dani & Jason came to our place while we were getting ready for pictures. Mom said she was unhappy with Noah because he was jumping off the clubhouse and fell so he scraped his arm up and knocked his eye so it was a little bit red & swollen before picture day. But, he said his eye didn't hurt. It looked OK for our pictures. She wasn't too mad, but told him he had to be more careful and stop doing dangerous things when she told him to. Sometimes Mom takes away all the fun stuff we want to do - she makes us stop because she said we could get hurt. We tried to smile and be good for pictures, but it was hard because we were so rushed. It wasn't our best day at the photo studio but Mom said it was OK. We still did a very good job. Every day can't be our best day. Grandma was so happy to have all of her family together for pictures.

After pictures, we came home to play with our cousins and eat lunch. We had a great time dressing up in costumes, playing house and playing with our toys. After dinner, we headed out to a museum. We didn't get to spend a lot of time at the museum, but it was awesome. They had real trains and toy trains. We could to into the real trains, we got a tour of the old, broken down trains that they were fixing up. It was soo cool. They had a roundhouse that Mommy said was like Thomas - the track moved so each train could go in their little bedroom in the garage at night. We didn't get to see any trains move, but maybe we can come back and see it when they're giving train rides. Dad's friend Ted & Jeremy were even there, though we didn't spend much time with them because we were busy playing with our cousins. We explored all the trains - coach trains, dining trains, crew trains and trains that people slept in - they even had trains with bathrooms in them, though the bathrooms looked old.
Lauren got to ride home for supper with us and Noah rode home with Ben. After supper, we put on a talent show (we each did a flip on our gymnastics bar with Lauren's help) and had a bonfire. We had marshmallows, s'mores and hung out with our whole family. It got crazy because after we had s'mores, Mommy, Daddy, Dani & Angie started playing volleyball and then Lauren, Ben, Noah and me played volleyball with Grandpa. Dani, Angie & Mommy even did some gymnastics in our backyard. It was a crazy night, but we were tired and ready to fall asleep when we went to bed at nine.

Today, Lauren & Ben came over again and we just played all day. We dressed up like superheros, princesses and transformers. (OK, the boys were transformers - Lauren & I were princesses and superheros). We played in the tents, on the swings, with our zhu zhu was a full day! We were sad to see them go, but they had to get home. We had such a fun weekend!

We're ready to get to Sue's again tomorrow.

We'll get back to our regular schedule again.
Noah will be a superhero (he always says "When there's trouble, I begin to heroguide!" He fights against the badguy, spy guy.) And I will be a mommy to my babies. Mom said the pool is closed now. That's such a bummer. We'll just have to fill our own little pool back up.

We can't wait for school to start! Mom said it will start in 3 weeks. We can't wait!

Have a good week.


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