Sunday, September 23, 2012

Busy weekend of parties & playdates

Three weeks into school and we still love it!

Last weekend was super exciting for us! Mommy and Daddy went to Chicago for a trip. While they were gone, Angie came to take care of us. She picked us up from the bus and brought us home. Saturday morning, Grandma & Grandpa were at our house! They took us to the big playground to play and they took us to the library on Saturday. Sunday, they took us to Sunday School and we did a scavenger hunt! Noah was especially proud of himself because he went back behind the stage EVEN when Ryan told him not to, and he found a missing clue. I was really proud when I found a missing clue that all the other kids missed - EVEN Grandma missed it. It was up high but I saw it before anyone else. After Sunday School, they took us to the VFW for lunch.

Mommy & Daddy came home just in time to take us & Angie to Subway for supper. They had fun on their trip, and we had fun with Angie, Grandpa & Grandma.

Wednesday was our last week of karate. Daddy was a little mad at Noah. He didn't want to go to karate, but after class he was excited about it and wanted to go back! We have gymnastics class for the next 2 months, so we'll be done with karate for a little while now. I'm really excited for gymnastics class!

Thursday night was a really busy night. I started my first night of dance. I LOVE dance!! I went to my class and started learning the dance, then when I was done, Daddy talked to the teacher and decided that I should be in the 2nd class, not the beginner class. So, I got to stay and dance for another half hour class. All my dancemates were in that class - Abbey, Ava, Alexis and a lot of other girls who danced with me last year. We're going to dance to 101 dalmations. It's going to be so awesome!

We went home and Daddy left right away for volleyball and Megan came to babysit us. We LOVE Megan. After Daddy left, Sue came to see us. She brought Track to see us, too AND she brought us Dairy Queen. We love Sue! We missed her so much, so it was great to give her a big hug!

Yesterday was a really busy day for us! After lunch, Noah & Daddy played football in the frontyard while I got dressed for a birthday party.

They were playing football while they waited for our friend Grayson picked up Noah for a playdate at the Works Museum at 1 o'clock. Shortly after that, Mommy brought me to a birthday party for my new classmate Cassandra. All the girls in my class were invited, so there were a lot of new friends there that I got to know better. It was so awesome! It was a rainbow theme party, so we got rainbow favors, butterfly tattoos, rainbow cake, painted rainbows on our faces and colored rainbow pictures.

Noah & Mommy picked me up and Noah told me some of the fun things he and Noah did at the museum before they had McDonald's ice cream cones and came to get me. When we got home, we changed to warmer clothes and left for a party with Daddy's volleyball team.

The party with Daddy's team was fun, too! We carved pumpkins, played football, played on a tire swing, had yummy food, had a war with Nerf guns, watched a movie and played hard! We didn't leave until 10:30, so we fell asleep on the way home. We were so tired!

Mommy turned our alarm clocks off, so we slept in until 8 o'clock. Then we got ready for Sunday School. We're getting really good at saying the Lord's Prayer.

After church, we went home and had spaghetti noodles for lunch. We were excited to pick up Grayson & bring him to see Madagascar 3 in the movie theater. We picked up Grayson & got to the movie theater right when the movie started. We had popcorn & lemonade and LOTS of laughs! It was an awesome movie! After the movie, Grayson came to play for a little while before we brought him home.

What a fun weekend! This week, we have picture day at school, and no school on Friday. Next weekend, Daddy said we're going to the cabin for the weekend, so we're looking forward to that!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We're OFFICALLY Kindergarteners now.

We've been in school every day, all day for over a week now! There are some challenges, but overall we LOVE IT!

My teacher is Ms Wold. I love her - she's awesome. I have 21 other kids in my class. Hannah is right next door to me with Ms. Leismaki. We can sometimes see each other during class because our classrooms are connected and the wall isn't closed all the way between our classrooms.

We have Spanish every day, so we're learning Espaniol. We alternate between music, art & gym class every day and have technology on Mondays in the computer lab. We're learning a lot every day.

We get on the bus at 8:14 every day. It's a challenge to get out of the house at 8 o'clock like Mom & Dad like to do, but so far, we've done it every day! We're used to taking our time to get to daycare because Sue didn't care when we got there. We've had a couple of rough mornings but we've had some good days, too.

The weekend before school, we went to the lake cabin for what may be our last cabin visit this year. Our whole family was there, so we got to play with our cousins, see aunts, Grandma & Grandpa, play in the dirt, fish & swim. The weather was kind of icky on the day we left, so Mommy painted our faces and we made suncatchers. I made a planet with glow in the dark stars and Hannah made a butterfly.

We did come home a day early so we could go to Ron & Carol's for a party the day before school. We got to see lots of friends and play outside on a really nice day. but, we had to leave kind of early so we could get ready for school the next day.

The whole week before school started was a busy one, too!

The Friday before school, we had eye doctor appointments. We were really good for the doctor and her assistant. We didn't need to get glasses but we did get stickers because we were soo good.

The Wednesday before school was our Open House at Beacon! It was so busy!! WE went to our classrooms to drop off our school supplies (so we didn't have to bring all our supplies on the first day.) and meet our teachers and see our classrooms. We went to mine first, then Hannah's. We each had to do a checklist that helped us get used to our new classroom and write our names down so other kids could see who we are.

We also met some of our other teachers. Mr Reed, the technology teacher was my favorite because he had Lego Robots! We won't get to play with them, though because they're for older kids. He runs a technology club that gets to build Lego Robots. They're SOO COOL! We also met our art teacher, Mr. Kehrer, our music teacher Ms. Scott and our Spanish teacher, Senora Hann.  She had lots of books I know, but they were in Spanish. I'm looking forward to learning to read the Hungry Caterpillar and The Giving Tree in Spanish.

The Tuesday before school was our trip to the State Fair. Angie came the night before the fair so she could go with us too. We LOVE the State Fair. We always start out looking at the baby animal barn, then go to the other barns. We spent a lot of time at the Moo booth, though, so we didn't have time to go to chicken, pig, horse or any other barns. But, we got to pet a baby calf, saw them milk cows and spun the moo-lette wheel. We both also got to be in the butter carving contest! It was NOT what I expected. I carved a picture of a smily face in the side of my butter, but other people actually carved their butter into SHAPES! Mommy helped me make my butter into Lightning McQueen and I won 4th place. Mommy helped Hannah make a car out of her butter, and she got 6th place.

We got to ride the Space Needle and go REALLY high to see all around the state fairgrounds. We wanted to go on the Skyride but never got to go on it. We also rode a bunch of rides at the kidway - we flew like superman, drove a racecar, did a funhouse maze and of COURSE we did the slide! We also played basketball, plinko, hockey and lacrosse at the Fan Central, met some RollerGirls (Mommy works with a RollerGirl). We ate LOTS of yummy food - cheese curds, ice cream, a slushy, elephant ear, lemonade. We wanted to go the Rope Course with some Boy Scouts but we weren't QUITE tall enough. They did have a rope bridge that we got to do. It was SO COOL, even though it was kinda scarey.

Our favorite part is always the little farmhands. we checked out an old tractor, fed chickens, drove tractors, planted "seeds", gathered eggs & vegetables, milked a cow (we'd been looking most forward to that all day!) and then got "paid" for all our work on the farm. We bought apples with our "pay". We love apples, so it was worth all the hard work. :-)

The Monday before we went to the fair was the start of our last week at daycare. We had a BIG beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to Sue. She loved them.

Daddy is bummed now that school has started because he says summer is over. We've still been really busy even though school has started.

We're still doing karate on Wednesdays, though we will take a break from that to try gymnastics soon. I only like sparring, so I'm happy to take a break from karate class.

This last weekend, Sunday school started! The Friday before Sunday School, our church had a party so we got to see a lot of our Sunday School Friends again. It was fun to see them, but it was also fun to go to the church party. They had a bouncy house, food, a magician, fish pond and a pirate booty prize game.

The next day, we went to an open house at the fire station. We got to check out the Air Ambulance that flies patients to the hospital. We even got to sit in the pilots seat AND in the back! It was really cool. They had lots of fun stuff there - hoses, fire extinguisher demonstrations, a bouncy house with a SLIDE, the trucks, companion dogs and other things. We couldn't stay long, though because we had to go to the Diva Stud Party! We left right after the helicopter took off and flew away. That was cool!

The Diva Stud Party was awesome! There were more kids than adults, so it was a blast for us! (And, of course, there was lot of yummy FOOD, too!)Mommy & Daddy played volleyball, we got to play on the court, too. We also got to stay for the bonfire and do s'mores. It was such a fun night!

The next day was the first day of Sunday School. We found out that TJ & Penney won't be our teachers, so we're bummed. But, Mommy & Daddy ARE going to be our teachers!

It's been a really busy and fun few weeks. This weekend I'm looking forward to Angie coming! Mommy &Daddy are going on a trip because they've been married for 10 years and Angie is going to come to our house and watch us. I'm going to do WORD PUZZLES with her on Saturday. I can hardly wait! it's going to be so great.

Have a good week!