Sunday, September 22, 2013

April & May

It's been a busy few months!
In April, Mom & Dad started working on projects, packing and cleaning to try to sell our house so we can move into a new house. So, our summer has been really busy with projects around home. We've still managed to have some fun at home, despite how busy they've been.
April started out our spring break. We took a trip to the zoo for a day. We saw a lot of things - it was a chilly day, but really fun! We saw the farm babies, played on the playground, saw wolves, fish, monkeys and lots of other animals. We also got to ride the tram. We spent a few days at Sue's, and another day hanging out at home.

We also got a visit from our cousins. Lauren & Ben haven't been to our place in almost 2 years, so it was fun to play with them! Grandma & Grandpa had Lauren & Ben for the weekend and came up to help Mom & Dad on the house. So, we enjoyed getting to play with our cousins.

We also FINALLY learned to play Battleship. Noah has been wanting to play Battleship for a long time, so Daddy taught us to play. It was a fun game, though it was challenging and we still have a lot to learn.

Mommy went on a trip to Florida for work the last weekend of April, and while she was gone we got ANOTHER snowstorm! We had two or three big snowstorms in April when we were hoping to get some sun. We did enjoy our snow, though, despite being tired of all the snow we've had this year.

April also ended with Hannah's dance recital. Noah loved watching her dance, and Hannah loved dancing. It was a fun recital! We were proud of Hannah.

In April, we started tennis class. We had a small tennis class (only 4 of us!) but the teacher was great. And, we love tennis! It's a fun sport.

May was a busy month, with school programs, end of the year field trips, daddy's birthday and mother's day. We took field trips to 2 places: The Minnesota Zoo and the Children's Museum. They were so much fun!

Through the month, Mom & Dad took ALL the carpet out of the house on the main floor. It was so different! Then we packed up a bunch of the stuff in the house so someone could come in and redo the floor. Sadly, that meant Cheyenne couldn't stay here. We were so sad that Daddy had to bring Cheyenne to stay with Grandma & Grandpa while the floors were done. We're really going to miss our doggie! Poor Cheyenne.

Though we missed Cheyenne, we were looking forward to not staying in our rooms for a few days. When the guy came in to work on our floor, we had to clear out our bedroom. The night before we had to be out of our house, our room was cleared out and we stayed in the rompus room. It was really cool! And it was really strange to have NO FURNITURE in the bedrooms, hallway and living room.

Mom & Dad planned a night for us at our friends Trevor & Dylan's house, then they got us a hotel with a pool for one night. After the hotel, we got to sleep upstairs for a few days. We really looked forward to that.

April & May were busy...we'll write more soon about June, July, August & September.