Sunday, October 14, 2012

What a week!

Wednesday, we had an assembly at school with some University of Minnesota athletes who talked to us about bullies. I was even in the video that they made! For the first time this year, we didn't have to wear uniforms to school! We got to wear jeans and everyone got orange t-shirts from the school. It was a pretty good day!

Thursday after Hannah's dance class, we had our Amazing Athletes Class. Mommy got to bring us to class! She saw us do our warmups, play basketball and tennis. One more week of class! Coach told us that next week, we're going to play football and lacrosse.

After Amazing Athletes, we went home to change because Daddy got us new babysitters! Mommy & Daddy play volleyball on Thursdays. Megan was supposed to watch us, but something happened and she doesn't come anymore. Too bad. We miss Sue.

Daddy brought TWINS to babysit us this week! Only one will usually come on Thursdays, but this time both Hannah and Rachel came to watch us. They're 13 and go to Beacon Academy. They drew with us a little bit before we went to bed. It was pretty fun! We're looking forward to them coming to babysit us again.

Friday morning, we got to go to the dentist. We like going to camp smile (our dentist), though we didn't get there in time to play on the "bus" in the waiting room very long before going in. I got a good report! But, Hannah has some cavities and she has to go back.

We got to school about 15 minutes late because of the dentist, so we had to get passes from the office to go back to class. But, we forgot our backpacks in Mommy's car! Oops! But, it was OK.

We both got ALL P's (Proficient) on our "Peek at My Week" reports from our teachers. And, Daddy said he got test results in the mail for tests we took in September. We both got really high scores for reading - daddy said we were in the 99th percentile for test takers. We were really high for math, too.

Saturday, Mommy went to a volleyball tournament with the Divas while we got in the car and drove to Iowa for Daddy's cousin's wedding. We got to the hotel in time to swim for a little while. Then we got ready and went to the wedding. We picked up Grandpa Bob at his hotel, so we got to ride to the wedding with him. At the wedding, we got to play with Lauren & Kennedy - they're dad's cousin's girls who are about our age, live close to us and are fun!

Mommy called us before we went to bed, so we got to tell her good night. But, I had a hard time sleeping because it was raining, thundering and lightning all night.

This morning, we picked up Grandpa Bob and went to Daddy's aunt & uncle's house to play with cousins and have breakfast before we got in the car and drove home.

We were happy to be home. Mommy worked on my Halloween costume after her tournament yesterday, so I'm excited for that! It's almost done!

Have a good week! We've got a short week at school this week.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Fall Activities

It's really getting cold outside! Fall is really here.

A week and a half ago, we had picture day at school. Mommy curled my hair and combed Noah's nice for picture day then drove us to school. She helped the photographers all day, then picked us up after school. I was scared because Ms. Leismacki told me that I was a busser that day, so I cried all the way to the bus. But, I saw Mommy waiting for me by the bus, so I was SO HAPPY to see her!

That's the same day we started our first gymnastics class. It's on Wednesday nights, so we'll have to miss karate. I love karate, but I'm excited for gymnastics. Our friend Sofia from Sunday School is in our class, too. It's really fun! There are only 2 other boys in the class, but lots of girls!

The next day, I had dance class. After dance, Noah and I started to our Amazing Athletes class. We started out running around the gym, then we played volleyball. I was excited (and so was Daddy!) because we've taken a volleyball class for the past couple of years and we're getting pretty good! We played volleyball for a short time, then the coach took out a tee and we hit the baseball off the tee. Noah really NAILED the ball - he hit it off the top part of the curtain. It was a pretty fun night!

Friday we had the day off school. We stayed home with Daddy, but kept pretty busy! We had to go to a meeting with Mom & Dad at a big office building. Then we got to eat lunchables for lunch! We went home for a little while, then we took Cheyenne to the vet. We didn't get to go into the doctor's room with her, but Daddy said she just had to get her teeth cleaned - no shots - so she didn't really have anything to be afraid of.

After the vet, we packed up the car and went to the lake. There was a big traffic jam that made us think we would be late to the cabin because of an accident, but when we got to where the backup started, we saw 3 firetrucks and 2 police cars. The fire trucks had a hose running into the woods, so we thought maybe there was a big fire that they just put out! When we got to the cabin, Angie was the only one there. She had hidden Halloween gifts (yummy snacks and PUZZLE/COLORING books for us!) for us to search for.

When we got up the next day, Lauren & Ben were there. We had a lot of fun playing with them, but didn't get to go into the lake. The water was too cold! But, it was nice & warm outside, so we played outside a lot. We went to visit Grandpa's sister to get a new couch. We got to go out on their dock and look at fish with Grandpa's sister's grandson Cooper. We like getting to go places with Lauren & Ben because Lauren & I ride in one vehicle while Ben & Noah ride together. We got to ride to Grandpa's sister in Mommy's car then drove home in grandpa's truck. We also did our books from Angie. Noah loves puzzles so he did all the puzzles in his book, while I love to color, so I colored a lot of pages in my book.

Right before supper, Mommy got us all dressed up to take pictures with Ben & Lauren. She said they're for Grandma. So we sat on haybales near the gravel pit, sat on the dock, put our feet in the water, sat on the hill, then had some fun playing on the old couch that Grandma & Grandpa were getting rid of. It was sitting outside when the put the new couch in, so we got to play on a couch that was sitting outside!

After popcorn, we drove home. Daddy and Mommy had some work at home to do, and Daddy had to ref volleyball Sunday, so we drove home Saturday night.

Sunday, we got up and did some work around the house. Just when we started to watch the Vikings game, Daddy said there was a fire across the street! So, we went and sat on the hill by our house and watched the flames come out of the garage across the street! The flames were huge! After the fire, we went for a bike ride and went past it. It was so burned up and destroyed! Luckily, nobody was hurt in the fire.

 This week was another busy week. Daddy's volleyball Monday, Mommy's volleyball Tuesday, Gymnastics Wednesday, Dance & Amazing Athletes on Thursday. This week, we started playing soccer (Noah's favorite) then tried out floor hockey. After that, we went to watch Mommy & Daddy play volleyball. Reid was reffing them, so we got to say hello to Reid. I was excited because Max was there. (Max is a baby that comes to Ron & Carol's a lot, and his daddy was playing volleyball, so I got to play with Max.) I showed him my InnoTab and read him a book.

I finally got to be queen for the day! Friday, I got to be queen!
Mommy picked us up from the bus stop and I was wearing my crown. She was so excited for me, too!

After we changed our clothes, daddy took us to the barnyard boogie. Mommy missed it because she was bringing some of our old toys & clothes to a sale, but she still had time to read us a good night story.

Mommy was gone at her sale and running errands on Saturday, but Daddy took us to the library to pick out new books. Then we had Mommy's car washed inside and out. She was so happy and surprised! After that, we had lunch at the VFW. Yum! We love eating there.

When Mommy got home, Noah & I were playing in our bedroom and we didn't even hear her. After that, we went to Cub and came home for a yummy meal Daddy made on the grill.

Today, we had Sunday School. We played a fishing game, then colored in class. After Sunday School, we went to Sam's Club and had lunch at Leeann Chin.

We made it home just in time to get Cheyenne and bring her back to church to pet blessing. There were lots of dogs there, a couple of kitty cats and lot of people. We got to sing a song, walk around the block and have cookies. But, the best part was that we had some friends there. Ava (from our class) and Sophia (from 1st graders) were both there to play with. That was fun!

When we got home, Mommy had to do some work, so Noah & I played in our bedroom until supper. It was a quiet night, but we like those.

Have a good week! We're looking forward to another week of school. Next week, we're going to go to daddy's cousin's wedding.