Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fun weekend!

This weekend wiped me out! I'm exhausted!

We had a short week at daycare. We were still excited that the tree and lights are all up. And Mommy put some presents under the tree on Monday!

Mom picked us up Wednesday and we saw snow outside, then Thursday morning we got up and asked if we could go to Grandma's. We had to wait until after dinner, but we were so excited to get to Grandma & Grandpa's! Nobody else was there when we got there, so we got Grandma & Grandpa all to ourselves.

Friday, we helped make brownies for Grandma, then after dinner we went to visit Santa and his village. It was very cool, and he was so nice. I told him I wanted Barbies. Lots of them. Noah wants lots of Monster Trucks. (Though, he hardly ever put Uncle Adam's transformer toy down when he played at Grandma's this weekend!) Santa even gave us an apple. We got to see the North pole, Mrs. Santa's kitchen with all the gingerbread, the elves' workshop (the elves were there and they gave us TWO toys!), trains, and the reindeer barn. We got to sign the naughty/nice wall (of course, I was nice. Noah signed that he was nice, though I'm not so sure...) and we even wrote letters to Santa and mailed them right there.

After we got home and ate our apple from Santa, Angie came - just as we were setting up Grandma's Christmas Tree. Ben & Lauren were not far behind. We were very excited to get to see our aunts and cousins.

Saturday, we got up early and went to see Great Grandma Marita. It was quiet, but she was happy to see us. She let us play with her teddy bears on her couch and we played hide & seek and looked at all of her pictures from when mommy was little like us!

After that, we went to Great Grandma Leona's, and LOTS of mommy's cousins, aunts & uncles were there. It was CRAZY! After dinner, some of our cousins were going to Santaland, so we went again. We showed our cousin Hailey that Santa wasn't scary. Then, we showed Ben, Lauren & Hailey around Santaland, since we were just there. When we got back to Great Grandma's, we got to play upstairs with the "bigger" kids and color fun coloring pages. We were sad to stop playing uno and go home, but we were tired.

Today, we got to play with Lauren & Ben again before we ate dinner and went home. I was really tired. I was ready to go home. When we got home, I was so tired that I just put on my pajamas and went to sleep! I didn't even eat my favorite meal (macaroni & cheese) and take a bath.

Well, time to go. A full week of daycare, though we're starting to get excited about our birthdays coming soon. We'll be FOUR! (2+2 is 4!) We're learning to add numbers together now. We can add simple things like 3+3, 4+4, etc...though it's tricky when you have different numbers like 3+4. What's that?!

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, and we're looking forward to the crazy weeks ahead before our birthday and Christmas.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I had a rough week. I have been coughing a lot; so much that I almost threw up a few times. I wasn't even hungry for Mac & Cheese - my favorite - on Wednesday! I started to feel better on Thursday, though I am still tired and cough a lot.
Saturday, Mommy went to a volleyball tournament while Noah and I went to skating. I still don't want to walk on the ice, but I was good and went on the ice while Daddy watched us. After skating, we got McDonalds and went to see Mommy and the Divas. It was fun to run around the bleachers in the volleyball gym, watch soccer and (of course) watch Mommy play volleyball. After she was done, Daddy took us to meet her at a restaurant. Most of the other Divas were there with their kids, so we got to eat at our own kids table with 6 other kids. It was so fun. I got to color 2 placemats, too. I wrote "dad" on a special placemat that I colored, and gave it to him. :-)
Today, it was VERY icy outside, so Daddy had to carry us to the truck to go to church. Lots of people missed Sunday School because it was so slippery outside, so we got double treats in class. Yay! After we got home, we cleaned up the living room so we could decorate for Christmas. We cleared out a BIG space and then Daddy took us out to buy a Christmas tree! It's a REAL tree, so it smells like a forest. We were so excited when Daddy put it up! After he put on lights, we helped put on decorations. The lights are so pretty! We LOVE to turn off the lights and watch them dance. We even set up our Little People Nativity Set under the tree. After our bath, we turned off the lights and danced around the lit tree in the dark while our Nativity Set played "Away In the Manger". It was so fun!
We're looking forward to getting to go see Grandma and Grandpa this week. We haven't seen them in a while, so we miss them. Hopefully the weather gets better so we can drive out to see them!
Well, gotta go. It's been an exhausting week and we look forward to another busy, COLD week.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yay! SNOW!

Yay! We got snow yesterday! We were so excited. When we got up, we ran around the house looking at the snow on the ground, cheering, telling Mommy and Daddy about it and watching it fall (Boy was it falling hard when we got up!) What a fun way to cap off an exciting week.
Monday night, we played dress-up and even ate supper in our dress-up costumes. I was Optimus Prime and Hannah was Ariel.
Tuesday night, we had friends over! Mommy's friend Renee brought her three kids over to play with us while Mommy and Renee played volleyball. We had pizza, made cookies and played with them. We play with them all the time at Ron & Carols, and sometimes we've been to their house to play, too, so we know them pretty well. We don't have friends over very often, so it was really fun to have them over to play.
Wednesday, I wrote my own name with NO HELP on my paper at daycare. Mommy and Daddy were so proud. I'm working hard on my fine motor skills. I love to run and jump, but am just starting to focus on smaller things. I really want to learn to write my letters (I've known them for over two years!) and I even buttoned my own pajamas tonight.
Hannah is working on writing her lower case letters. (When she started writing her name, she used capital letters, so she's now learning lower case letters.) She's getting really good at lower case a's now.
Saturday, we woke up to LOTS of snow! It had snowed overnight and was snowing hard when we woke up. Daddy had to go play a volleyball tournament, but Mommy took us to skating. It was a very snowy drive! But, we had lots of fun at skating. We worked hard to walk on the ice in our skates.
After skating, we got to go to the Library. We got some movies, a Spiderman book and a Mickey Mouse book. I love to read, and right now, my favorite book to read before bedtime is The Night Before Christmas.
When we got home from the library, we ate, had quiet time and then played outside in the snow. We played for a long time, made snow angels, 2 snowmen and took the sled around the yard. (Cheyenne ate the face of one of our snowmen...Mommy couldn't find coal for eyes, so she used dogfood for eyes, and Hannah and I gave them carrot noses. Our snowmen are melting today but we'll have to use something Cheyenne won't eat for the face next time we make a snowman.) We had the best time sliding down our slide, though, with all that snow. It was a really big day, and Daddy took us to Red Lobster for dinner that night. It was so yummy! I had shrimp and mashed potatoes-I love shrimp!
Today, we went to Sunday School, then came home and moved our beds from beside the window to a corner. It was a big job that took Mommy and Daddy all day to take down our shelves, take apart our heavy bed, reassemble it and put up shelves on the other side of the room, but Mommy and Daddy didn't like us by the window when we slept, so they're happy to have us moved. We ended the day getting to talk to Aunt Angie on the computer, so we were very happy to see her! We're looking forward to Thanksgiving to see our family again.
We're still very excited about the snow! It will melt fast, but we're looking forward to more snow this winter. :-)
Have a great week!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm such a big boy. Monday night, I took a shower! I had already taken a bath to get my hair washed, but I put on goggles and danced under the shower water for a while.
On the way to daycare on Friday, Daddy turned the wrong way, parked his truck and we got to watch a train from beginning to end. We love trains - it was so cool.
Saturday, Mommy was gone at a tournament all day, so daddy took us to skating. I am having fun - I can get up on my own and walk a little. I'm going to play hockey, so I can hit people! I can't wait! Hannah prefers to get one-on-one attention, so she cries when she isn't being carried on the ice. She wants to sit with Mommy and Daddy and not even get on the ice sometimes. Daddy told her she needs to try harder, so maybe she'll start walking on the ice more (she can already stand for a long time) so she can go skating and play on the ice with me. Mommy said Grandpa used to skate a lot when he was a kid, so we want GRANDPA MARK to take us skating when we go to his house.
Today, we put together a penguin for Christmas. Mommy said we can't put it up until after it gets cold but it's so neat! It lights up and everything. After that we went to Sunday School and came home to work in the yard. We helped Daddy rake leaves and put them away in bags, then played inside for a while. When Daddy started to watch football, I started to pretend I was playing football and jumping over the defensive line until Mommy took me outside to play football with her. My hands were too small to throw the ball correctly, but I wanted to play with the real ball, so we just caught the ball, ran and tackled! I had so much fun, I laughed the whole time (especially when I tackled Mommy and she tackled me!).
We're looking forward to another nice week! Have a good week!