Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy week!

We had such a great week!
Sunday, it snowed. a LOT! Lots of snow melted last week, but we got another 10 inches of snow all day Sunday and Monday. Sue was closed because of a holiday so we stayed home with Daddy. (His work was closed because of all the snow anyway!) We went out to play early in the afternoon and had fun. We caught snowflakes on our tongues, slid down the slide, jumped in the snow and made snowballs. We had a blast! Later on, our neighbor asked if we wanted to come to their house and sled on their big snowpile. It was tall before, but now it's even taller than Melissa, our neighbor! We were wet and cold when we got in the house, but so happy to enjoy the snow.
Tuesday we went back to Sue's to see our friends. It was a pretty good day.
Wednesday we learned Jack & Jill at school. We made a scene with crayons & paper so we could show mommy the story. Last week, we learned Humpty Dumpty. This week, it was Jack & Jill. Mommy took a video of us so Grandma & Grandpa can watch us act out Jack & Jill. We were also dressed up in costumes. Hannah was Tinkerbell- Mommy said she looked much more like Tink with no turtleneck and tights under her dress.(She was dressed up in layers when she wore it at Halloween!) I was Lightning McQueen's pit crew. I drove around in the dark for a while - until Cheyenne tripped in the dark, and Mom reminded me that race cars don't have headlights. They have stickers because the track is always lit!
Thursday & Friday Daddy dropped us off AND picked us up because Mommy worked a lot. We love daddy, but like when Mommy can pick us up sometimes. Thursday we did get to meet mommy at the eye doctor after Dady picked us up. She picked out new glasses. We tried on some just for fun, but didn't get to buy anything. Just mommy.
Mommy did make it home to put us to bed every night this week, so we liked that.
Friday morning, I woke up Daddy when I yelled Mommy's name. I told him I couldn't get down my ladder of my bunk bed because my ladder gives me stitches. Daddy was nice enough to lift me off my bed, even though he didn't feel well. After we got home Friday, Daddy had to help me get down three more times. He told me if I couldn't get down, using my ladder he would make me sleep on the bottom bunk. So, when I couldn't get down again, he took the mattress, sheets and blankets off my bed and put them on the bottom and took Hannah's mattress, sheets & blankets and put them on the top bunk. So, now I sleep on the bottom bunk and Hannah sleeps on the top.
Friday, Hannah even wore curlers in her hair so she could have curly hair.
Saturday, we woke Mommy up early and got breakfast while she got ready to play volleyball with the Divas. She took curlers out of Hannah's hair and it was curly. Hannah was so happy! She LOVED it! We got ready and went to skating with Dad. Daddy was SO PROUD of us! Hannah got up by herself on the ice and I was even starting to glide on my skates. We both went on the ice willingly and did so good! As a reward, Daddy brought us to see Mommy and the Divas at the volleyball tournament and eat sloppy joes. We were happy to see mom, but we also got to play with some other Diva's kids.
After the tournament we went to daddy's friend Dean's. His wife died, so everyone was sad, but we loved it because there were other kids there and lots of older people who read books to us. After that, Daddy's friend Ted wanted us to come to his house. That was so cool! He took us for a ride on his snowmobile. It was so fun! Hannah and I both loved it! Then, Ted's son Jeremy showed us his secret train room. It was a crawlspace under his dad's kitchen that was converted into a whole train area! We could stand up, but Daddy had to sit down because he was too tall. There are model trains that really move with controls and they make noise like real trains. It was so awesome. We spent over an hour playing with his trains before we had to go. But all the way home, we yelled "Jeremy & Ted!" so Daddy knew we want to go back sometime.
When we got home, I even drew a picture of me in the train room with the tracks all around me and the controls by me.
After we got home, Mommy called and asked if we wanted to eat out with the Divas so we got back in the truck and went to Applebees with Diva Carol, Diva Renee and their families. We got our own kids table, but I had a hard time sitting still. (Even though, I went into the mall and jogged while we waited for our table.)
Daddy was so happy that we were good all day.
Today, we went to Sunday school and our teachers were late! Daddy took over and sang with us and read us a story, then we started to make crowns when TJ and Miss Penny showed up with balloons! They brought balloons so Daddy could make balloon animals for us and all our Sunday School friends. Mom and Dad stuck around and talked to our teachers for a long time so we played with their grandkids. It was fun. Then we got in the car and didn't go home - we drove for a long time until Hannah figured out we were going to Angie's! We were so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa when we got there. We got to play with Grandma, Grandpa and Angie for a while before we went home again. It was sure a busy weekend, but we were very good, so Mom and Dad were very happy with us.
Maybe this week will be just as busy - time will tell.
Have a great week!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a fun Valentine's Day. We had TWO PARTIES! It was great. We had one with our daycare friends at Sue's house in the morning, then in the afternoon, we had one at school. So, we got to decorate two valentines bags and fill them with Valentines, stickers and candy. Yay!
Thursday we got a package in the mail! We love getting mail. Grandma sent us presents last week, so we got a big package with presents for Valentine's Day from Grandma Diane. Thursday, our cousins Ben & Lauren sent us a package. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to open it until today. It was great when we did, though. We got Toy Story Valentines with pencils, candy and I got new sparkly pants and Noah got new slippery pants. Thanks Lauren & Ben!
Friday night started out great - we made waffles for supper! But the rest of the night wasn't a great night for us. Daddy went to the church to help with something all night, so mommy put us to bed. She worked until about 11:30 and then came downstairs to find Noah had puked in his bed. So, she changed his clothes and put him in her bed while she changed his sheets. She turned the light on low so she could see but it still disturbed me. When I finally fell alseep, she woke me up and told me Noah puked on my bed, too. Apparently it fell off his bed onto mine. Luckily, it didn't get on my Princess comforter, but I had to get new sheets and Mommy had to wash a bunch of my stuffed animals. She put me in her bed with Noah while she changed my sheets. I was ready to go back to my bed when she was done, but Noah slept in Mom & Dad's bed.
Saturday morning, Mom took me to skating. the boys stayed home because they were sick. Daddy had a bad cold and Noah puked again. Poor Noah. He just wanted to cuddle with mom before we left.
I did so great at skating! I stood up all by myself! Mommy was so proud of me! We went home and I quietly colored while Noah slept.
He woke up feeling much better. But, Mom let us chill out and watch movies while she worked on her work computer. We got to watch Beauty and the Beast. The beast was scary, but I so so happy at the end when they were kissing and he turned into a prince!
Today we had Sunday School. Noah was having a really bad day. He threw a few tantrums before Sunday school and wanted to sit on mom's lap at Sunday School. We had the coolest thing happen at Sunday School - it was two guys who were so funny! They told stories about Daniel and the Lions and Noah's ark - I loved it. At the end, they made balloon animals, but we were disappointed when we didn't get any. Noah got sad and had a tantrum when Sunday School was over. He cried really hard - he said he just wanted to go home and cried until we got home and he could cuddle with Mom in the big chair. Daddy got him to take a nap this afternoon, he slept for 3 hours and he felt much better.
We got a LOT of snow today! It started snowing when we were in Sunday School, and was still snowing really hard when we went to bed. We get to stay home with Daddy tomorrow because Sue and our school are both closed for a holiday. Maybe it will be nice enough to play outside!
Have a good week. We'll try to stay warm.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My first stitches

We started the week excited for Valentine's Day. We bought Valentines for our friends on Sunday, so Monday night we started to sign our names and put stickers in Valentines for our friends. I got almost all of mine signed, Hannah got half of hers signed and folded with stickers inside.
Wednesday, I had kind of a rough day. I was a little bit naughty at daycare, then came home and Hannah and I were fighting, so daddy put us in our bedroom. It didn't take long before we were out of our room! I was climbing on the ladder to my bunkbed and fell down, landing right on my big yellow (metal) Tonka dump truck. Hannah ran to tell Daddy I was bleeding, and Daddy tried to stop the bleeding. I got a really big cut right above my eye. We were on our way out the door to the doctor when Daddy got it to stop bleeding. I was freaked out - Mommy could even tell when she talked to me on the phone. I cried and couldn't even act tough for her. Even though Daddy got it to stop bleeding, he still decided to take me to the doctor. I didn't want to go, but he told me that after we go to the doctor, we could go to Subway, so I reluctantly agreed to go. I took my Transformers and Hannah took a baby and off we went to the doctor.
We went to a different Urgent Care office than we normally do, but they brought us into the little room really fast! They decided I needed stitches. I didn't know what that meant, but Daddy had used those words when he talked to Mommy. The doctor said it needed to be stitched because the skin was too far apart to heal right. So, they gave Daddy a cotton ball to put on my eye and hold for a while.
When the doctor came back into the room, she started to put stitches in my cut. The first one was OK. I was calm and it didn't hurt, but the second stitch hurt! I cried and screamed and tried to get away. They put something on my eye that burned, then finished stitching, but I just wanted to get away. Daddy and a nurse had to hold me down while the doctor tried to stitch my cut when I stopped to breathe. Hannah was freaked out by my screaming, too. I could see her pacing back and forth putting her hands on her ears, crying because she was scared of why I was crying.
When it was all over, we headed out for Subway, but I saw a McDonalds! I told Daddy I wanted McDonalds instead, so he told me that I could have whatever I wanted. Yay! McNuggets and apple fries at our kitchen table when we finally got home with drive-thru McDonalds food.
Because we were so far behind schedule, we were still up when Mommy came home from her game at 8:30. She was so happy to see us and hug us! I was able to show her my stitches and Hannah was able to give her the Valentine she made for Mom at Sue's. (Hannah wanted to bring it to the doctor, just in case mom came, but Daddy told Mom not to come, and told Hannah that Mom could get her Valentine when they got home.)
Friday night we had a fun night! I thought we were going to go to Grandma's, but Mom and Dad took us to the Sweetheart Dance at the Community Center. It was so much fun! We danced, ran around, did the limbo (even Mommy did the limbo!), got our picture taken and ate yummy snacks. Mommy took lots of pictures of us having fun but at the end of the night she said her camera broke. Daddy figured out that the memory card was broken and she lost all of the pictures she took on the card. She was happy she just unloaded pictures from it on Sunday, but she was very sad that she lost all of the pictures that she took Friday night.
Saturday, we slept in. We were tired after the big dance! Daddy went snow tubing with the church and we had a big day at home.
We went to skating, and Hannah went right on the ice and showed off her skills from last week. She still has trouble standing up, but she was moving her feet really well! I told Mom I didn't want to go on the ice. I reluctantly put my skates on, and went on the ice, but I didn't have my best day. Mom keeps asking how I'm going to play hockey if I don't practice skating...shouldn't it just come to me when I have a stick in my hand?
After skating, we went to have our skates sharpened. Our teacher told Mommy it would help us, so she hopes it will help stop us from sliding around so much on our skates. While we were there, we saw all sorts of hockey sticks! It was awesome! I really want a hockey stick.
After we had dinner we went out to play in the snow! We played in the backyard for a while, then went sledding at Griffin's house. He has a really big pile of snow in his driveway that we slide down into his yard. It was such a nice day, we played outside for over an hour!
After sledding, we made cookies. We made GIANT hearts and stars, and even a few small hearts and doggie bones. They were pretty good - and mom let us try the dough BEFORE it was baked. It was pretty good, too.
Today was church and Sunday School. We were so good at Sunday school, then we were very excited to go see Kasey in the nursery. We made valentines for Mom and Dad. They're beautiful!
We went to a computer store, played with the cameras and took pictures of each other, then came home to play outside again. It was another nice day - and another day of sledding with Griffin. What a fun weekend we had!
We delivered our Valentines cards & cookies to Griffin tonight before we took a shower. We have taken showers this week instead of baths, because we're getting to be big kids! After we washed our hair, we put on our swimsuits and had fun in the tub. (Then after we got out, we went and gave daddy a big wet hug!)
We're looking forward to tomorrow. It's Valentine's Day and we're having parties at Sues and at school. YAY!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Awesome weekend!

Tuesday night, Daddy brought home a gingerbread house that we helped him to decorate! It was so cool. We put on the decorations for the walls, roof and helped with a Christmas tree on the back of it. It was a surprise for Mommy.
We were so excited that the first thing we did on Wednesday was show Mommy! She loved it.
Friday night, Mommy came to pick us up from daycare and told us we were going to a party. We love parties! When we got home, Daddy told us we would be going to Dylan & Trevor's house for the party. Yay! We love going to play with them! I got all dressed up in my red party dress, and we packed our pajamas in a bag and left. Mom said we had to stop and pick up a friend of hers at a bookstore on the way - we tried to guess who it was, but had no idea it would be ANGIE! So, we got to bring her to the party with us.
On the way to the party, we told Angie what we told Mom about school. We learned about walleye today. It's a big fish that lives in lakes. Noah was very excited to tell Angie about it.
We danced, played with nerf guns, ate yummy food and had a pajama party before we got tired and went home. I almost fell asleep before we got home. I'm glad I didn't because there was a strange truck parked in our driveway. We got in and found GRANDMA and GRANDPA in our house! YAY! We were so very excited, but very tired, so we went to bed shortly after getting home. (We stayed up until 10:30. We were so tired when we fell asleep.)
Saturday morning, we didn't have skating so we just hung out with Grandma & Grandpa. After lunch, we went skating at the park with Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy and Angie. Grandpa was the first to fall, though we all fell once or twice. We skated for over an HOUR, but we really made some progress in moving our feet by ourselves. (Our favorite part was when we got to skate between 2 adults. We got to go really fast and rely on them for balance, so it was awesome.) After we skated, we got to go to Target to pick out Valentines for our friends. Valentine's Day is next week, so we have to sign our valentines and get them ready to go.
Saturday after supper, Daddy told us we could eat the gingerbread house. That was the best part! We destroyed it with Noah's hammer and ate the candy off, and even ate some of the icing, though it was pretty hard. But, it was yummy. It was so much fun! I can't wait to decorate a gingerbread house next year and then destroy it so we can eat it.
We went skating again this morning, but it was colder, so we only lasted about 45 minutes. It was fun, and we really did a good job. Noah skated a lot by himself! I got cold early but still got to skate with lots of help to get my confidence up.
After a yummy dinner, Grandma, Grandpa and Angie had to go home. Daddy told us we would have quiet time and then go to a movie. We've never been to a movie at a theater before. Noah didn't understand why we had to lay down - he wanted to go right away. But, we laid down, waited patiently and then left for the movie theater. Mommy and Daddy chose a theater that had tables and served food and drinks so we got hot cheese, nachos, chicken strips and waffle fries while we watched Tangled. I loved it. It was about a princess with long, beautiful hair.
This was our first movie in a movie theater. It wasn't stadium seating like Daddy liked, but it had comfy chairs that could twirl and tables for our food & drinks.
Noah didn't quite get the idea of the movie - he got there and said he wanted it to start now, and then wanted to leave because it didn't start when he wanted it to. Mommy took him for a walk, but came back when the movie started. It was really loud, but I got used to it. I LOVED the movie. I sat in one spot and nibbled on my food throughout the movie, but I was fascinated by it. Daddy said he loved looking at my face throughout the movie because he knew I loved it. Noah decided to have some food and drink his milk during the movie, too. He went back and forth between a chair in front of our table to Mommy's lap. I think he liked the movie, but he really wanted to see Spongebob. (The theater didn't HAVE a Spongebob movie playing today.) He had to go potty at the end, but was too interested in the movie to leave. When it was time to go, he said he wanted to stay and see another movie - but Mom and Dad said we only get to see one movie when we go to the theater. They had to clean out the theater for the next movie showing.
On the way home, Daddy told us how he was very proud of us for being quiet and good during the movie.
Mom said we're getting really smart. Whenever she uses a big word, we ask what it means. Friday, we learned what recognize means. Today, we learned a few more words. We'll keep learning lots of new things!
Have a good week.