Sunday, October 25, 2009

Noah & Hannah are such cute kids.
Monday, Noah picked up Dad's hat, put it on sideways and said "I'm Junior!" (As in Junior Asparagus, one of the Veggie Tales crew.)
Today, Hannah was cuddling with Daddy in "the big chair", and Daddy told her "Hannah, you melt my heart." Hannah looked at him with serious eyes and said "I'm sorry, Daddy."
Noah likes to wear his Bob the Builder sweatshirt and say "Can we fix it? Yes, we can!" and wears Mickey Mouse pajamas or t-shirt and runs around the house saying "Hi! Can you find my clubhouse?" "Thanks for visiting my clubhouse. Bye!" It's fun to see him putting himself into a character.
They got to spend a little bit of time with Grandma S. and Aunt Angie. We did a little bit of trick or treating at the local strip mall, so they got some practice in saying "trick or treat!" and "Thank you!" (Although, Hannah puts on her shy face often when it comes time to say "thank you" to strangers.) I think they're looking forward to Halloween - they enjoy playing dress up at home, and had fun when everyone else was dressed up at the mall.
Looking forward to a fun week with Noah & Hannah. And we're looking forward to Halloween with them now that they're almost 3.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We had a fun weekend.
Friday evening, daddy called us to eat supper after we were playing in the living room. I got up on her chair and saw there was just a piece of cheese on her plate, so I got down, went to the oven and turned on the light to look inside, then looked at Daddy and said "Are we only having cheese for supper?" He laughed, and I told him that I wanted pasta! He lifted me up to show me that he had made spaghetti! YEAH!
After we ate, we got to help Mom bake cookies - they were pumpkin cookies. We helped put the cookies on the sheet, and taste tested them when they were done. They were yummy!
Saturday Mommy went to a volleyball tournament, so we hung out with Daddy all day. We got to play with big alphabet puzzle pieces on the floor, and made tunnels in the living room.
This morning, we got up and had breakfast and drove out to an apple orchard. We got to ride on a cart behind a tractor and see all the apples on the trees, then we went to play in the play area. We saw goats, chickens and horses, slid down slides, played with pumpkins and got to have a snack down by the river. It was so fun. Then, we got to go eat while we watched the Vikings game. Go Jared Allen! He's Noah's favorite player.
Have a good week. We're hoping that it's nice so we can see the tractors working in front of our house. The past few weeks have been rainy, and Mom and Dad said it's too wet for the tractors to work on the streets around our house. We really like to see Bobcats, so we hope they bring the bobcats up and down our street more!
Have a nice week.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

We got snow! When we got Mommy & Daddy up this morning, they told us to look out the window and there was snow all over! Snow on our yard, on our swings, on our clubhouse, on our picnic table...everything. There was just a little bit, but we were so excited that we didn't even finish our cereal, we just wanted to get out to play. We put our rainboots on, our mittens, hats and coats and went out in our pajamas to play in the snow. We played in the snow a little last year, but this is the first year we really remember getting our first snow and being so excited about it. We had to check out the snow in the swimming pool, on our slides, and especially on the picnic table. Some snow even snuck through the trap door to get in our clubhouse! Hanna made a snow angel, as you can see in the pictures. She had beautiful wings, though her legs didn't quite make a full skirt.
We had fun playing in the snow, then went in the house to play legos for the rest of the morning. We built a castle with really tall walls so princess ariel and her fishy could get inside the castle.
Mom asked Noah if he wanted to wear underwear today. Hannah is a big girl who has been wearing underwear all summer, and for the past couple of weeks, she's been sleeping in her underwear, not a diaper. Noah said he wanted to wear his Thomas the Train underwear, so Mom let him. But, within a half hour, he had wet pants. So, mom told him that he had to make SURE to go potty in the toilet next time he had to go potty because he didn't want to get his Bob the Builder underwear wet. Within an hour, he had wet his pants again. Apparently, Noah isn't ready for underwear yet, but as long as he tries to go potty when he's asked, he's making progress.
Have a fun weekend!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

We got a fun surprise today!
Grandma & Grandpa sent us a box with 2 outfits to dress up in! We got a Lightning McQueen Pit Crew outfit and a princess Cinderella dress with a tiara. We had so much fun dressing up in them! We can't wait until tomorrow to dress up again!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Barnyard Dance!

Last night, Mommy took us to the Barnyard Dance. We got to dance and run around the big dancefloor with a bunch of other kids. It was so much fun! We also got to see baby animals and pet them - we saw sheep, miniature horses, a duck, chickens, really friendly goats, a calf and bunnies. Other kids had to be told to be nice to the animals but we were very nice to the animals when we petted them.
We even got to have a treat: we had pink juice and cake with sprinkles. We had so much fun at the dance! We can't wait to go to another one!
Noah & Hannah