Tuesday, February 26, 2013

our busy january

In January, we were VERY excited to get back to school and be with our friends again!

The first weekend of January, Mommy had a tournament and we got to go right away in the morning. Mom & Dad's friend, Diva Renee found out she had cancer and Mommy's team got new shirts for her and her whole family. We got new shirts, too! Mine was pink with pink writing (like Mommy's), so I LOVE it a LOT! Noah's is black (like daddy's) but he doesn't like it since it has pink on it. All our friends on the Diva team got some, too. We looked good!

The next day, I had another birthday party for a friend from school. I have gone to a lot of birthday parties; I really love my classmates! Noah has been invited to one, so he's kind of bummed his class doesn't have as many parties. This party was at a swimming pool - it was so much fun! While I was swimming, Daddy took Noah to LegoLand at the Mall of America. He had a lot of fun.

Then, after school on Tuesday that week, Daddy surprised us by taking us from the bus stop to Pump It Up Playtime to meet our friend Grayson and bounce on the bouncy-houses. It was so awesome! They were filming a commercial there, too, so we might even be on their TV commercial!

The third weekend in January was our first weekend of basketball. Noah has been looking forward to this for a REALLY long time! I wanted to do a cheerleading class instead of basketball, but mommy said there was only basketball. I have had fun at basketball since I started, though. We both got on the same team - we're the green team.

The fourth weekend in January started with a movie night at church. We watched Finding Nemo on the big screen downstairs with a bunch of our friends. We had fishy-shaped pizzas, popcorn, did coloring sheets, made jellyfish and Mommy even won a BIG jar of M&Ms!

When we got home, we found Grandma & Grandpa had come while we were gone! It was a fun weekend with them. They got to watch us play basketball, then came home and we helped Grandpa put a new light in the Rompus Room.

The last weekend in January was spirit week at school! We had to pay $2.50 to dress up during the week (the money was given to kids who have cancer to help them get better). Monday was pajama day. We have had pajama day in preschool and it was our favorite day! Though, they did have Twin Day, that we thought was all about us! Turns out that twin day/favorite sport day is a day we could dress like a friend or we could dress like a certain sport. We wore camo shirts so we could dress alike since we're twins. We also had future career day (we both dressed up like Lifetouch photographers), mismatched clothes & wacky hair day, decade day (we dressed up in our tie-dye shirts. Daddy said it was from the 60s - lots of our friends wore tie-dye shirts that day, too.)
mismatched clothes & wacky hair day

Aunt Dani sent Noah a new helicopter to replace the one that he got at Christmas. (The one he got for Christmas didn't work when he opened it.) We both got to fly it. It was really fun! Unfortunately, Noah broke it the first week he had it. We loved flying it, though! It was awesome!

One day after Sunday School, Mom & Dad took us to Ikea instead of going home. we were excited until we found out we had to go pick out a chair for our room and didn't get to play in the play area. First we ate in the restaurant, then we played in some of the fun kids' rooms and found the perfect chairs for our desks. I got pink (of course!) and Noah chose a green one. Then, as we were walking past the play area, Mommy & Daddy checked to see if there was room for us to play while they checked out. So, we got to play in the Ikea play area! The ballpit was closed, but we still had a fun time!

Noah picked out a new book from the library at school. He got the Wizard of Oz. He was so excited! It was a 200+ page book. He took about a week and a half to read it but he was very excited to finish it!

After our first week of school in February, Mommy & Daddy took us to the Sweetheart dance at the community center. It was fun, as usual. our friend, Eliza, from Sunday School was there, too, so I played with her. It wore us out, though! It was a great dance!

The very next day was a busy birthday party day! Noah had a birthday party in the morning His good friend, Ben, had a Lego birthday party. He was SO excited about the party! I went to basketball all by myself. I was really scared at first - REALLY nervous. But when I got there, the black team split up and a girl came on my team, so I had a friend to play with. And, we also got to play a game! We played against the red team, so that was so awesome! I had a great time.

After we picked up Noah and had lunch, we got ready to go to a Karate birthday party for one of my classmates. Noah came with me, since it was one of the boys in my class.  It was a fun party. We didn't do an obstacle course, but we did get to break a board! A REAL board (not the fake plastic boards that go back together after we break them in soo bahk do.) When we got home, Mommy had painted the wall around the sliding glass door. That has been unfinished for 3 years, so it's weird to see it painted!

Daddy helped me build a great fort in the backyard the next day. We used our snow block maker and made a strong wall in our backyard!

The next week was a busy one at school. We made Valentines bags and got to write valentines to all our friends. Both of us decided to give Valentines to everyone in both classes. I gave fun dip, Noah gave pixie stix. We spent Monday night writing all our Valentines to our friends. (Noah had to finish up on Tuesday night.)

Tuesday was exciting because it was the 100th day of school! We did a lot of 100 activities and games. We even got to dress up like we were 100 years old (though Noah didn't want to dress up like a 100 year old. He just wanted to wear his school uniform.)

I really was looking forward to Valentine's Day this year. Mommy came to my Valentines' Day party! She helped make candy jars love bugs with the class. We were excited to get dropped off at school (instead of riding the bus) and to get to show Mommy our classrooms! I loved having mommy at our Valentine's Day party.

The next weekend was a long weekend because we stayed home Monday & Tuesday. (It was President's Day and a teacher workshop day). We had some fun days with Daddy. We were REALLY excited for our first day back at school, though because Daddy volunteered at lunch! It's so awesome to have Mommy & Daddy come to our school.

This past weekend was a GREAT weekend! We had basketball on Saturday morning, then we went to the library for 2 hours. We checked out the tree in the middle of the library and the play area at Brookdale library, then explored their book collections. After we came home, we played in the snow for a while. I worked a little on my snowfort. We missed Mommy (she was at a volleyball tournament) but we had so much fun with Daddy!

Sunday was a busy day! We read some books before Sunday School. I finished a 6 chapter book!

Then we went to Sunday School and sang in church. After church, we had a soup dinner at church with our friends, then went home to get ready for sledding. We met some of our friends at the sledding hill and had SO MUCH FUN! It was so awesome. I started skating with mommy. I did a lot better than I did 2 years ago when I took lessons! But I had more fun sledding down the hill.

We were worn out after a long weekend!
Wishing you a great week!