Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monday night, we got to go watch the firemen work on the house down the street again. They had the trucks and firehoses out, and when we were watching, there was smoke POURING out of the roof! A firewoman drove up in her truck and gave us stickers, pencils and coloring books, and said it wasn't a real fire- it was just a smoke machine. But it looked real! Firemen went in with their hoses to put out the fake fire twice while we watched.

It was cold, so we didn't stick around long. We had to go home and shower. Yes, we decided to take showers instead of baths. We put on our goggles and showered like big kids! Mommy was proud of us and Daddy was excited that we took showers instead of baths.

Wednesday, Mommy picked us up from Sue's, so she took us to soo bahk do! I was so excited to have mommy there - daddy is always the one to bring us. I tried so hard to be good because mommy was watching. I did only a little bit of "extra stuff". But, we got to pretend fight with each other - and Ms. Laura even brought us over to punch pads with partners! I got to fight with a class helper, which was cool.

Friday, Daddy picked us up and stayed around Sue's house long enough to talk to Grayson's Mom. He asked if we could bring Grayson to a movie on Saturday. That was sure something to look forward to!

Saturday, we got up early and cleaned up our room a little bit. It looked really good after Mommy & Daddy helped. Then we got ready to go play volleyball! It is easier for us now that we're five, though there are still some hard parts that I didn't want to do. But, I was really looking forward to The Lorax movie with my friend in the afternoon!

We laid down for a little while, then got our shoes on and went to pick up Grayson! We all sat in the back seat together - Grayson got to use my car seat from Mommy's car. When we got to the Cinema Grill, we sat at a long table and ordered popcorn and lemonade. Mommy & Daddy stacked up 2 chairs to make us higher so we could see the movie better. It was such a good movie! We really liked it - and we loved the popcorn and lemonade!

After the movie, we got to bring Grayson back to our house to see our room and toys! We were not happy with Mom & Dad because they kept stopping at boring places on the way home - the bank and gas station - when we could have been playing with our friend, but we were able to show him our place and play Legos with him a little bit. Hannah wanted us to play Barbies with her, but we just wanted to play Legos. Daddy had her help him with some stuff on the computer so she wasn't too disappointed that we didn't want to play Barbies.

I decided I didn't want to bring Grayson home, so Hannah went with Mom to take him home. But, when they left, I changed my mind. I cried because they were gone when I changed my mind, but Daddy said it was too late. He did help comfort me, but I was still sad. I love Grayson. He's my best friend!

This morning, Daddy had sad news. Spike, our fish that we've had for 2 years, died today. We said goodbye and said a little prayer. Poor Spike. Hannah cried and Daddy said when fish die, their spirits go to fishy heaven and we flush his body down the toilet. It's sad. But, we still have Cheyenne. Hannah helped Mommy give Cheyenne a bath yesterday, so she's nice and soft.

After that, we went to Sunday School. We got to color visors and learn about how David became king of Israel. After Sunday School, we hung out in the senior high youth room while Mom & Dad talked, then they decided to go to Cub Foods instead of home. We got to ride in an airplane cart - which is our favorite mode of transportation at Cub! Then we came home, but I was so tired, I went to lay down instead.

I couldn't fall asleep, and Hannah wasn't tired so Mom and Dad told us to change our clothes and put on our shoes because we had to go to Ron & Carol's. We were pretty excited, even though we didn't know who would be there. We were the only kids, but we had our chance to play in the sand (we practiced our volleyball skills from Saturday morning classes) and run around the secret trails. We even got to see Carol's fairy garden! She said the fairies come out to play during the day but freeze when people watch them, then they go home in the night. I want to go back tomorrow to see if they've moved! We tried to secretly watch them before we left, but they were too clever. They KNEW we were watching them!

Mom and Dad said it's going to be a very busy week. We get to visit Beacon Academy this week! That's where we might go to kindergarten. I really want to go to Northport for kindergarten but Mom said the rules say we can't go to Northport if we live in our area. I think the rules are stupid, but the main reason i want to go to Northport is because Joey goes there, and Mom said my friend Joey will be at a different school next year anyway. So, I guess it's OK if I go to a different school. I want to go to Forest but Mom and Dad said they have other schools they like better, so I guess I'll have to wait  and trust them.

Hannah's dance recital is next week. She's very excited for her dance recital. After that is spring sing week! Yay!

Have  a good week!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter!

Wow. We've been a little busy lately and haven't had time to update our blog.

It's been 3 weeks now since we helped Mommy & Daddy put on the circus!
They helped put together a circus party with a murder mystery theme at the church. We got to play with our friends Kendra & Jaxson while Daddy & Mommy helped decorate on Friday night. We even dressed up in costumes, ran around and put on a parade for our parents. It was fun! Saturday was more of the same. Mommy had a volleyball tournament, but we helped Daddy shop for the food (with Jaxson and his daddy and aunt). We helped him decorate for a while, then went home because Megan was coming! We got to show her our favorite movie (Cars2). We love Megan!

The next morning, we got to the church and the circus was still up from Saturday. It was so awesome! We got to play games, eat circus food (popcorn, licorice, donuts), have balloon animals (I got a hat instead) and even take photos in silly costumes. It was so great. We were going to go out to eat afterwords, but Noah did a naughty thing (he stuck a balloon sword in daddy's face while Daddy was driving) so Daddy made him go home. I got to go to Burger King alone with Mommy because I was still good. It was pretty cool. We sat by the window and waved at cars as they went through the drive through.

The next week we had to look forward to Easter. We were going to go to Grandma & Grandpa's house on Friday. We told Sue and all our friends all about it.

Monday night, we went to Cub and got some groceries. We got apples at Cub, so I saved my apple seed and planted it when we got home. I hope it grows into an apple tree! I've been watering it every night since then.

We also had some fun playing in the backyard. It was a nice night.

Tuesday, we found some really cool toys in our birthday party favors from Dylan! They were little guys whose feet & hands stuck to the wall, and when you threw them against the wall or window, they kind of "walked" down the wall. It was really cool, except we kept getting them stuck too high on the wall (or ceiling).

Friday finally came - we didn't have daycare so we hung out with Mom while Daddy worked at home. We went to the car dealership to have mom's car oil changed. The girl who helped Mommy had her dog at work, so we got to pet him. His name was Paco (he was a shih tzu) and he loved us petting him. When we went in the waiting room, a woman brought us coloring books and little cars. She also brought us a table so we could color. Noah used the table to do a puzzle, and I went to play in the kids area for a while before I went back and colored by Mommy.

On our way home, we stopped at Target to pick up a few Easter things (some treats for the egg hunt Saturday!) and headed home. We ate, had some quiet time, packed up the car and left for Grandma's house.

We stopped in Willmar at the motorcycle shop so Daddy could pick up his motorcycle. We got to go in and check out the bikes and snowmobiles and jet skis, though Mommy made us spend most of our time trying on helmets. They kind of hurt our ears when we tried them on, but we found one that didn't hurt our ears as much. Daddy said he'd buy one for us so we could ride on the motorcycle with him. Noah was so excited, but I was scared by it.

After we picked up the bike, we went to Pizza Ranch for supper. We love pizza ranch - it is our favorite place to eat! Their Cactus bread is the best. I love it the best!

We made one more stop on the way to Grandma's...We stopped at Aunt Dani's house. We were already playing with our cousins before Mommy & Daddy even got into the house. They decided to leave Daddy's motorcycle in Uncle Jason's shed so Daddy could ride home with us. We had a lot of fun with Ben & Lauren but were excited to go see Grandma and Grandpa, too.

Saturday I got up REALLY early - Grandpa said it was 4:45. Grandma got me to fall back asleep but Grandpa woke me up when he made breakfast, so I was up for the day. We spent most of the day at Great Grandma Leona's. We only had a few cousins there. After dinner, we played for a while, then went to the shop for an Easter Egg Hunt. We normally like to go outside to hunt for all those eggs, but it was SO windy the Easter Bunny hid all our eggs in the shop so our stuff didn't blow away! After we found all our eggs & treats, we got to ride up and down on the vehicle lift. Jimmy uses it to lift tractors & trucks off the ground and see under them when they need to be fixed.

Saturday night, we got back to Grandma's and Grandpa's and opened Easter gifts from Grandma, Grandpa and Angie. we got some fun stuff! New outfits, bug nets, a big scavenger hunt book, nail polish (for me) and Legos (for Noah), activity books, silly putty.

Sunday morning, we got up and opened our Easter gifts from Mommy & Daddy. They gave us each a VTech Innotab. It is a really fun toy - kind of like Mommy & Daddy's iPads. They reminded us that the Easter Bunny may have been to Grandma's house and hidden baskets for us. He hid a new basket for each of us. There were jellybeans, batteries and games for our Innotabs. We were so excited to play our new toys that we didn't even remember to eat Breakfast!

Before dinner, we made Cookies with Grandma & Grandpa. Noah made chocolate chip cookies. I don't like chocolate chip cookies so I made plain cookies and added marshmallows to them. They were so yummy!

We had Easter dinner with Great Grandma Marita, Cathy & Jimmy, then went to ride our bikes for a while before we left. Unfortunately, the batteries in our Innotabs didn't last the whole trip home. We watched a movie for the last couple of hours. Before my tablet died, though I realized I had to go potty - I had to go so bad I almost didn't make it to the next town to go! But I made it. I REALLY had to go.

Monday night Mommy picked us up from daycare and we drove up to St. Michael to have dinner at Perkins with aunt Angie. (Mommy forgot something at Grandma's house, so Grandma gave it to Angie on Monday so Angie could give it to us.) It was so great to see Angie! We love her so much.

Tuesday, we decided we needed to change our sheets so we took all the blankets, toys and sheets off our beds while Daddy made dinner. It was a big mess, but so much fun! We like to take all the sheets & blankets off our beds and make a big pile on our floor and jump onto the pile of blankets. But, when Mommy went through all the blankets, she found about five or six pairs of pajamas of Noah's in his bed! We picked out clean sheets for our beds and Mommy helped us make our beds before going to bed in nice clean sheets.

Wednesday was a big day. We had dentist appointments in the morning. Our regular doctor wasn't there, so we saw a new doctor. We liked Dr. Bobbi better, but she was on a big ship on vacation so we'll see her next time. We were hungry on our way to daycare, so we got to have pancakes from McDonald's when we got to Sue's house. They were so good! We've never had McDonald's pancakes before.
At school, we had field trip day. We went to the library. We were there last year, too, but were excited to go again. Unfortunately, Noah was naughty after we got home from school. He got in trouble at daycare and didn't even put his gi on for Soo Bahk Do. I got a tattoo and stickers from the teachers for participating.

Thursday night was a busy night down the street. The firemen were at a vacant home practicing getting it ready to burn. We didn't get to see any fire, but we did walk down and saw them using a chain saw to do some training. I waved at the fireman. It was pretty cool but we had to leave quickly when we saw Cheyenne had gotten out of the fence and was bothering dog walkers down by our house. We got her put in the house just in time to brush our teeth before bed.

Friday night, we went with Mommy & Daddy when Mommy brought some of our old stuff to her MOM sale. Daddy helped her bring stuff in and set up then took us to Perkins for supper. Yum! I didn't finish my food, but Noah helped finish mine. We were so good, Daddy even let us get a prize from the machines in Perkins. I got a sticky hand in my little egg.

Saturday, we got up and cleaned up our room a little before our volleyball class. We are doing better at volleyball this year (since we're five now.) We had Mac & Cheese for dinner, then we got to go on a playdate. Grayson's mom asked if we could come play, so we went there for the afternoon. We had a mask party (we got to choose a mask on the computer, cut them out and wear them). We also made cookies and ate them right before Mommy picked us up. We were sad to go, but can't wait to see our friend Monday! Hopefully we can have a playdate with him again.

After supper, Mommy asked us if we wanted to take Cheyenne for a walk. So, I asked Daddy if he wanted to come with us. He asked if we wanted to go for a motorcycle ride instead. I was a little hesitant, but once Mommy showed me she had a leather jacket for me to wear on the bike, I was excited! She had a Harley Davidson coat that Noah could wear, and he was so giddy when she handed him that coat!

After Daddy gave us a lesson on riding motorcycles, I got to take a ride first. I put on the new helmet and held on tight. We went up to the park & back, and I LOVED IT! It was so much fun.

Noah was excited to ride, too. He started to sway back & forth when he got on, but Daddy told him it was not OK to move around like that. He loved the ride, too. We wanted to go again, but it was bedtime, so we put on our pajamas.

Today was Sunday School - Mommy & Daddy worked in the nursery after Sunday School, so we got to play in the nursery with our friend Ryan while Mommy & Daddy talked to their friends Amy & Ryan.

The afternoon was quiet - we played with our Innotabs and colored, then the weather got nasty. Daddy said there was a tornado watch which scared me. But, he assured me that we would be safe. We did go down to the basement to watch TV instead of taking baths tonight, but there was no tornado. Just a little bit of hail.

Have a good week! We hope you had a good easter.