Sunday, July 31, 2011

It sure has been a hot couple of weeks!

2 weeks ago, the weatherman said we had a recordbreaking heat. It was so crazy. One night when I said my bedtime prayer, I said "Dear Jesus, thank you for the sunshine but it was too hot!" It was so hot that we didn't even get to go out at daycare for almost a full week.

It helped cool off a little bit to get my hair cut. I made everyone laugh in Great Clips. When I was getting my hair cut, the girl was talking to me and asking me about my computer. I told her that I have a computer but not an iPad. I want an iPad - it's on my Christmas list. Then I asked her for her phone number. Everyone laughed and thought it was cute, but she told me she had a boyfriend and he wouldn't like her giving her number to me.

The hot weather was nice when we went to the lake, though! We went up last Friday and we were excited to be the first ones there! (even though Angie got there a few minutes after we got out of the truck.) Jimmy & Cathy came up, too. After we ate, we went down to check out the lake with Angie and I fell in! The water is so high this year that I didn't realize there was water where I stepped. When we got back up to the house to change, mommy realized she forgot to pack pajamas for me! so, I slept in my baseball shirt and underwear. Luckily, Grandma had brought some pajamas that I forgot at her place, so I wore those on Saturday night.

When we woke up in the morning, Grandma, Grandpa, Lauren, Ben, Dani & Jason were all there. We hung out with Grandma & Grandpa while Mom & Dad went to town to look at cars. They came back with a new car! It was a silver Impala with a sunroof. It was pretty cool, but Mommy wouldn't give us a ride in it because it didn't have our car seats in it.
We swam a little before supper then had a bonfire. It was a fun Saturday.

Sunday, we fished for a little bit before Grand Grandma Marita came up with Grandpa's brother and some of his nieces. It was a great day to swim! We played in the water with a raft, with noodles, rode on Angie's jetski and Mom even went waterskiing! (Mom and both her sisters waterskiied)

It was a bummer to leave, but we had to clean the cabin before we left. We got to ride home with Mommy in her new car. We got to eat supper at a restaurant - we both wanted to go to Perkins, so mom said she'd take us because we both agreed on a place.

Daycare was closed again Monday so we just hung out at home with mom. We looked forward to Friday because it was going to be a fun day for us.

Wednesday, I was very sad because I saw a scuba set (mom said it's a snorkel set, but I call it scuba gear) on the table. Mom said it was Dad's, even though I really wanted it! Thursday morning, Mommy gave Hannah and me each a bag with our very own snorkel & mask! We've been playing with them, though we haven't really used them in the water yet.

Friday, we got to go to a birthday party for one of our daycare friends. Angie came to our house just before we left, so she came with us, too. Hannah was a little shy and took a while to open up and play, even though most of the kids were from daycare. But, once we started playing games, eating food, we had fun. We even got big bags of candy when we went home!

When the party was over, we walked up the carnival. There were so many people - it was just crazy! We'd been watching the carnival rides & games set up all week as we drove by to get to daycare, so we knew what rides we wanted. I really wanted to ride the dragon ride! We met a friend from Sunday school there and rode the cars with her, then she and Hannah rode the dragon roller coaster. Hannah said it was fun but she didn't want to do it again. Then we rode the ride I'd been holding out for! The spinny dragons. Daddy went with us so all four of us were inside the dragon going round and round. It was so much fun! After that, we used our last ticket for the big slide. Hannah went down and said it was so great, but it was too high for me. I got up to the top of the slide then decided it was too high and came back down the stairs.

We walked around the crowds and found Sue (our daycare mom) at the bingo tent. We were so excited to see her! Then, we got piggy back rides to zoom back to the truck to watch fireworks. It was really cool but pretty loud. I didn't like how loud they were.

The rest of the weekend was a lazy weekend. Hannah, Angie & Mom went to the farmers market on Saturday and got balloons for us, we played computer & iPad games, got to slip-n-slide and then filled the pool after Angie left. It was a fun weekend, but it's time to get back to daycare tomorrow.

Have a good week! Mom said if we're good, we can go to Great Grandma's lake on Saturday to see Angie again. Yay!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

summer heat

It's getting hot out there!
We've enjoyed swimming lessons this week. We're getting better at bobbing our heads underwater. Hannah still doesn't like to do it, but I'm getting more comfortable. We had lessons all week, but got rained out on Friday. We did safety worksheets and got candy from our teacher because it was lightning the last day of the lessons. We got our report cards; we still need to work on putting our faces in the water and floating on our backs and fronts. But, Mommy & Daddy are happy with the progress we've made so far in the 2 weeks of lessons.
Thursday, Mommy brought us balloons! they were left over from some meeting she was at, but we were so excited! It was a big bunch of colorful balloons, a few individual white ones and a big letter z (that went flat right away). It was so much fun! She brought them to us while we were eating supper, and we saw her coming in the backyard with all the balloons. We were so excited, we could hardly finish supper! Unfortunately, Mom & Dad have great power over us when we have balloons in the house - they can make us do anything without argument (go to bed, brush our teeth, get dressed, you know...) by threatening to pop the balloons if we don't listen.
Friday, Daddy stayed home with us. We just got to play with the balloons and our toys. And, we looked forward to Megan coming to babysit us! She came over after our swimming lessons while Mommy & Daddy went to some show for Mom's work. We love when Megan watches us! We played candyland and were very good for her. Mommy & Daddy said their show (Louie Anderson) was great.
Saturday we got up and packed up to go to Mom & Dad's friend Reid's cabin. We have been looking forward to this for a long time. It was a really hot weekend, so heading north to the lake was perfect!
We got there after lunch, so we had sandwiches and put on our swimsuits right away. Reid had the jet ski out and was giving rides on the tubes. Mommy rode on the tube with us while our friends Juanita & Dillon rode on another tube. It was fun, but Hannah got scared and didn't like the speed and the bumps, so she went back to the shore and hung out with Daddy.
Reid took Mommy & me on a great ride! I was shouting "more bumpy! faster!" because I was having so much fun. He said he was taking it easy on us, and I didn't fall off at all! It was awesome.
After the tubing, we swam for a little while then got to go out on the pontoon. We saw eagles and lots of cool places. Hannah was getting tired and ready to go back to the cabin. I was enjoying using the binoculars (though it took me half the boat ride to figure out that I had them BACKWARDS!) We saw an eagle, and lots of loons. (we know the loon is the Minnesota state bird)
After the boat ride, Daddy made supper, we had some snacks (Bev & Patty shared chips) and got ready for a bonfire! Dillon & I helped find sticks for the fire, then we got ready for s'mores. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were SO BAD that we each only had one s'more before we had to go inside. It was such an exhausting day, we fell right asleep when we finally went to bed.
We had fun with Reid saying "hello! hello! hello!" He kept saying something about three stooges - we just thought it was funny!
This morning, we got up and put on our swimsuits right away. We were bummed that we had to wait until after breakfast to swim (though, Patty made delicious french toast and sausage!) We got to swim with Dillon for a while, then with Mommy. I practiced my head bobs for her and bounced in the water with her. It was fun! Hannah didn't want to splash or bob her head. I tried to help Mommy encourage her, but she didn't want to. Maybe next time.
After swimming, we packed up and went to visit a friend that Daddy's family was friends with since he was a little baby. We played with their toys (they had light sabres) and - oh yeah - ate some lunch. It was fun and Daddy was happy to catch up with these friends.
On the way home, it started to rain and Daddy decided to put Cheyenne in the truck with us (instead of her Kennel) because it was so hot. She was very happy to cuddle up to me and Hannah in the dry, air conditioned truck and sleep all the way home.
It was a very busy weekend. We're all ready to go back to work tomorrow (our work is Sue's house). Too bad we don't have swimming this week! It's going to be very hot. But, we're happy to be home in our air conditioning. So is Daddy & Mommy!
Have a good week!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We've had a busy couple of weeks!
Two weeks ago, we went home with Grandma to spend a week.
We went to visit our great grandmas, spent a day with our cousins Lauren & Ben, went with Grandma & Grandpa to get their eyes checked, made cookies and went to the lake!
We had a very good time at the lake, but were very anxious for Mom & Dad to come to the lake because we missed them very much. They came while we were sleeping Friday night, and we were SO happy to see them when we got up Saturday!
Still, we got to enjoy the lake with Grandma, Grandpa, Angie, Dani, Jason, Lauren, Ben and Mom and Dad. We got to swim a lot
Saturday night, we had a bonfire, roasted marshmallows, then Angie shot fireworks that Grandpa had bought. He got a LOT of cool fireworks, so we had fun Saturday AND Sunday watching them. It was awesome.Saturday, Grandpa got the pontoon boat in the water. Usually it just sits on the hill and we pretend to drive it, but Grandpa actually put it in the water! He took us out for a ride Saturday night, but we got about 1/4 mile from shore before the motor pooped out. Daddy & Jason came to rescue us, but Grandpa was able to get back into shore with a crippled boat. Luckily, he fixed it Sunday and was able to take us out Sunday night. It was fun! We both got to drive a little bit and look around the lake.
Monday, we were sad to have to go back, but ready to get back to our own beds and our own house. We made it most of the way home before we fell asleep after a long busy weekend.
Tuesday, we were excited to go back to Sue's to see all our friends.
We also started swimming lessons! our teacher's name is Jared, though he had a helper most of the days this week. We started just learning to kick our feet on the side of the pool. This week, the hardest part has been learning to put our face in the water without having a towel to wipe our face right away. Noah is a little scared and clings to the teacher when it's time to put our face under, but he's good at it when he finally has to do it. I'm being a big girl and learning to put my face under without fussing. We're both enjoying swimming lessons, though! Noah didn't want to go back the second day but mommy finally figured out that he didn't want to go back because he didn't want to take a BATH afterwords...he liked the swimming part. Now, we look forward to swimming every day.
Friday, we even went off the DIVING BOARD! It was awesome! Jared lowered us into the water to another teacher who let us get our face wet then helped us swim to the edge of the pool.
Saturday, Lars & Matt came over to help Daddy. When we were at Grandma's, lots of branches broke off the trees and our backyard was FULL of branches. Since Daddy's arm is hurt, Lars & Matt came to help him cut branches and clean up the trees and yard. I had a tea party on the deck since it was too dangerous to play in the backyard.
It was a hot day and Mommy turned on the sprinkler in the front yard to let us play in the afternoon. It was really fun, and after we ran through the sprinkler, we got ready for a party at Lars & Juanita's. We got to jump on the trampoline and have yummy food and play with Trevor & Amara. But, we were scared to go to bed there - we really wanted to go home. We cried a little bit and told Mommy we missed Cheyenne, but we were big kids and fell asleep there so Mommy & Daddy could hang out with their friends and have fun.
Today was a lazy day - we all took naps because we had a late night last night. I had a hard time sleeping tonight since I napped so well today. So, I listened to fireworks and cuddled with Mommy while we watched the rain & lightning for a little while. When I went back to bed, I was very tired and fell asleep quickly.
We're looking forward to swimming lessons again tomorrow! It's going to be a fun week - getting to go to the pool every day. Yay!
Have a great week!