Sunday, February 26, 2012

We finally got SNOW!

It was a fun week, though it had its ups and downs.

Monday, daycare and school were both closed. We stayed home with Daddy while he worked from home. Since we were good in the morning, we got to go to Target at lunchtime to take a little break. We had earned $10 Target cards a few weeks earlier helping out in a kids study at the U, so we got to pick out a toy to spend our $10 on. Noah picked a lego set with a policeman, prisoner, 2 vehicles and a police station. I got a Barbie purse that I could color myself and a magic reveal coloring book. I spent the whole afternoon coloring my new purse and my coloring book, while Noah spent the rest of the afternoon putting together his Legos.

Tuesday, we got SNOW! We were SO excited when we got up and found snow on the ground. After school, we helped daddy shovel the snow and got to play, make snow angels and slide down the hill in the frontyard.

Wednesday was "N" day at school, so we got to bring something that started with the letter "N". I bought a NOAH! Just kidding. I also wore my necklace with my name on it. Noah brought our nightlight. Unfortunately he forgot his backpack on the bus, so we didn't get our nightlight back for bedtime! We're big kids, though, so we didn't even fuss. Thursday, Sue went out and got the backpack from the bus driver in the morning so he got his backpack back, and we got our nightlight back.

Saturday, Mommy had a volleyball tournament, so after hanging out at home in the morning, we got to go see her and the Divas play. All the kids were there, so I got to play with Abbey, Piper, Aubrey, Anika and the rest of the kids. Noah didn't want to stay after ate our lunchables, so he went home after watching Mommy play and I got to stay with all the kids! It was so much fun. We watched Mommy play, played ball, watched some videos, played some games and decorated signs for the Divas. I even got a new headband made for me out of duct tape. Noah got to help Daddy grocery shop. They bought kabobs for a party that night, and a mango. He was so excited about trying mango - he loved it and was excited for me to try it!

After volleyball, Mommy and I went to Lars & Juanita's for a party. Daddy & Noah were already there. We had a good time playing and running around with the boys. But, when Mommy & Daddy asked us if we wanted to sleep there or come home, we both wanted to come home. When we put on our jammies and got ready to leave, Lars played one of Noah's favorite songs on his TV! It was so cool. They were singing the Star Wars song by Weird Al, dancing and singing along. It was pretty funny! We got home really late. I pretended to fall asleep on the way home while Mommy talked to Noah. I fooled her! She unbuckled me and then I opened my eyes and laughed at her. I did fall asleep fast when we got home, though.

Today, I tried a mango for breakfast, but I didn't like it. Noah was happy to eat the rest of mine for me. We got to church really early, so we made a card for a sick kid at the Ronald McDonald house before class. After Sunday School, Noah went into the nursery & I went to church and colored at the back table. My friend Ryan from Sunday school sat next to me and we colored pictures for our parents together.

After lunch, we were all tired, so we rested for a short time. I fell asleep! When we all woke up, daddy told us he would take us to Ikea. We were SO EXCITED!
We were really bummed when we got there and found out the playland was full and we couldn't go play. We had a hard time not having a tantrum & pouting, but we made the best of it shopping with Mommy & Daddy. We got to try out all the chairs, play on the couches, and sit at the tables. We had a fun time, but ran out of time to play in the kids stuff area. Maybe if the playland is full next time we go, we can spend some time playing in the kids room area.
After Ikea, we ate at Sunshine factory! We were so busy we didn't even have time for baths. But, we had a fun day!

We're looking forward to some snow this week. We've missed having it this weekend, so we hope the weather men are right when they say we'll get snow this week.
Have a good week.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a great week!
Monday, we brought our Valentine's to school and to daycare.

We brought Valentines gifts for Sue & Megan. We cut out our handprints for Sue, Megan, Mrs. Bodin & Mrs Hanks with a note that said "You deserve a hand. Happy Valentine's Day" and put them on little bottles of lotion. Sue thought it was so nice that we brought her a present, and she said she'd give Megan her present. When we gave the presents to our teachers, they were surprised and happy that we brought presents for THEM! Sue told us the next day that Megan even tweeted "Noah & Hannah love me" so she loved the present, too.

In school, we had our friendship party. Daddy surprised us and came to hear us sing songs, then we got to decorate cookies for ourselves, Mommy & Daddy after we did a special art project with candy hearts.

Mommy came home early that night so we could have supper as a family and go to a meeting. We went to look at a new school that we might go to next year. We all got in the truck and followed the school buses down to the new school. The parking lot was so full we had to walk a little ways to get there. We waited in line down a hall, up some stairs and when we got to the top of the stairs they told us that the meeting was full and we couldn't come in. We were SO bummed! But, Daddy & mommy let us look around, and we found the classrooms were open. So, we checked out the kindergarten classrooms, 1st grade and the cafeteria. It was a pretty nice school, but on the way home, I told Mom & Dad that I choose Forest. I liked that school better. Daddy said there are a lot of things that go into where we go to school next year and we don't know where we'll go yet.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day! We had a party at Sue's house, then we waited for mom to come home. Daddy took Hannah on a date night, and Mommy took me. But, Hannah and I both chose the same restaurant so we went on our date together. I chose Broadway Pizza, and Hannah decided to go to the same place. They didn't have a buffet, so I ate grilled cheese & applesauce, Hannah ate chicken strips & applesauce. We didn't get in the room with the train, though, so I was pretty disappointed that I could hardly see the train from where I was sitting.

When we got home, we got to open our Valentine's Day gifts from Mom & Dad, and Daddy opened one from us. Hannah and I got La La Loopsy dolls - I was excited to get my own little boy doll (he's Patch the Pirate, dressed up like a skeleton) so Hannah & I can play in her treehouse together. She got a cheerleader doll with pompoms and a megaphone. We gave Daddy a Darth Vader M&M dispenser, so he shared his M&Ms with us. We also gave him a card. Mommy had a card with our picture on it, and we signed it all by ourselves (we both wrote how much we love him).

Wednesday we got a double orange stripe on our soo bahk do belts. We were so proud, we had to wear our gis until Mommy came home so we could show her.

Saturday, Hannah went to the library to pick up books for our Minnesota reports. I decided to stay home and play with my legos instead. While she was there, Hannah got to read to a bunny! There was a bunny & puppy there and a line to get to read to the animals. Since we have a dog, Hannah chose to read Scooby Do to the Bunny. She was so excited! She was bouncing up and down and so proud of her sticker that said "I read to Honey".

After quiet time, Daddy told us we had a special surprise. We got in the car and went through the car wash. Not the best surprise, but then we went down to the movie theater so see the muppets. It was SOO good! I was cheering, singing and dancing through the whole movie. We got a big popcorn and pitcher of lemonade. I drank 3 lemonades, but OH BOY did I have to pee when the movie was over!

Hannah worked on her Minnesota report for a little while. She's going to do her report on Paul Bunyan. I'll work on my report about apples later.

Mommy & Daddy got a letter from a school who wants us to come be in their kindergarten. They said it's a place called Beacon. I don't know where that is, but they said we might look at it in April.

Today we had Sunday School. Once again, I spent half of our class in a timeout because I didn't want to participate. The class even got to put on funny hats and take pictures, but I just sat with my nose in the corner instead. When I did decide to go to class, we ate popcorn and talked about the story. It was fun. After Sunday School, we went to church. Mom and Dad told me that I couldn't go to the nursery if I was going to be naughty in Sunday School. So, I was a pretty good boy in church. I read my new book from the church library, then colored and prayed with the rest of the people.

This afternoon, daddy went bowling with the church, so we hung out at home and just played. I worked a little bit on my Minnesota report. We read some books and looked on the iPad for some pictures.

We don't have school tomorrow, so we get to stay home with Daddy. He's working from home, so Hannah and I will just play together or I'll focus on building things with Legos in the Rompus room.

Have a good week!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, we got to go to work with Daddy. We helped out with a scientific study at the University of Minnesota. They talked to us and told us all about an animal, but they were wrong about some things - what they told us didn't match the pictures we saw. I argued with them a little bit. Hannah didn't argue as much. I'm not sure why they were trying to fool us, but they gave us each a giftcard to Target! We are looking forward to when we get to go SHOPPING with our money! After the study at the U, we came home, played a little bit, and Daddy told us that we were so good that we deserved dinner at a restaurant. So, he took us to McDonalds before bringing us to school.

Monday night after supper, Mom & Dad made us decide what we want to do our Minnesota reports on, and made us sign a contract because they said we change our minds too much. So, then we went to the library to find books on Paul Bunyan for Hannah and Minnesota apples for me. We found a few things, then we plan on checking the internet for more things to help us with our presentations. We are really looking forward to doing our Minnesota reports!

Wednesday, a girl who had been picking on Hannah on the bus apologized to her. The girl had been calling Hannah "her baby" and pulling her hair but Hannah was too shy to stand up to a big kid. Mom and Dad told her to tell the girl she's NOT her baby and to leave her alone. Well, apparently the girl got called to the principal's office for what she did to Hannah and felt bad, so she told Hannah she was sorry. I hope she is nice to Hannah the rest of the school year. We like riding the bus with our daycare friends from Northport, but don't like when kids are mean or naughty.

We've been looking forward to Thursday for a long time! We knew that February 9th was the day we got to go look at a kindergarten that we might go to. Mike teaches at that school, so it would be so AWESOME to go to that school!

Finally, after weeks of waiting, Thursday came. After Hannah's dance class, Daddy took us to the school (which we've been to many times because Mommy & Daddy played volleyball there in the past and it's across the street from our church!) We ate peanut butter sandwiches in the truck before Daddy brought us inside. Mommy came in shortly after we got there. We knew SO MANY people! Abby and another girl from Hannah's dance class were there; Jacob & Ava, Sophia from church were there. And, about 4 or 5 of our friends from Creative Play preschool were there. It was so great. We got to go up in front of the gym and talk to the teachers, they gave us a book of letters to have, and we got to check out the classrooms, library & music room. We are very excited about kindergarten!

Friday after daycare & school, mommy brought us home to find daddy had dinner already on the table! We ate fast, took quick baths and got all dressed up for the sweetheart dance. Daddy's back was hurting him, so he stayed home while we went with Mommy. It was so fun. Hannah danced, I RAN back and forth. We both got to limbo, do the hokey pokey, get our pictures taken, eat heart shaped cake and drank juice. (We even got to share Daddy's cake since he wasn't there!) It was fun.

Saturday morning, I got up and found GRANDPA sitting on the couch in our living room! I was surprised to see him, and Hannah was even MORE surprised to see them! Mommy told us we would have a surprise Saturday. I kind of guessed Grandma, and it really was!

We got to go shopping with them, came home to eat, open valentine gifts from Grandma & Grandpa, Dani & Jason and Angie, then we went to look at carpet stores with Grandma & Grandpa. The first store was really boring. Grandpa & Grandma looked around, and mommy made us sit on a couch and wouldn't let us run around. I almost had to sit in the car at the next store, but I'm glad I didn't because we stayed there for a really long time! They had a kids corner with toys and books, so Hannah and I played and read while Grandma & Grandma & Mommy & Daddy looked at carpets for Grandma & Grandpa's lake house.

After that, mommy made us sign our valentines while Grandpa put new lights in the laundry room. It's SO MUCH LIGHTER in there! It's really cool. Once we got our valentines signed, we got to play until supper. I got to show Grandma & Grandpa my rompus room and Hannah showed off her Barbie house. Grandma told Hannah that the Barbies kept her up all night Friday partying, so they cleaned up the Barbie house and told the Barbies to freeze on Saturday before bed.

We took Grandma & Grandpa to Sunday School and church today. I went to the nursery while Grandma, Grandpa & Mommy went to church (daddy went home to make dinner). Hannah came in halfway through church. When Mommy came to get me from the nursery, I showed her that I had thrown a ball up and it got caught in the light! The girls who run the nursery said it was a one-in-a-million chance to get it stuck where I did, but it wouldn't come down. They thought I was funny.

We were sad when Grandma & Grandpa had to leave. But, hopefully we'll see them soon. Mommy said we might be able to go stay with them for a week in the summer, which would be really cool.

Have a good week! Mommy said we get to go see a new kindergarten tomorrow, so we're looking forward to that.
Tomorrow, we have a friendship party at Creative play preschool (I think we're having COOKIES because Hannah brought cookies and I brought frosting to class on Friday!). Then Tuesday we get to have a party at daycare with our friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

We've had a fun couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago, Daddy picked us up from daycare and brought us to meet Mommy for dinner. We got to choose where to eat, so we got to go to Wendy's. Then we stopped to buy some dog food and went to Daddy's volleyball game. Mommy got to play volleyball with him, so we sat in the hall and played iPad during the game. Mom and Dad said they were happy that we were good. We even got to see some of the Divas on the way to their games in the same school!

That weekend, we were up late both nights! Friday, we went out for ice cream. While we were out, Daddy told us we were on our way to Ron & Carol's to pick up something. When we got there, we were happy to see Ron & Carol! We went inside so Mom & Dad could talk and we could walk. We could walk in a big circle through the living room, dining room and kitchen! It was so cool, we did that for almost 45 minutes before Mom & Dad said we had to go home.

Saturday, Dad told us we had plans for Saturday night. I wanted it to be a surprise, but Noah told me we were going to a party with Daddy's volleyball team. We had a fun night playing with cars & video games. We fell asleep there. We remember driving home in the snow, but fell right asleep when we got into our own beds.

Tuesday night, Daddy got to go to hockey game, so he picked us up early from daycare and drove us to Mommy's office. We were very good while she worked. We got to watch Lilo & Stitch & color while she finished working. She said we were so good that we got to have McDonald's as a treat! So, we got to eat inside the restaurant and have happy Meals. Yum! We got to bed a little late, but before we fell asleep, Mommy came in and told us to be good because she was going to volleyball and leaving a babysitter with us. It was Megan! We got to give her good night hugs before we went to bed! We love Megan! It was a bummer that we didn't get to play with her, but maybe some other time.

Wednesday at school, I got to bring Spot home. He's our new classroom puppy. He's a stuffed dog with a book to read and a book for us to draw a picture of what we did with Spot. Spot sat with Daddy and watched me do my Soo Bahk Do, so I drew that picture in the book and wrote a short story about how Spot watched me and Noah then I read him the book.

Friday, when I brought Spot back to school, Noah got picked to bring Spot home!
It was also 50's day at school. We wore clothes like they did in the 50's and had a dance in the gym. We also all brought 50 of something. Noah brought Legos. I counted 50 M&Ms into a bag to bring to school.

After Mom picked us up from Sue's, we went to Target to pick out our Valentines for School and daycare. While we were there, we saw Molly & Ellie! They're the other set of twins at daycare (they turned 1 in September). I love Molly & Ellie so much. They're so cute!

I've been very excited at Sue's. She has been having us do 1st grade workbooks. They're definitely challenging for us, but Noah & I can read them and do the work. I'm so proud of us for doing 1st grade work! So is Sue. The best part was when Mike taught 1st grade and brought home worksheets from his class. We got to do them on Thursday and got them all! I missed a few when the directions changed because I didn't read the directions, but I knew the answers once Sue pointed out that I had to read the directions.

Saturday, Mommy had a volleyball tournament and we went to Daddy's cousin's house to have brunch and play. We had so much fun with Lauren, Kennedy & Pearce! We also got to see Aunt Angela, Sarah, Stuart, Dan, Susan, Donald, Gayle, Fiona, Michelle & Michael.

Today, at Sunday School, we got to go to the Library. We each got to take home a book. After Sunday School, Noah went to the nursery & I went with Mommy to church. I sat right behind my friend Emily (from Sunday School) so we got to talk a little bit during church (even though our Moms told us to be quiet & pray.) After church, Mom & Dad were talking to other adults, so we got to run around the youth room and play for a half hour while they talked. After we left, Mom & Dad took us to Green Mill for lunch. It was yummy, but we had such a big breakfast, we weren't too hungry. When we got home, we got to watch Tangled and play upstairs with our toys. What a great day!

I'd better go now. We're going to go to work with Daddy tomorrow. He's going to take us to work, then we have to go do a test at his work, then he'll drop us off at school. It's going to be a big day!

I'm really looking forward to Thursday. Mom said that's the day we're going to visit the kindergarten where we might go to school. I'm so excited! I've been looking forward to this day on the calendar since Mom told us about it 2 weeks ago!

have a good week!