Sunday, February 26, 2012

We finally got SNOW!

It was a fun week, though it had its ups and downs.

Monday, daycare and school were both closed. We stayed home with Daddy while he worked from home. Since we were good in the morning, we got to go to Target at lunchtime to take a little break. We had earned $10 Target cards a few weeks earlier helping out in a kids study at the U, so we got to pick out a toy to spend our $10 on. Noah picked a lego set with a policeman, prisoner, 2 vehicles and a police station. I got a Barbie purse that I could color myself and a magic reveal coloring book. I spent the whole afternoon coloring my new purse and my coloring book, while Noah spent the rest of the afternoon putting together his Legos.

Tuesday, we got SNOW! We were SO excited when we got up and found snow on the ground. After school, we helped daddy shovel the snow and got to play, make snow angels and slide down the hill in the frontyard.

Wednesday was "N" day at school, so we got to bring something that started with the letter "N". I bought a NOAH! Just kidding. I also wore my necklace with my name on it. Noah brought our nightlight. Unfortunately he forgot his backpack on the bus, so we didn't get our nightlight back for bedtime! We're big kids, though, so we didn't even fuss. Thursday, Sue went out and got the backpack from the bus driver in the morning so he got his backpack back, and we got our nightlight back.

Saturday, Mommy had a volleyball tournament, so after hanging out at home in the morning, we got to go see her and the Divas play. All the kids were there, so I got to play with Abbey, Piper, Aubrey, Anika and the rest of the kids. Noah didn't want to stay after ate our lunchables, so he went home after watching Mommy play and I got to stay with all the kids! It was so much fun. We watched Mommy play, played ball, watched some videos, played some games and decorated signs for the Divas. I even got a new headband made for me out of duct tape. Noah got to help Daddy grocery shop. They bought kabobs for a party that night, and a mango. He was so excited about trying mango - he loved it and was excited for me to try it!

After volleyball, Mommy and I went to Lars & Juanita's for a party. Daddy & Noah were already there. We had a good time playing and running around with the boys. But, when Mommy & Daddy asked us if we wanted to sleep there or come home, we both wanted to come home. When we put on our jammies and got ready to leave, Lars played one of Noah's favorite songs on his TV! It was so cool. They were singing the Star Wars song by Weird Al, dancing and singing along. It was pretty funny! We got home really late. I pretended to fall asleep on the way home while Mommy talked to Noah. I fooled her! She unbuckled me and then I opened my eyes and laughed at her. I did fall asleep fast when we got home, though.

Today, I tried a mango for breakfast, but I didn't like it. Noah was happy to eat the rest of mine for me. We got to church really early, so we made a card for a sick kid at the Ronald McDonald house before class. After Sunday School, Noah went into the nursery & I went to church and colored at the back table. My friend Ryan from Sunday school sat next to me and we colored pictures for our parents together.

After lunch, we were all tired, so we rested for a short time. I fell asleep! When we all woke up, daddy told us he would take us to Ikea. We were SO EXCITED!
We were really bummed when we got there and found out the playland was full and we couldn't go play. We had a hard time not having a tantrum & pouting, but we made the best of it shopping with Mommy & Daddy. We got to try out all the chairs, play on the couches, and sit at the tables. We had a fun time, but ran out of time to play in the kids stuff area. Maybe if the playland is full next time we go, we can spend some time playing in the kids room area.
After Ikea, we ate at Sunshine factory! We were so busy we didn't even have time for baths. But, we had a fun day!

We're looking forward to some snow this week. We've missed having it this weekend, so we hope the weather men are right when they say we'll get snow this week.
Have a good week.


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