Sunday, February 5, 2012

We've had a fun couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago, Daddy picked us up from daycare and brought us to meet Mommy for dinner. We got to choose where to eat, so we got to go to Wendy's. Then we stopped to buy some dog food and went to Daddy's volleyball game. Mommy got to play volleyball with him, so we sat in the hall and played iPad during the game. Mom and Dad said they were happy that we were good. We even got to see some of the Divas on the way to their games in the same school!

That weekend, we were up late both nights! Friday, we went out for ice cream. While we were out, Daddy told us we were on our way to Ron & Carol's to pick up something. When we got there, we were happy to see Ron & Carol! We went inside so Mom & Dad could talk and we could walk. We could walk in a big circle through the living room, dining room and kitchen! It was so cool, we did that for almost 45 minutes before Mom & Dad said we had to go home.

Saturday, Dad told us we had plans for Saturday night. I wanted it to be a surprise, but Noah told me we were going to a party with Daddy's volleyball team. We had a fun night playing with cars & video games. We fell asleep there. We remember driving home in the snow, but fell right asleep when we got into our own beds.

Tuesday night, Daddy got to go to hockey game, so he picked us up early from daycare and drove us to Mommy's office. We were very good while she worked. We got to watch Lilo & Stitch & color while she finished working. She said we were so good that we got to have McDonald's as a treat! So, we got to eat inside the restaurant and have happy Meals. Yum! We got to bed a little late, but before we fell asleep, Mommy came in and told us to be good because she was going to volleyball and leaving a babysitter with us. It was Megan! We got to give her good night hugs before we went to bed! We love Megan! It was a bummer that we didn't get to play with her, but maybe some other time.

Wednesday at school, I got to bring Spot home. He's our new classroom puppy. He's a stuffed dog with a book to read and a book for us to draw a picture of what we did with Spot. Spot sat with Daddy and watched me do my Soo Bahk Do, so I drew that picture in the book and wrote a short story about how Spot watched me and Noah then I read him the book.

Friday, when I brought Spot back to school, Noah got picked to bring Spot home!
It was also 50's day at school. We wore clothes like they did in the 50's and had a dance in the gym. We also all brought 50 of something. Noah brought Legos. I counted 50 M&Ms into a bag to bring to school.

After Mom picked us up from Sue's, we went to Target to pick out our Valentines for School and daycare. While we were there, we saw Molly & Ellie! They're the other set of twins at daycare (they turned 1 in September). I love Molly & Ellie so much. They're so cute!

I've been very excited at Sue's. She has been having us do 1st grade workbooks. They're definitely challenging for us, but Noah & I can read them and do the work. I'm so proud of us for doing 1st grade work! So is Sue. The best part was when Mike taught 1st grade and brought home worksheets from his class. We got to do them on Thursday and got them all! I missed a few when the directions changed because I didn't read the directions, but I knew the answers once Sue pointed out that I had to read the directions.

Saturday, Mommy had a volleyball tournament and we went to Daddy's cousin's house to have brunch and play. We had so much fun with Lauren, Kennedy & Pearce! We also got to see Aunt Angela, Sarah, Stuart, Dan, Susan, Donald, Gayle, Fiona, Michelle & Michael.

Today, at Sunday School, we got to go to the Library. We each got to take home a book. After Sunday School, Noah went to the nursery & I went with Mommy to church. I sat right behind my friend Emily (from Sunday School) so we got to talk a little bit during church (even though our Moms told us to be quiet & pray.) After church, Mom & Dad were talking to other adults, so we got to run around the youth room and play for a half hour while they talked. After we left, Mom & Dad took us to Green Mill for lunch. It was yummy, but we had such a big breakfast, we weren't too hungry. When we got home, we got to watch Tangled and play upstairs with our toys. What a great day!

I'd better go now. We're going to go to work with Daddy tomorrow. He's going to take us to work, then we have to go do a test at his work, then he'll drop us off at school. It's going to be a big day!

I'm really looking forward to Thursday. Mom said that's the day we're going to visit the kindergarten where we might go to school. I'm so excited! I've been looking forward to this day on the calendar since Mom told us about it 2 weeks ago!

have a good week!

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