Monday, January 23, 2012


Cute Hannah Story from last week

Struggling to clean the house today with Hannah and Noah...I finally gave up on having them help and told them both to go play (after watching a popular Disney Movie). Coming down the hallway I see one of Hannah's play shoes. I pick it up ('cause I'm in the ZONE!) and walk it into her room saying "Hannah, WHY am I finding your shoe in the hallway!@?"

I come around the corner to see her in her Cinderella Dress. She snatches the shoe from my hand and runs it back into the hallway saying "Daddy, That's my slipper, I DROPPED IT!!"

Cute Noah Story from last week

Driving down the ramp between Hwy 494 and 212 in Eden Prairie this evening Noah looked out the window and said: "Daddy, Aunt Angie wants to go there!" then he preceded to sound out the words on the sign "H-a-r-r-r-l-ie D-ea-v-i-dz-e-n"!

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