Sunday, January 15, 2012

A week of highs and lows

Monday night, mommy laughed at us because Noah shared his Obi Wan light saber with me and we had light saber wars.

Thursday night was my first night back to dance class since our recital in December. We didn't practice our dance, we just stretched. And, we got our uniforms! They're so pretty! They're pink with a glittery heart on the front and glittery stuff all over the body. We have a cool fringed skirt for tap and a colorful glittery tutu for ballet. I can't wait to wear it! I put it on to show mommy after my bath. I was so excited because she took pictures of me wearing my outfit.

Friday morning, I woke up in terrible pain. I couldn't walk with out pain, I cried when I had to move my leg. Daddy gave me some medicine and he and Mommy told me it should be better throughout the day. But, it still hurt when I went to school and when I went to bed.

Saturday morning, my leg still hurt so bad that I could hardly walk. Mom and Dad told me that if I couldn't walk, I had to go to the doctor. I really didn't want to go to the doctor, but mommy took me to Urgent Care anyway. My regular doctor happened to be in the office and had a no-show, so he was able to see me right away. He checked my leg, asked me some questions and figured out what hurt. Then he told Mommy that he wanted some more tests done that he can't do on a Saturday, so we had to go to Children's hospital to get some more tests. He said there were 2 things it could be: it could have been an infection that would be very painful but go away on its own, or it could have been an infection that could have been very serious.

We got to Children's Hospital at about 11 o'clock. We watched TV while we waited for our names to be called. Daddy was helping his friend move a hot tub, but he left his friend to came to see me and make sure I was OK. The nurse who checked me in was very nice. Then they brought me into a room where a doctor came to look at my leg. Noah & Mommy went to eat while the nurses did some tests on me. I had an X-ray done and some blood tests. It hurt when they put the needle in my hand to take blood. They wrapped it up and left the needle in my hand, so it hurt and was hard to move.

Thankfully, Mommy brought 2 books & 2 iPads to keep us from being bored.

Shortly after Mommy & Noah got back from eating, the doctor came in and told us that my X-rays and blood tests looked OK. They said the pain was a transient synovitus, and it should go away on its own. After we checked out, Daddy took me to Burger King to eat.

After, we got home, we got ready to go to Mommy's Diva Party. We had planned to spend the afternoon baking for the party, but Mommy said Diva Jen covered for her and brought cookies for the party. I was feeling well enough to play with all the other kids, so we ate a little bit of food and went downstairs to play with the rest of the kids for most of the night.

It was a fun night, but a late night - we fell asleep on the way home. And, we slept late. I woke up at 9:30 when Noah was hitting his light against the bed. We decided to just take the day off Sunday School and hang out at home. I was walking better today, though my leg still hurts and I limp quite a bit.

Noah and I had a great day just playing with each other. We played Barbies in my doll house and legos and cars in the rompus room. It was a great day, but we were bummed when we had to clean up and brush our teeth. We can't wait until tomorrow to get to keep playing! We don't have school, so we'll get to play with all the schoolkids at daycare tomorrow.

Have a good week!

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