Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

What a difference a little weather makes

This week started out wonderful and warm, for a little bit we were thinking that Spring was on its way. We got to walk Cheyenne on Monday and both of us got to take our turn holding her leash.

Our Spring-like weather came to a close on Wednesday with an inch of Freezing rain and FOUR inches of snow. Mommy and Daddy keep saying that its good for people who live near rivers, but we don't really understand why...oh well.

Even though it was cold, the sun came out on Thursday and Friday, which made us happy.

On Saturday we talked to Grandpa Bob on the computer. After that, we got in Daddy's truck and went to the cellphone store. While we sat on the floor and played with our computers, Mommy and Daddy got new cell phones. After that we got to go to Cici's Pizza and we got to eat all the pizza we could eat (including our favorite new pizza: Macaroni and Cheese Pizza). And for desert we got a Chocolate Brownie with powdered sugar on top. Then we got to go test drive new car seats. Mom and Dad say that we are about to get too big for our current car seats and that we need to transition to booster seats soon!! We got to try out some booster seats and strap into them in the store. Of course, Hannah wanted the pink one. Noah wanted to try out a red one, but they only had black. We tried out ones that were really big - we'll never grow out of those. But we didn't buy any - Mom said she wanted to look for more information on the best car seat we can get.

After the Booster Seat Shopping we got to go to the Library. Mommy did more car seat research while Daddy read books to us in the kids section. After we got home from running all those errands we made cookies for Mommy's Volleyball Team and muffins for our own breakfast Sunday morning. Saturday Night we slept hard.

Sunday, Hannah woke us all up crying because her head hurt. But, once she got up and got some cuddles from Mom & Dad, she was feeling better. Sadly, we had no Sunday School because this week is spring break. Mommy was playing Volleyball with her Divas all day, so we got to stay home and play with Daddy. When Mommy came home, we went to a store to look for cowboy costumes and stopped by Subway on the way home for supper.

We enjoyed our last week of school before Spring Break by making snow men and other wintry-type crafts at school. Hopefully after our week off we can start to make Spring-like crafts instead.

Have a good week. Hopefully it starts to warm up - we are getting excited when we see the grass in small patches! Happy Spring Break!

Noah & Hannah

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a busy week.
Monday, we had to find a new way to get to Sue's. The bridge we always take is going to be torn down, so we have to go a different way. It's longer and more congested, so Mommy & Daddy don't like it. We keep waiting to see the bridge torn down, but it's been up every day this week. Mommy did point out on Friday that part of it came down, but some of it is still there.
Monday was green day at school. We all wore green, watched a movie about green eggs and ham and made green crafts. When we got home, Griffin was out, so we played in the backyard (we can swing on the swings again - there were only a few inches of snow left under the swings!) while we talked to him.
Wednesday, mommy felt really bad for Noah. He went in the bathroom (when she was showering) to ask for toast, and she told him that she would help him as soon as she got done. She told him to wait outside for her. When she got out of the shower, she found him cuddled in the big chair with daddy's blankets on him. He told her that he got cold standing outside and came in to warm up and wait. Mommy felt so bad because she really meant for him to wait outside the door for her. I guess Mom learned to choose her words more carefully.
Unfortunately, Mommy came home from work on Wednesday. She took a test for strep throat and tested positive, so she had to come home from work and not play volleyball in her playoff game. But, we got to hang out with her at night, so she was happy to get to be with us.
We had a field trip Wednesday. It was so cool! We got on the bus and went to a nature center. Some of the parents were there, too. We saw a puppet show about how to make syrup and some of the animals ate the syrup and didn't share with the other animals. That wasn't very nice. We also got to see how they make maple syrup and we even got to eat some on pancakes. It was yummy!
Thursday morning, Noah asked Mommy if we could go to New York after Sue's. He told her he wanted to go to New York and see the real Statue of Liberty. He knew it was a 3 day drive, so Mommy told him we'd have to go some other time because Grandma & Grandpa were coming to babysit us the next day.
Thursday we picked out green clothes because it was St. Patrick's Day. Noah wore his leprechaun hat - we thought we might be able to catch the leprechaun this year and get his pot of gold! We even made leprechaun hats during craft time. He came during naptime and made a BIG MESS (he danced on Sue's table and left mud & snow all over!) but got away before we could catch him. He did leave us some fruit roll ups and glow swords for us, though.
Friday when we got home from Sue's, Grandma & Grandpa pulled into our driveway! Mommy & Daddy went away for a weekend volleyball tournament and Grandma & Grandpa came to babysit. Mommy got second place with her Divas. Yay! Daddy's team didn't do as well because one of their teammates got hurt early in the tournament.
We had a good weekend with Grandpa & Grandma. We went to skating - we did really well for Grandma & Grandpa. We also got to go do lots of shopping with them! We went to Thomas Tool (Noah asked to go to Thomas Tool last weekend, too), then to Mills Fleet Farm and then to Cabelas. They had a giant hill in the middle of the store with lots of animals. It was really cool. We took the stairs up to the second floor of the store, but we got to take the elevator down. Then we came home and played outside with Grandpa.
Today, we went to Sunday School. Noah and I listened nicely to the Bible lesson, and Noah asked a question that stumped the teacher. Then we got to go do our lessons with TJ & Miss Penny. They are such fun teachers. After church, Grandma & Grandpa took us out to Burger King. It was great - I got a Ms. Beans toy, although I wanted the necklace in my Kids Meal. Noah got cards. Mommy & Daddy came home shortly after we ate. We were so happy to see them! (So was Cheyenne!) We got to hang out with Grandma & Grandpa for a little while longer before they had to go home. Then we went outside to play.
Most of the snow has melted! Our red sled is finally uncovered (it got buried under all that snow in November and we haven't seen it since!) Noah helped Mommy clean the yard with the pooper scooper for a while, but then he joined me on the swings. We are so happy to be able to play outside again, although it's wet & muddy out. I had to change my pants when I fell in the mud and got wet, but then I put on my snowpants so I could go down the slide.
It was a very busy week, and a busy weekend with Grandma & Grandpa.
Have a good week!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

uneventful week

Our week was pretty low key.
Mommy & Daddy met with our teacher at preschool on Thursday. She showed Mom & Dad the progress we're making at school. In 3 months, our self portraits & handwriting are so much better than when we started in January. Hannah was doing well at her projects and starting to make friends. Noah is making friends, but needs to keep working on fine motor skills and focusing on directions. It will be helpful for us to go back again next year and keep learning. She also said Noah worries a lot about Hannah, but Hannah worries less about Noah. But, she also says she enjoys us in her class (who wouldn't? we're adorable.) and enjoys that we're so different from each other.
Thursday, Grandma had surgery on her heart. We got to call her on Wednesday night to say hi. Hannah said Hi and told her she loved her. When it was Noah's turn, he took the phone and said "Hi Grandma. Can I talk to Grandpa?" Mommy felt bad since we called to talk to Grandma. But Grandma just laughed.
She is doing better. Hannah told one of our daycare friends that grandma was in the hospital because she had a problem with her heart, and he told her that his mom worked at the hospital. Mom said she works at a different hospital than where Grandma went - Grandma went to Angie's hospital.
Unfortunately, we didn't have school on Friday, because Mrs. Bodin was meeting with parents all day. Friday is gym day, so we were sad to miss gym day at school.
Friday night, though, we got to choose what to make for supper and help. We made muffins and noodle soup.
Daddy came home from work with a new toy. He got an iPad. He had one last summer to play with and now he said he gets to keep this one. It has fun games on it, and even a giraffe that mimics what we say. That's our favorite game!
Saturday we went to skating lessons with both Mom and Dad. We are getting really good at skating. We also got to watch a hockey tournament before skating.
After quiet time, we went to Daddy's volleyball tournament. Unfortunately, we saw them lose their last game. But, we got to take Daddy out to eat with his team (OK, so he paid the bill, not us.) That was really cool to get to go out to eat with all his teammates.
All weekend, Noah talked about going to Safari practice. He told Mom is was 10 miles away and she would have to drive him. (Friday, he said his practice was in Australia, but Sunday he said it moved to Alaska). We drew maps to show where Safari practice was, so Noah could go to Safari practice and Hannah could come watch. It's so much fun to live with our best friend and always have someone to play with.
Have a good week! Next week we have a field trip at school, we we're looking forward to that!
Noah & Hannah

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We had a good week.
Monday night, Mommy told us that both she & Dad had volleyball tournaments on Saturday. I asked her who would take care of us, and she told me that Grandpa & Grandma would. We were excited all week for that!
We've been learning lots of different nursery rhymes at school. We also have been learning about shapes. Friday night, we told Mom & Dad what a Rhombus is. They thought that was pretty cool.
Friday after we took quick baths, we found Grandma & Grandpa in our living room.We thought we wouldn't see them until Saturday morning, so we were excited when they came Friday!
I was so excited about spending the day with Grandma & Grandpa that I got up early (before everyone in the house) and waited quietly in the big chair until Daddy got up. Grandma & Grandpa got up shortly after daddy.
Grandma & Grandpa took us to skating on Saturday and we did so great! Noah was starting to glide and I was getting up quickly and moving faster. After skating, we went home and made pizzas. It was fun and they were delicious.
After we ate, we got to go see Mommy. We hung out with the Divas' kids that were there, then watched the Divas play a game. After volleyball, Grandpa bought us treats from Dairy Queen before we went home for supper. Mom & Dad came home after supper and said they both had fun and did really well at their tournaments.
After Sunday School on Sunday, Daddy made a yummy steak dinner then Mommy, Grandpa and Grandma took us skating. The ice was in really bad shape so it was hard to skate, but I was cruising around the ice until we decided it was time to go home. Noah was very sad when Grandma & Grandpa had to go home. Daddy let us watch Sprout for a little while to rest and relax after they left. It was a fun weekend, so we're worn out.
Noah has been dressing up in his doctor costume all weekend. He's worn his costume, glasses, used his stethoscope and given everyone a checkup. I've also given people checkups with my doctor kit, so our whole house has passed the health test.
Have a good week!