Sunday, August 29, 2010

fun weekend!

Last week we tie-dyed shirts at daycare. We loved dying our own shirts, and loved how they turned out. We were very excited to show them off to Mom & Dad when they picked us up on Friday!
We had a fun weekend at Reid & Denise's house! We left our house on Saturday and were anxious to get there. We got to go fishing, swimming, play with our friends Trevor & Dylan and went on a boat ride. We even stayed up and made s'mores at the campfire! We were so tired when we got to sleep in our sleeping bags! (We love our sleeping bags - we asked Mom & Dad to blow them up all day long!) What a fun day.
Noah spent a lot of time fishing from the dock - Hannah swam, played with her My Little Ponies and read books while Noah fished. Mom & Dad even took us out on a paddle boat ride, though Hannah wanted to turn around and go back when we weren't very far from Reid's house.
We're looking forward to the fair - though we don't know exactly what it is. Mom said we went last year and saw animals and fun stuff.
Have a fun week!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Grandma!

Happy Birthday to Grandma!
We had a fun week - and today was Grandma's birthday, so we got to end the week with birthday cake.
Last week, our aunt Angela came to see us for a few days.
Tuesday, we got new toothbrushes. Mommy took us to Target over the weekend and bought us SpongeBob toothbrushes that tickle our tongues when we turn them on. They are so cool! We love brushing our teeth again.
Thursday, Grandma came with Daddy to pick us up from daycare. We were so happy to see her! She stayed with us while Daddy played volleyball, then stayed with us all day Friday while Mommy & Daddy worked.
Saturday, Angie & Grandpa came, too, so we got to hang out with them all day while Mom & Dad played volleyball. We drove out to an airport where we watched people jump out of airplanes - we even got to see Angie, Great Grandma, Aunt Dee and some of mom's cousins jump out of the plane! It was so cool to see the parachute open up and watch them fall from the sky. We want to go skydiving - we can't wait until we're big enough to jump!
We even got to stay up WAY past our bedtime! They jumped out of the plane 5 hours late, and Grandma said we were so good when we waited, so they took us to Subway for supper. Yummy!
Today was Grandma's birthday, so we helped decorate a cake for her, and told her Happy Birthday! We even got to eat a couple of pieces of birthday cake.
Grandma is going to stay with us again tomorrow, so we're looking forward to playing with her again tomorrow.
We've really enjoyed playing with each other lately. Yes, we still fight but we like to play together. When we take baths, we play with 4 ducks - a mommy, daddy and 2 babies (we each pick a baby from our collection of 10 little ducks!). Our duck families have conversations, the babies get in trouble and the Mom and Dad show the babies how to do stuff. We have so much fun together, we are sad when we have to get out of the bathtub. We also play house, build buildings with Noah's tools and, of course, playing outside on the swings.
Have a fun week - and Happy Birthday to Grandma and her twin Deanna!
Noah & Hannah

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vacation Week

Last week we were all on Vacation!!

We took the Twins to the Children's Museum in Saint Paul on Monday. They had a such a great time that they wanted to go back after a late lunch at McDonald's. So we took them back for more fun...hey, they were on vacation too.

On Wednesday we headed off to Great Grandma's Cabin North of Alexandria and spend a couple days on the Shores of Lobster Lake. The weather was excellent and Hannah and Noah had a marvelous time learning how to fish and swim in cool waters. We took them for several rides around the lake in the boat and they even got to get a ride on Aunt Angie's Jet Ski. We saw loons and fish and lots of bugs including a Stick Bug on Grandma and Grandpa's Camper and spent time alone as a family for 3 days before Shari's extended family showed up for their annual reunion at the lake.

We came home Saturday and enjoyed a mostly quiet day at home (Aunt Angela made a brief visit on her way home from Arkansas) before returning to our normal routine next week.

Hoping you all are having a wonderful Summer,
Stephen (Dad)