Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We've been waiting all week to be able to go t Grandma & Grandpa's house.
Thursday morning, Noah had preschool screening. They told me last year that I passed and could start kindergarten when I'm 5. But, Noah didn't quite cooperate last year for all the tests, so the tester wanted him to go back. This time he did all the tests and aced them! They were very impressed with how hard he's trying to enunciate his "l"s, and he's working hard on his "th" sound (and so am I!), so they said he's ready for kindergarten when he's 5, too. There was another girl being tested at the same time who is a few days older than us. She didn't do very well on her test. Daddy was very proud when he heard how well Noah did, and how smart he and I are. Now Mom is anxious about what school we will go to...
We had a short week at daycare. Thursday was our last day. Sue gave us each Easter baskets with candy & toys. Sue watches twin girls named Mollie & Ellie and I love them. The last few babies have been boys, so I love helping entertain the baby girls! I helped Sue pick out which baby got the white bunny and which baby got a pink bunny in their baskets.
Friday, Dad had to work so we hung out with Mom at home. We played in our pet shop, packed our bags and went to Target to help Mom get treats for an egg hunt at Great Grandma's house. Daddy had to work late, so we got a late start to Grandma's. We got there way past our bedtime, but were so excited to see Grandma, Grandpa & Angie!
Saturday morning, we got up and played with Grandma & Grandpa a short time before Lauren & Ben came. Then we opened some Easter gifts from Dani, Angie & Grandma.
After that we went to Great Grandma Leona's house. As usual, there were lots of mom's cousins & their kids there to play with. After dinner, we went out to a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt! There were eggs and stuff ALL OVER the backyard. Mommy said it looked like the Easter Bunny puked everywhere because there were so many eggs in the grass.
We got a lot of fun stuff - candy, juice, books, toys. Noah's favorite was the magnifying glass.
We spent the afternoon playing with our cousins - I colored with the girl cousins and Noah ran around playing with the boys, chasing each other with empty water guns. We had a really fun time, and later, we got to go outside. We ran in the backyard, rolled down the big hill, then went up the driveway to play on the tractors. It was cool to get to go into the tractors (Daddy & Grandma were with us, so it was OK.) Noah took Mommy way up the driveway to see more tractors and old machinery that didn't work. He said it was pretty cool!
We went to bed a little bit late again. I got to use one of Mommy's favorite blankets from when she was a kid - a blanket with a doll on it. Noah got to use her Crayon sleeping bag. I was a little jealous, but I'll get to use it next time. I did get to sleep with her doll that Grandma made for her while Noah slept with her Mickey Mouse.
We like getting to read Mommy's old books from when she was our age. She has Cabbage Patch Kids, Berenstein Bears and Pac-Man books. Mommy thinks it's cool how we are interested in her old books as much as we are interested in our new books at home.
Today, we got up and played for a long time before we realized that the Easter Bunny had been to Grandma's house. He hid our Easter buckets, so we got to find them to claim our Easter presents. We got some cool stuff - candy, stampers, socks - but our favorite was masks that we get to make! I got a butterfly and Noah got a lion. We can't wait to make our foam masks!
After we got dressed, Cathy & Jim came, and Great Grandma came with Grandpa. Great Grandma fell down a couple of weeks ago so she's been in the hospital to get stronger and better balance. Grandpa took her to church then brought her here to get away from the hospital and enjoy some family time. We got to show Great Grandma how to work Daddy's iPad. We had a yummy meal, then played with Grandma's Woody, Jesse and Buzz toys before we went home. We were so exhausted we actually fell asleep on the drive home! It was a really fun weekend!
Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

It started out as a very nice week. We got to play outside and loved it!
It got colder as the week went on. Mommy started outdoor volleyball on a cold night. By Friday, we were wearing our winter coats again.
Friday, Mommy came to our school. I rode the bus to school, but Mommy brought Noah because he wanted to be a "picker upper". Our teacher was gone, so we had Ms. Mary teaching us. We still got to show off to mom how good we are in our class, and we had gym. Yay! Gym day is our favorite day. Noah rode the trike most of the time, while I played on the gym cubes, played basketball, and jumped on the trampoline. After school, Mommy took us home and we got to hang out at home. I was a little disappointed we didn't get to go back to daycare, but we'll be back again tomorrow.
Saturday, we woke up to snow! It covered the ground and made the air COLD! But, we still went to play volleyball. We had fun again. Our favorite activity is spiking the ball. But, we also like to practice passing and serving because they have little nets that we can play on. We have to miss next week, so we're bummed, but excited because next week is Easter at Grandma's.
After volleyball, we had lunch then got ready to go to the church. Mommy & Daddy helped put together a mystery at the church, we hung out at the church while they set up a saloon. We were very good - we played on our computers & daddy's iPad while they worked. They said we were so good, we got our favorite pizza for supper. We went home about 5 so Mom & Dad could get ready for the mystery and pick up Megan - they even took time to read us some new books we got this morning from the library. Check out the picture of Mom & Dad at their mystery party. We were very excited to have Megan baby sit us! We don't get a sitter very often, so this is a treat. We had pizza, played, and she even let us have our light on really low when we went to bed.
This morning, we got up early so we could sing in church. We started church outside in the cold, then got palm branches to wave in the air when we sang "Hosanna" and walked into the church. Noah went to the nursery to blow bubbles and play with our Sunday school friends after we sang, but I stayed in church and colored at the back table for part of the service, then colored by Mom & Dad for the rest of the service. I was so good, I even got a doughnut before Sunday School. For Sunday School, there was an easter egg hunt! We got eggs filled with candy as well as other candy for our bucket. It was so fun. Then, after class, TJ & Penny gave us Jesus dolls to hug. They said we get them early because we won't be there next week to get them in church.
After church, we ate Subway and played at home. It was very sunny outside, but we stayed in. I played house and colored. I really like to color, and am getting really good at it. Noah read books and played house with me. I love my brother. I'm so glad we're good friends.
Have a good week! Mom said we get to hang out again next Friday because daycare is closed. Until then, we'll hope for spring to come soon.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What a fun week! We've been able to play outside most nights this week, and we're so happy to be able to! It's finally nice out, so we're giving out swings a workout!
Monday in school, Hannah got the bear. Ted E. Bear is our classroom bear. Each time we have class, someone gets to bring home the bear and write a journal entry about what we did with Ted. I was bummed - Hannah got the bear...I thought I'll NEVER get the bear! We played the spider game with Ted, then went for ice cream after supper. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring Ted, but we had fun eating rainbow frozen yogurt. Our toungues were blue! It was so cool.
Wednesday, I got the bear at school. I was so excited! Daddy took us to a bonfire at Ron & Carols after having our favorite pizza. We took Ted E. Bear to the bonfire and roasted marshmallows (we even shared some marshmallows with Ted.) Daddy helped me write a journal entry about bringing Ted to the bonfire.
Friday we got to go to a party at Dillon's & Trevor's. We had fun playing Nerf guns, hot wheels and trains. We went to sleep at their house, but woke up in our beds. We didn't even know Mom & Dad woke us up and brought us home overnight!
Saturday, we got to start our volleyball class. We got to run around, pass, hit, block and serve. It was so fun. I told Dad as we walked out "Volleyball is so much fun!" I can't wait to go back next week.
After volleyball, we ran errands to fix our phones, go to Fleet Farm and then go watch airplanes. We sat in Daddy's truck and watched radio controlled airplanes like dad's and even got to see a helicopter. After that, we went to a party store and looked at costumes. There were some scary costumes there, but also some really cool ones. They had spiderman, ironman and lots of our favorites!
We played outside when we got home, but at news time, I wanted to watch the news because I want to watch out for tornados. I've been very worried about a tornado since Friday! (I even prayed that we would be safe from tornadoes when I prayed Saturday night.) As I was watching the news, the weather guy was in space! He didn't even have a space helmet on and he was talking about the weather. Mom said he's not really in space - he was standing in front of a picture of the earth and watching the radar on the screen behind him. I think he looks like he's in space.
We played Candyland Saturday night. We had a lot of fun - Hannah won, but it was still fun because we both beat dad.
Today, it was very nice out. We made palm leaves with pixie sticks in Sunday School, then after we made necklaces in the nursery, Casey let us out with sidewalk chalk during church.
Have a good week! Next week, we get to sing in church, so we're practicing our Hosannah song at home.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

This week was spring break. The schoolkids were at daycare most of the week, so it was a fun week!
Monday, there were only a few of us, so we got to have pizza for lunch and ice cream cake for snack. It was Sue's birthday, and we were all good - no kids had time outs on Monday!
Wednesday, we went to the dentist. We've been looking forward to this because we have wanted to play in the bus [in the dentist's lobby] and drive the bus for a while now. Hannah was very well behaved. She sat nicely and even let the dental assistant take bitewing pictures. Unfortunately, the pictures revealed two cavities, so Hannah gets to go back to the dentist. Noah didn't like the polishing toothpaste that they used to polish his teeth. And he wasn't so sure about Mr. Thirsty, though once they showed him how cool it was to have Mr. Thirsty (the sucking straw) suck all that toothpaste out of his mouth, he was cool with it. After sitting on mom's lap for a few minutes, he decided that Mr. Thirsty & the polishing toothbrush could finish shining his teeth. He did not have pictures taken of his teeth, and they didn't see any cavities in his mouth. At the end of the visit, we each picked toys - when we got back to the car, we realized we both picked out the same toy! We each picked out a toy camera - Hannah chose a red one, Noah chose a yellow one.
This week we didn't get any snow - in fact, we had some nice days. Enough so that we got to go play outside Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
Friday after daycare, we went to see the bridge that is getting torn down. The bridge is torn down over the railroad tracks - it was pretty cool to see. Mom said they're going to tear out the road and make the bridge and road even bigger. That shouldn't take long, right?
Saturday was a busy day - we got up and played, went to see Mommy at her volleyball tournament. We were so excited to see her and the Divas, but this was their last tournament of the year, so Mommy was sad about that. When we go see Mommy at her tournaments we usually get to have sloppy joes and play with the other kids. It's always fun.
We had a lot of fun just playing at home in the afternoon - we built forts, played Barbies and princesses and dressed up. Then we went outside and all the neighborhood kids came to play! Brooke & Connor from down the street came over while Griffin came over, too. It was pretty fun.
When Mommy came home, she brought in a package that we got in the mail. It had a new red carseat in it! We didn't get a chance to try it out in the truck, but we got to sit in it and check it out once we cleaned up the living room. We got ready to go out to the VFW to eat after cleaning up the living room. (We've wanted to go to the VFW for two weeks!) But they were too busy so we drove down to Daddy's work and got McDonalds because Daddy had to pick up something at his office. We were exhausted after such a busy day!
Today, Noah got up and laid by Mommy for about an hour while Mommy rubbed his back. He liked that. Then we got to go to Sunday School. We made prayer mats for when we say our nighttime prayers. Then we got to go to the nursery while Mom & Dad were in church. It was a fun day in nursery - even though Casey wasn't there to do projects, we got to play with 4 other kids from our 3-5 yr old class and a 7 year old girl. Shayna watched us play - and when church was over, she brought us in a room where our Moms & Dads were and said "Wow. Babies are much easier!" and left. We're good kids - I guess her baby just doesn't have as much energy as us!
After church, we went to the VFW to watch planes land and eat. Unfortunately, no planes came in or took off. We were hungry though! We cleaned our plates AND helped Daddy eat some of his food. Then we went shopping before coming home and trying our new booster seat in the truck! It's red - we both wanted a red car seat. Mommy only bought one because she wanted to see how it fit us. We were both tall enough to fit - we really are getting to be big kids now!
We played outside for a little while tonight - Brooke came over to play. We played together for a while, then Brooke & Hannah just wanted to play without a boy with them. Noah was bummed and was looking forward to when Griffin came home so he could play with another boy, but Griffin didn't get home until shortly before supper, so he didn't get to play with Griffin. Maybe we'll get to play this week because it's going to be nice this week. Yay! We're so happy that the snow is melting and we can be outside again.
Have a good week! We're looking forward to going back to school again this week.