Sunday, February 28, 2010

We're exhausted! What a weekend.
We've had some really early mornings this week (we just woke up early with the sun!) and we were so tired by Friday.
Saturday we got up and went to Aunt Angie's house. We had fun hanging out with Grandma, Angie & Mom. Grandma gave us new blankets, we painted, we played ball and just got to show off to Angie & Grandma. After Grandmpa came, we went out to a restaurant. We tried so hard to be good for the three hours we were there, that we were WIRED by the time we got back to Angie's and put on our jammies. We gave hugs and kisses and got in the car - the next thing we remember is waking up in our own beds!
Today, we were still pretty tired - we went to church, came home for dinner and we were so tired that we didn't eat much. We just went straight to bed! Mom & Dad woke us up from our naps and brought us to a party with lots of KIDS to play with in a BIG room full of toys! (It was a party with the Divas on Mom's volleyball team, so we knew all the kids and grown-ups there.) Hannah spent the whole time playing Barbies and Noah got to play with new trucks, games & Action figures. We had fun, but were really tired when we put on our jammies and went home. We stayed awake all the way home, though. We watched the moon. It is SO BIG and pretty tonight.
Maybe March will be less busy - we sure have kept busy in February!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Puzzles & Signatures

I really have developed a love for puzzles lately! Mom has had puzzles for us since we were babies, but Hannah and I got some puzzles for Halloween, and they have interlocking pieces. I have really loved putting them together! I hope I get more puzzles soon.
I've been doing better with potty training. I've stayed dry overnight and have pooped in the potty a lot! I still have had a couple of accidents, but I've been earning my candy bars for pooping in the potty.
Hannah has learned how to write her name. Dad had to help her spell her name, but she wrote all the letters by herself. I have known how to spell my own name for a long time, but Hannah is learning that her name is Hannah (she tells mom her name is spelled "NNAH") and NOT spelled NOAH.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy President's Day!

We had a great Valentine's Week.
Thursday, Noah went to Urgent Care - He was playing with a plastic toy spider and it accidentally hit him in the eye. It was red and he cried a lot; it really hurt! Daddy took him to the doctor while Mommy took me to a craft class. Noah joined us shortly after we started - he bruised his eyeball and he should be OK. We had fun making Valentine crafts, but an hour and a half is a long time for us to work on craft projects. We made some cool stuff, though.
Friday, we got up and went to a party at Daycare! We had fun and got some neat toys, Valentines & candy. We got lots of suckers, which are Noah's favorites. Then after we had supper, I got to put on my red dress and we went to the Valentine's Day Sweetheart Ball and DANCE! We had so much fun. Then, we went home to find Grandma & Grandpa at our house. YEAH! it's been so long since we've seen them, we really enjoyed having them here for the weekend. They read to us (they gave us books as Valentine gifts), did puzzles with us, and ate our meals with us.
After Grandma & Grandpa left, we took naps and then Daddy & Mommy took us on a Valentine's Day date. We went to McDonalds (we got to choose where we wanted to go) and got penguin toys.
It's getting late, and we're going to be staying home tomorrow. Daycare is closed for President's Day, so we're going to hang out with Daddy for the day.
Happy President's Day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We got to go outside and play in the snow yesterday. This time Mommy just played with us, let us slide down our slide (covered in snow), make snow angels, dig in the snow and sled. It was so fun, we forgot that we were cold! Now, we're getting MORE snow to play in soon!
Then after we napped yesterday (yes, we took afternoon naps yesterday AND today!), we got to go to a bookstore. We went to Barnes & Noble, looked at a bunch of books and toys and even got to pick out a couple of books to buy. We had so much fun we can't wait to go back!
We tried to go to Sunday school today, but the church had a fire! We got to see the firetrucks roll up the church and the firemen go in, then we went home to make dinner and play with trains.
Noah is still working on potty training. He has really made progress going in the bathroom and not wetting his pants, but pooping in the potty is still hit or miss. Hopefully it will come soon!
Happy Valentine's Day! We get to have a party on Friday at daycare. Yeah! Then, we hope our grandma & grandpa can come to our house and see us for a couple of days.
Have a good week!
Noah & Hannah