Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Furniture. New Year.

Tuesday the 29th, both Mom & Dad had the day off work again. So, we decided to go to Ikea. They'd been wanting to get new desks for their office for a while, so today was the day.
Ikea was SO BUSY! So busy that Smaland (the play land) was full. Bummer. So, we made our way to the office area.
We were glad we got to stay with Mom & Dad because we saw our old neighbors, Dan, Melissa & Griffin walking through the office area. They were getting shelves for their new Lego room. It was fun to see Griffin! We really miss him. Hopefully we can have him and his family to our new place sometime.
After chatting with our friends, it took a while to figure out what desks & shelves Mom & Dad wanted to buy. Then, Daddy spent a long time waiting in line. By the time we finally got home, it was late, so mom & dad took us to Broadway Pizza for supper. (We had free birthday meals for our birthday month.) Yummy! It was delicious.

She didn't want a Sundae, but decided the ice cream would be perfect if they put NO toppings on it.

He couldn't decide whether he wanted a chocolate, strawberry or caramel sundae, so he sweet-talked the waitress into bringing him all 3 toppings to put on his sundae. (Too bad Mom spilled the cup of chocolate sauce all over the table!)

Not only did we get a pizza & ice cream sundae, but we got a teddy bear with a Broadway Pizza t-shirt. He's so cute!

We spent New Year's Eve putting together our new furniture.

They look really nice in our house! We did a nice job helping Daddy.

We celebrated New Year's Eve a little bit early (about 9 o'clock) with a toast. We had lemonade, Dad & mom had some wine. 2014 was a good year. Here's hoping 2015 is even better!

New Year's Day was a laid-back day to hang out at home.
Hannah and Mom continued the tradition of Hannah trying on Mom's wedding dress and taking a photo.

Trying on Mom's wedding dress: an annual tradition. 

She sure has grown over the years!!!

Tomorrow, Mom has to go back to work. Her vacation is over. Ours will be over in a few days.

Happy New Year!

Noah & Hannah

Christmas at home.

Sunday the 28th, we were happy to wake up in our own beds.
We let Mom & Dad sleep in because they stayed awake to drive us home.

It was great to have a day at home hanging out, doing our legos and unpacking.

Monday was our Christmas. We hadn't opened our family gifts yet, so we were very excited to get up and have our Christmas.

We got some fun stuff! It was a great day to just open gifts and have all day to play with them.

Merry Christmas!

Noah & Hannah

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Heading home, with a stop at Lego Land

We woke up on the 27th excited to head back home after being on the road over the Holidays for more than a week.
We took our time enjoying our hotel before leaving. We loved this hotel! We slept in until about 8, then got ready to swim. The pool was warm, so we didn't want to get out.
Having a blast in the pool. (Even Noah wanted to keep swimming!) 

Alas, we had to be drug out of the pool kicking & screaming (well, almost). But, that meant to got to have some breakfast! All of the food was delicious. They even had a mini-waffle maker!

We didn't get a very early start - we left Conway about 10:30am. Mom & Dad said we'd probably drive until we got tired, stop at a hotel for the night then get all the way home tomorrow.

Shortly before we got to Kansas City, Mom & Dad asked if we wanted to stop at LegoLand Discovery Center. Hannah wanted to stop but Noah just wanted to get home so we could play with his own legos. After some debate, we decided that it might be our only chance - we don't know when (or if) we'll be back in Kansas City for fun, so we'll stop and check out LegoLand Discovery Center.

Before we got into LegoLand, we enjoyed the fun holiday display in the downtown area.
The big Christmas Tree in Crown Center in Kansas City

Lunar Lander

Apparently the soldiers have a guard shack in downtown Kansas City

Checking out the train.

That's a big nutcracker.

We were very excited to enjoy LegoLand!
Ready to check out LegoLand!

The first thing they did was take our picture.

Our family photo as the bricks fell on us at LegoLand.

Then we got to go into the "Lego making factory" (it was truly just a pretend factory) & see a Master Builder at work. He had some really cool stuff.
The Master Builder's office

Choosing the plastic granules to create a yellow Lego

Checking out the "Lego Making Factory"

After the factory, there was a really cool ride. Noah was afraid to take it, so Mom & Hannah rode the ride. They said it was fun - shooting spiders & saving the princess.

After the ride, we went into a special display of Lego Star Wars stuff.

A couple of droids wanted their pictures taken with us
The displays were all so cool!

The next room was a room with a whole bunch of buildings set up to look like Kansas City. There was the downtown area, some churches, the Chief's stadium and even the Kansas City speedway (where we got to race each other).

Three race cars actually raced around this track. We competed to see who could go the fastest.

The Royal's lego stadium was also a pinball game.

They also built Oz.

Hannah couldn't resist finding the cake.

Since it was Christmas, they had the trees decorated very nicely. Daddy loved the ornaments.

Then they had a big play area where we could build a gingerbread house, get a snack, play in a big maze, build a machine to compete with others in races and other contests, explore the Lego Friends house, ride another ride and take  class with a Master Builder.

The faster we pedaled, the higher our glider went

Since we were on a short timeline, we didn't get a chance to explore the Lego Racing area or take a class (or two) from the Master Builder. It would have been fun, though!

It was a very nice break to stretch our legs before we got going.

We stopped to eat just outside Kansas City and Daddy and Mommy told us that they'd try as hard as they could to get us home. We said we could sleep in the car if they could drive us home that night. It was hard to get comfortable in the car, but after a movie, we got comfy and fell asleep shortly before we got to Des Moines.

They said it was a long drive, but they stayed up until 3 o'clock keeping each other awake as they drove.

When we got home, they shoveled the driveway (at 3am) and brought us into the house. We were so tired, they let us sleep in our clothes.

We were so happy to be home! Merry Christmas to us.
Noah & Hannah

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The day after Christmas

The day after Christmas, we had to move out of our hotel room. Someone else had already booked our room before Mom & dad had booked our room, so after breakfast and swimming, we packed up and left our hotel.
We had to run a few errands around town then headed to Grandma & Grandpa's for dinner. We weren't able to stay all day because we had to check into our new hotel in the afternoon and had plans to visit Angela (Dad's sister) that night at her place.
We had a nice time hanging out at Grandma & Grandpa's once more before heading back to town.

Our new hotel was awesome!
The tree in the lobby was very pretty.

Our room had a nice living room, big bathroom and a bedroom with a door, so we could go to bed while Mom & Dad made travel plans for the next day. The hotel had a lending library (so we could borrow books, if we were staying longer) and the pool was nice & warm.

It was really nice to see Angela, Michelle and Alex.
Of course, we had to take some pictures with Daddy's whole family together before we opened gifts and went to Subway for supper. It made Grandpa & Grandma really happy to have their family together.

Cousin hug!

Grandma & Grandpa with Angela's family

Daddy with his sister and parents

Grandma & Grandpa with all their Grandkids

Our family with Grandpa & Grandma
We also got one picture of 3 generations of Perkins men.
3 generations. Grandpa, Dad and Noah. 

After supper, we had to say good-bye. We were set to leave first thing the very next morning. It was nice to see family but we were ready to get home!!

We were almost too excited to sleep, but we knew we had to get some rest. It would be a long drive, but we were ready to be home!

Noah & Hannah