Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good week to play.

For the first time in a while, we had a normal, uneventful week.

Monday was a Martin Luther King Day. Sue and Mommy tried to talk a little about who Martin Luther King Jr was, but they both told us we were a little bit young to understand. Mommy just told us he was a minister who gave speeches and tried to convince people that it didn't matter what we looked like - we should be able to be in a school with our friends with different colored skin. We didn't have school, though, so we had the whole day to play with our friends and school kids.

Wednesday, I thought maybe I should play iPad instead of going to Soo Bahk Do class since I still limp a little bit on my leg. But, Daddy told me that I should try to do as much as I can. He told the teachers about my leg and they didn't push me to do anything that hurt. But, I did such a good job paying attention that I got to say the final words at the end of class! Yay!
Noah and I were very good in class - so good that Daddy bought us each a gumball on the way home.

Thursday, I went to dance class. Daddy told the teacher about me leg, too, and they didn't make me do anything I couldn't do. We practiced our dances for the first time in over a month. The tap dance is so fast - it's tough. But, I remembered my ballet dance!

Mommy had a volleyball tournament on Saturday. I wanted to go see her, but Noah wanted to stay home and play. (He was building a house out of Legos.) I convinced him that we should go see Mommy and he could choose where we get to eat. He chose Wendys, so we were all excited to go out to eat and see mommy. When we got out to the truck, it didn't start. So, we were pretty bummed that we couldn't go eat and see Mommy. We came in and had pizza rolls and spent the rest of the day just playing Barbies and Legos.

Mommy came home at suppertime and we got to go to Perkins for supper! Our waitress was really nice, and she even gave us sugar cookies instead of the regular (half sugar, half chocolate chip) cookies. (I don't like chocolate chip cookies.)

Today we had Sunday School, but our teachers were not feeling well, so we had 2 subs. (One was Amy, who was our teacher when we were little lambs!) We made spy eyes because the Bible story was about spies. It was fun! After Sunday School, we had to go home so Daddy could get his truck fixed. He took it to a store to get a new battery so his truck will start while we had dinner.

We got to spend the day playing. We played with playdough, Barbies and our computers. At the end of the day, Mommy and I took Cheyenne for a walk up to the park and home. When we put Cheyenne in the backyard, I started to play in the backyard. I used the swings, slide and then threw snowballs when Noah came out to play with me!

It was a fun weekend of play, which is great! Mom said we need to start working on our Minnesota reports for school. We've been looking forward to them since last year! I want to do a report on Paul Bunyan and Noah wants to do a report on the Minnesota Twins so he can talk about TC Bear.

Have a great week! We don't have school tomorrow, but Friday is pajama day, so we're looking forward to that.

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