Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun in the Sun

We enjoyed such a nice week of weather. We were able to get outside every day at daycare -sometimes TWICE in a day.

Monday night, Mommy took us to the fabric store to buy fabric to make blankets out of. I picked out fireman fabric and Hannah wanted stripes.

Wednesday night, we played with our vehicles (police truck and fire engine) in the backyard. We were bummed to have to go in!

Friday, we got to stay home and hang out with Daddy. We played outside all afternoon. We were hungry by the time Mommy finally came home!

Yesterday, we went to Mama G's for the whole day while Mommy played volleyball. Daddy didn't get to play because his shoulder is still healing. We got there early in the morning before the tournament started and got to see our friends - Anika, Piper, Deion and Nicholas. We played with our friends, watched a couple of movies and played iPad games in the morning.

Right before lunch, Hannah fell and hit her head so she had a giant bump on her head. She cried a lot, but she was still hungry for pizza and cheese bread when Daddy bought it. Yum! Restaurant food on the patio.
It was a fun day - we knew a lot of the people in the tournament. Afterwords, we got to run and play in the sand - and I played with the hose. I even climbed up in the ref stand. Mommy told me I was cute and took a picture because I climbed up the ladder, sat on the ref seat, put my fingers in my mouth and made a noise like I was whistling. It must be so cool to be a ref and sit up so high!

We got home and pulled out some reading tool stuff that Mommy & Daddy bought. It included these weird plastic things that Mommy called cassettes. She put it in the radio and it played music just like a CD. She even had a book to go along with it. It was pretty cool. She even had an electronic pen and some cards to go with it, too. So, we could play matching games on the cards and then pen made happy noises when we were right and buzzed when we were wrong. When we finished that, we had a delicious steak dinner that Daddy prepared. We were sure tired by the time we fell asleep for the night!

Today, we got up and watched a movie until Daddy said we were going to the zoo! At first, we just rode all the rides we wanted to. We rode the frog hopper (that was our favorite - it was so fun!) the fire truck ride, the teacups, the train, the swings and the driving school. Then we went to see all the animals in the zoo.
I was a little hesitant about seeing the lions, but they were sleeping safely in their cage so I was OK. We got to eat restaurant food in the zoo while we watched them get ready for a show in the amphitheater. There was a pig, bunnies and a goose on stage!
After we saw all the animals and played in the kids area for a little while, we went back to ride a few rides and went home. Daddy thought we would fall asleep, especially since I accidentally woke up Hannah when I woke up early and turned on the light to read early this morning. But, we didn't fall asleep!

We got home and had our cotton candy (our reward for being good). Yummy! We played for a little while. I went to the auto parts store with Mommy to get a spark plug to help Daddy fix the lawn mower. Then, Mommy took Hannah and I to a bike path to ride on. It was very nice - it was flat, paved and no cars were on it, so we could have the whole trail to ourselves. We still ran into each other a couple of times. And, my training wheels kept shifting so my bike would fall over while Hannah's feet would slip off her pedals, her feet would slip off the pedals and she would fall. So, we didn't make it all the way to the end before we got tired and went home, but Mom said we can go again. It was really great practice to ride our bikes.

It's been an exhausting weekend. We've eaten all our meals outside this weekend because it's been so nice. But since it's so nice, we've been playing a lot between meals. Maybe tomorrow we'll just stay home and hang out.

Have a good week!

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