Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Week

We had a great Halloween!
We had a party at Sue's in the morning. Then we got to put on our costumes to wear to school. I decided to wear my Barbie dress instead of my Rapunzel. We sang songs and had a costume parade for parents. Daddy came for snacks, so he got to see us and all our friends dressed up and then we were picker-uppers. And, as a bonus for the day, I got the sharing bag so I got to bring a special toy to show off Wednesday.
After school, Daddy brought us to his cousin's house to trick or treat, then we came home to see Mommy. Daddy didn't feel good so he went to lay down while we ate burgers. We also opened up presents and cards from Aunt Dani, Lauren & Ben and Grandma Diane and Grandpa Mark. We got some new books, new socks, little toys and candy. It was so fun to open care packages! Thank you Grandma & Dani!
After dinner, Mommy did my hair and painted Spiderman on Noah's face and we got ready for trick-or-treating. I wore my Rapunzel dress to trick or treat in our neighborhood instead of the Barbie dress I'd worn. Mommy was able to get a sweater & tights under the Rapunzel dress to keep me a little warmer. When we were leaving to trick or treat, Griffin was leaving his house, so we went trick or treating with him and his family. We've trick-or-treated with them for the past few years, so it's a lot of fun. And now that we're older, we're big enough to knock on the door by ourselves while they stand back on the sidewalk. We went up and down 2 blocks on the next street over, then to the houses on our street around our place. I got cold and had to wear a sweatshirt about a block from home, but we were comfortable the rest of the night. Except, my candy got so heavy by the end of trick-or-treating, that I had to have Mommy carry it!
When we got home, we put out our pumpkins and turned on the light for trick-or-treaters to come to our place. I was so excited to hand out candy! I set a chair up in front of the door so I could be ready. Noah couldn't sit still like me, but he came over and helped hand out candy when people knocked. It was fun!
We had to turn off the light and put on our jammies at 7:30. We were exhausted but had such a fun day!
Tuesday, I woke up with a headache and had a sore throat by the end of the day. I even got up at 10 and at 1 because I was coughing so hard, my temperature was warm and I didn't feel good. Mommy and Daddy cuddled with me in the big chair to make me feel better. I got up Wednesday when Daddy woke me at 10am. I felt better but he said I was sick so I could stay home all day with him.
Thursday, I felt better so I went to Sue's and then dance class. It was a good day!
Mornings have been tough to get up, though. Mommy & Daddy have been waking us up at 8 to go to Sue's. Friday when Daddy woke us, Noah rolled over and said "I want my cardboard back!". We used to have cardboard over our window to make it dark in our room, but that fell off a couple of weeks ago. It's still dark, but Mommy & Daddy can open the curtains to the sunrise now.
Saturday, Mommy had a volleyball tournament all day. She left long before we got up and came home after we went to sleep. We had a fun day with Daddy. He took us to volleyball, then came home to mow the lawn and clean up the yard. We had a fun day just hanging out and playing at home.
Today, we got up, played and went to Sunday School. It was the first time in a while that Noah went to class after large group and didn't pout about something. Mommy was happy about that!
After Sunday School, we went to the VFW to eat. We LOVE the VFW. And, it was even better because Amy from church and her daughter Sophie came. Sophie and I had fun sitting next to each other because we laughed, colored and had a lot of fun! It was too windy for airplanes to be flying, so we missed out on that. But it was really cool to eat with a friend!
After church, we went home and played quietly at home for the afternoon. We watched football with Daddy and worked on Christmas Lists. Mommy put a ToysRUs app on her iPad that we're making our lists on. Mommy and I ran to Target to pick up lettuce for supper while Noah worked on his list and Daddy made supper. We checked out the Halloween sales, bought some costumes and fun stuff, picked up doggie treats and a toy for my birthday. Unfortunately, we took too long and were late for dinner. We had fun shopping, though!
Look at Noah's hair. He wanted spikes after our bath. He decided he likes the spikes. His hair is getting long, so he's got some spikey hair!
It got to be late, though, when we went to bed. I was so tired. The day seemed long and it got dark early for some reason. It was strange. Daddy was resetting clocks this morning - something about daylight savings.
Mommy said we get to start decorating for Christmas in a couple of weeks! I'm so excited about that! We love Christmas.
I'm working on reading, too. Sometimes I get frustrated because it's hard to sound out words - a lot of words are really tricky! But, I'm learning and trying to read. Noah is still reading everything he can - street signs, business signs when we go places, books. He even reads books silently to himself, which is really hard when you can't hear yourself sound out words. He has also been doing a good job with learning to write his letters.
Whew! I'm tired tonight. Have a good week!

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