Sunday, January 16, 2011

Staying healthy...

We are trying hard to stay healthy! Everyone around us has been sick.
Hannah had an ear infection a few weeks ago, and I've had a stuffy nose, but we're hoping to stay healthy!
Monday, Daddy was home sick and found out he had a sinus infection, so he got new medicine to make him feel better.
Tuesday, our daycare provider had to take her daughter to the hospital because she was sick. We made her cards Tuesday night and brought them Wednesday morning. We stamped on cards, wrote our names and colored on the cards, then we put them in envelopes and put stickers on them. She loved them! We made her smile, and she put her cards on her dresser. We're happy we cheered her up.
Thursday, Mommy stayed home from work because she was sick. Daddy was home because some guys came to fix our sewer pipes. Since he was home, he took Mommy to the doctor and got her medicine for her throat. When we got home from daycare, the guys were STILL working! Hannah smiled at them, but then got shy and ran away when they were nice and talked to her.
Friday, we had a new teacher at school because our regular teacher was sick. I had the sharing bag to bring a toy to share, but didn't bring anything to share because I was so tired and crabby! I was happy the week was over because I just wanted to be home.
We got to play our new Thomas computer game Friday before supper. Hannah played on our "shared" computer, and I got to play on Daddy's. I even got to wear his cool headphones while I played the game.
Saturday, Mommy took Hannah and me to skating. Hannah got her skates on and went on the ice right away, though she didn't want to walk. Mommy told her she could wear a dress to skating if she tried, so Hannah promised she'd stay standing on her skates. I told Mommy I just wanted to go HOME and didn't want to go to skating lessons. About halfway through class, I decided to put on my skates and shuffle around on the ice.
When we got home, we got to spend the rest of the day wearing costumes! I wore my Bumblebee helmet then put on my Optimus Prime costume. I even got to wear it to eat lunch and take a nap!
Today, after church we got to eat Subway (we LOVE Subway!). Then for supper, Daddy took away our chairs and put the piano bench by the table for Hannah and I to eat. We were so much higher up! It was cool. Plus, we got to sit next to each other. That was great.
I gotta run. Tonight we have to go to bed early because we've been kind of naughty the past couple of days. We don't have school tomorrow, so we just get to hang out at Sue's house all day with our friends.
Have a good week! Stay healthy!

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