Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
We were said that Mom and Dad took down the tree on Tuesday. But, Christmas is over and Mom and Dad wanted to get rid of the pine tree needles all over the floor.
We had a short week at daycare again. Lots of our friends were on vacation, so it was quiet.
Thursday, Mom & Dad picked us up early and had the truck loaded with luggage and Cheyenne. I KNEW that meant we were going to GRANDMAS! YAY!
It is always a long drive. We drove in the rain most of the way until daddy said it got really icy & slippery. Then, suddenly it got very snowy! It was scary because I couldn't see any lights for houses or cars around us. Sometimes there was a break in the wind and snow and Mom pointed out Christmas lights, but it was pretty windy. Mom & Dad made us turn off our movie because they couldn't see the lines on the road with the snow blowing so hard. Mom & Dad said we were very good when we were asked to be quiet, even though we were very hungry!
We got to Grandma & Grandpa's house and they were in the garage with Angie to take us out of our car seats right away. We were so happy to be there! We ate pizza and got to play a little while before we had to go to bed. See this picture of us with Grandma? It says "What Santa doesn't give me, Grandma will!" There are a lot of presents under the tree, and we counted a bunch for us!
Friday morning, Lauren & Ben came over to play. Lauren got a Leapster from Santa, so she let us play with it. It was pretty cool. I told her all about my Alphie. He's a robot that I got for Christmas.
After we had dinner, we got to open presents. WOW! We had a LOT OF PRESENTS! Some from Angie, Dani and Grandma & Grandpa! I got princess sheets & a comforter, Barbie clothes, new princesses, new slippers, some new clothes and lots of other things. Noah got Toy Story sheets and a comforter, Optimus Prime (he LOVES the transformers), a football, a Transformers sweatshirt, some new clothes and a lot of other things. So, we got to play with our cool toys until supper, then we had birthday cake and got BIRTHDAY gifts, too! Grandma made us run all over the house to find clues to find our sled, and I got a new Barbie princess dress, new Barbies and a computer. Noah got some books, a Toy Story Alien, a Spiderman hat, a Buzz Lightyear computer and we both got new chairs to use on the deck! We were so exhausted by the end of the day.
Saturday, we went to Great Grandma's. The roads were still pretty snow covered but the sun was shining and all the snow on the trees was pretty. There weren't very many people at Great Grandma's, compared to other days we're there when there are LOTS of adults and kids all over the place. We went to see Great Grandma Marita after dinner. She fed us rosettes and cheese. They were both pretty good! After that, we went back to Great Grandma Leona's to open presents. We got a bunch more gifts! I got some My Little Ponies and Noah got a big truck to carry his matchbox cars just to name a few...We really get spoiled at Christmas time!
After supper, Mom & Dad left us at Grandma & Grandpa's house while they went to a movie. We made sure to be very good for Grandpa. We brushed our teeth and went to bed with no stalling. Staying at Grandma & Grandpa's is nice - the room we stay in is kind of cozy, but there is a built in night-light. I turn on the closet light and it shines out just enough so Noah and I aren't scared of the dark.
We got a LOT of cool things this year. It was so fun to rip open the paper and see all the neat stuff! I can't wait until next Christmas!
Today, we had to pack up and go home. We were ready to go home. Daddy and Mommy packed up the truck and we left to go home, but the roads we left on were still pretty bumpy and snowy and we got STUCK in the snow! We couldn't get out. After we sat there a while, I asked Mommy, "Are we stuck?" She said yes, we were. I asked how were going to get out, and she told me that we were going to have to wait until it melted. Really?
I told her that would be a long time! She smiled and said Grandpa was going to come get us. Sure enough, he came to pull us out with his big truck! But, he broke his rope that he tried to pull with, so he gave Daddy and shovel and left. Fortunately, he came back soon with a new chain (after the BIG snow plow went by us and made a path next to us) and was able to pull us out of the snow. YAY! Grandpa is our hero today!
We did get to play with our computers most of the way home - we watched a movie for a little while and traded computers so I got to play with Noah's Buzz Lightyear computer while he played with my computer. I love new toys!
We're very excited because tomorrow, we have our FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Mom said we're going to be at the same school as Joey (from daycare). We're really looking forward to getting to go to PRESCHOOL!
Happy New Year to everyone.

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