Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pajama party Friday.

Noah loves to play in the snow. He played in the snow with Griffin when we got home from daycare on Thursday and Friday. Thursday, when Noah was getting ready for his bath, he told mom that he and Griffin are the SNOW TEAM! Shoveling and moving snow was what they did best. Friday, the girl from 2 doors down came to play with them-until Griffin lost his boot in the snow. Then, we all had to go inside.
Friday was a pajama party!
We went to daycare and school in our pajamas - all the schoolkids at daycare and preschool wore their pajamas, too! It was so cool.
Then, when we got home, our neighbors came over for a pizza party. Griffin came over in his pajamas, so we had a pajama party with him, too! We ate pizza, played cars, Barbies and Superheros all together. Griffin was going to sleep on our Spiderman couch in our room when it was bedtime, but unfortunately, he got scared when it was time to go to sleep, so he went home to bed.
Saturday, we went to skating and both of us tried to do a good job. Hannah even moved her feet, so Mom & Dad were happy. Then we went home, had pizza and spent the day playing at home. We like playing at home - it seems like it would be boring, but we don't have a lot of time to just play with all our toys that we have at our house. We're always so busy!
Daddy went snow-tubing with a friend after skating, and when he got home, we went out to eat! YAY! We went to Perkins - the place with the mirror on the ceiling. It was so yummy!
We had fun in Sunday School today. We made necklaces and got JUICE in our class. (That was our special treat after dinner.) When we went to the nursery while Mom & Dad went to church, we made picture frames for Mommy & Daddy.
After dinner, we went shopping for running shoes and skates for Mommy & Daddy. Mommy found a pair of skates to fit her, but Daddy didn't. So, when we got home, Mommy wanted us to take her to the skating rink at the park and teach her how to skate. We got cold really fast, but neither of us fell down. Mommy fell on her butt right away, though! We'll have to try again in a few days to teach her how to skate.
Noah has been very interested in superheros' alter-egos today. He was playing with Ironman, and saw party of the Ironman movie, so he was interested in how Tony Stark is Ironman. So, he asked who Spiderman and Batman were, too.
Hide and Seek is our favorite game. We got to play Hide and Seek for a little while after our baths. It's so much fun! We're getting much better at it. We used to jump out from our hiding spots when someone was close to finding us - now we just get caught occasionally when we giggle too loud in our hiding spot.
Have a good week. We've got to get to sleep so we can be up and ready for school tomorrow!
Noah & Hannah

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