Sunday, January 23, 2011

Singing in church!

It's been a really cold week! We're looking forward to the temperatures warming up a little bit this week.
We have been wanting to go outside for a long time, though, so Daddy let us play outside for a while on Saturday (yesterday) afternoon. It was 2 degrees below zero, so we only stayed out for 15 minutes. I went down the slide which was covered in snow. Hannah wanted Daddy to dig the swings out of the snow, but he said there was too much snow and it was too hard packed to dig out. The snow was all the way up to the bottom of the swings! But, I tried to push her while standing on the snow, anyway. So, she got to swing a little bit.
We got to see Mommy play volleyball yesterday. That was fun to get to go to her tournament. We saw the Divas, ate sloppy joes and chips and got to play with Nicholas.
I tried really hard in skating yesterday, too. I moved up to the next class up, but kept going back to see Hannah in the beginner class. She wasn't trying to move her feet, so Daddy was disappointed with her. I love skating! I am learning to move my feet and get up when I fall down. I'm going to play HOCKEY! i even wanted to bring my puck yesterday, though I couldn't find it when it was time to go.
Today, we sang in church. Then, we got to go in the nursery with all our friends. We got to make bookmarks, play with trucks and all the other kids from our class. It was fun.
Daddy played volleyball this afternoon, so Hannah and I painted with Mom at home. We painted one side of my Buzz Lightyear wings (we made them out of cardboard a couple of weeks ago) while Hannah painted on watercolor paper. My wings look SOO cool now, especially when I wear my Buzz Lightyear belt, gun, binoculars and Buzz Pajamas!
Have a fun week!
Mom just told us that we don't have school tomorrow, so I'm a little bummed. But, the teacher told me I was being putzy on Friday. I told her I was sorry, so when I go back on Wednesday, I'm going try to listen and focus on what I'm doing so I get my snowpants on in time for the bus.

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