Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nice weekend

Monday night, we got to go eat at Broadway pizza. Daddy met us there. It was so awesome! We love to eat pizza and watch the train go around and around the dining room. We even got ice cream! I ate all mine, but Hannah only had a few bites of hers before we left to go home.
When we got home, we put on a show for Mommy. We made curtains over Hannah's bed so her bed was the stage. I played guitar and she danced. Mommy loved it but we had to cut it short because Mommy said it was bedtime!
Thursday, Hannah had her dance class again. She got her very own ballet shoes so she was excited. She even did a little dance for us when she was done.
Friday, Daddy picked us up from daycare with Cheyenne. We met mommy at the park instead of going home. We got to play in the park while Daddy took Cheyenne in the dog park. It was so fun, but we didn't stay long because we were hungry. We stopped at Menards to pick up a few things. We even had our pictures taken with a new friend.
After that, we went to Chipotle for Mexican food. We weren't impressed. Hannah only ate her chips - she didn't like her beans, rice or quesadilla. I ate my quessadilla, rice and chips but didn't like my beans. Daddy is happy when we try new things, even if we don't like it much.
Saturday, Mommy had to go get her car worked on so we got to watch a movie and put together a puzzle with Daddy. After dinner, we got in the car and went driving down by the river. We got out to take some pictures. It was fun to see the river, all the people and the fall trees changing colors. It was a fun day just driving around the city.Saturday was also the day we had to pick a costume for Halloween. We've changed our minds a few times over the past few weeks so Daddy set a deadline. I don't know of Mommy is going to make a costume for us or if she's going to buy one at a store. I chose Spiderman and Hannah wants to be Rapunzel. I'm looking forward to Halloween!
Today, Mommy had to go to work so she missed church with us. I got to read the part of Abraham in the reader's theater (like a radio play). It was cool to have the microphone and speak. After church, Daddy helped the neighbors while we played in our backyard and in Griffin's backyard. It was a very nice day to hang out at home.
Tomorrow is school day and Sue day. It's going to be a nice week. We're looking forward to it!
Have a great week!

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