Sunday, September 25, 2011

This week has flown by!

I'm learning to read. I'm really trying hard to sound out words and Sue's and at school. Sue is even working with us on adding numbers sometime. Noah and I are the only preschoolers that can read, write our letters and add numbers, though. When everyone else tries to learn how to spell and write their name at Sue's project time, she is teaching us how to write our last name. (We've been able to write our first names for almost a year now.) Noah is still reading everything he sees. Mommy came home one day and I was reading a board book with colors in it and Noah was reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Monday we finally got to ride the bus to school! We are happy to be able to ride the bus with our friends again - especially Joey. We miss getting to play with him all day at Sue's and at preschool. It was Noah's day to bring snack, so we had cheese and crackers that we picked out with Daddy.

I started my first day of dance class on Thursday! I'm so excited about it. We just listened to music the first day. We tried on some shoes to see what fits us but didn't buy any. I'm going to learn tap dancing and ballet. Daddy & Noah weren't allowed to be in the room with me when I dance, so they sat in the hallway and played with Daddy's iPad.

Thursday we also changed our beds. I'm on the bottom bunk again and Noah is on the top. I've wanted to switch back to the bottom for a while, but Noah didn't want the top. But, Mommy asked us on Thursday and Noah said he wanted to be on top again.Mom and Dad said they hope we're more careful about the top bunk now that we're older.

Saturday, Mommy was gone most of the day at her MOM sale. She got rid of some of our old clothes to moms with littler kids. I was so excited that she found tap shoes for me! YAY! Now I just need ballet shoes. She also got skates for us and a few pairs of pajamas. Noah was disappointed she didn't bring him a karate outfit but she said they didn't have any.

While she was gone, Daddy took us to a fire department open house. It was so much fun! We got to sit in the trucks and police cars. We got a chance to spray the hose, but I didn't want to. Just Noah did. They also had hot dogs, chips and oreo cookies. We went into their safety house and impressed Daddy and the fireman when we went into the kitchen and told him all the fire hazards in the room as well as the good things. We picked out all the fire hazards in the living room, too. When we went into the bedroom, smoke started to fill the air. The firemen helped us climb out the windows to safety.
The best part of the day was the bouncy house! They let us go into a bouncy house for 5 minutes to jump then it had a stairs to get out. When we went out the door at the top of the stairs, there was a slide to get down. It was so awesome!

Mommy came home shortly after we got back. She hung out with us and played for a little while. Then after supper, she had to go again. She went to a party for one of her Diva friends who is getting married.

Daddy took us to church today and we talked about Noah's ark. We got to make marshmallow animals (and eat them!) for an ark that was made out of graham crackers. We stayed in the nursery for a little while after Sunday School then came home and had corn dogs for dinner. We just got to stay around the house and play. I played dress up, played with some toys downstairs and chalked on the sidewalk outside. It was a fun day just doing our own thing at home today.

On the way to church, Daddy and I had a conversation about Jesus.
Daddy: Why do we go to church?
Hannah: To see Jesus!
: Who is Jesus?
Hannah: God
: What did Jesus do for us?
Hannah: Tells Santa to give us Presents!

Daddy said he has some work to do yet...

Here's some pictures of the art we've done this week. I love to draw. When I go to preschool, I love to go to "creative cupboard" where I can draw. I mostly draw pictures of our family...sometimes me and Noah, sometimes me and Mom, sometimes the whole family - usually with Cheyenne, sometimes with Spike. Noah doesn't do as much creative cupboard. He prefers to play puzzles and in the pretend play areas.

This afternoon, we drew ourselves on the sidewalk. There's also some pictures of our volcanos we did on Friday at daycare. They were really cool.

Tomorrow we get to go to Sue's house and back to school. It's going to be a fun week!


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