Sunday, October 9, 2011

Barnyard Boogie

This week was such a nice week! We got to play outside every day at school and at Sue's. It was beautiful (too beautiful, as Noah would say) but we're looking forward to snow.

Friday, a firefighter came to school! It was a girl firefighter. We got to see the truck, they gave us new fireman hats and talked all about fire safety. It was cool.

Friday night, we went to the Barnyard Boogie at the Community Center. It was so fun! We looked at the petting zoo animals a little but mostly danced. Noah got a bloody nose when he accidentally ran into Mommy when we were dancing, but he was OK. We got our yummy snack cake and juice after he stopped bleeding. Daddy said it was a good time to sit down and relax.

Saturday morning, Daddy took Noah to the hardware store to fix his Monster Truck. I was jealous when he got home and had popcorn from the store, but he shared with me. Mommy popped some up for me to make me feel better.

I wanted to have corn dogs for lunch, but Daddy took us all out to Quiznos for subs. They were pretty good. And, we got dinosaurs as toys! Noah got a pink one and I got a blue one, but I traded with him when Daddy asked me to. They're cool! Their skin comes off and their bones glow in the dark.

After lunch, we went to Ikea. They had a play room with a giant ball pit, trains, a slide and movies. We got to play in there while Mommy & Daddy shopped for 45 minutes. It was so awesome and fun! When Mommy picked us up after shopping, we were thirsty, so she took us to the deli. I got water but Noah tried lignenberry juice. He let me try some and it was pretty good. He drank it down within a few minutes!

I read the bedtime story Saturday night. I read Hop on Pop. I'm still learning to sound out words, so sometimes it's slow. But, I'm getting better! I'm very good at writing my name.

Today, we went to Sunday School. I got to wear my dress with a matching dress for my baby. Mommy's friend gave it to me. I even wore my pretty hat with it, so I looked so cute. After Sunday School class, we got to go to the nursery to play with Kasey and her sisters and our friends from Sunday School.

After church, we had corn dogs (yay!) and hung out at home. I had my Barbies taken away yesterday (because I put water in the pool when Mom said no and didn't put them away when she asked) but I played with my Alphie, my little dress-up doll and play-dough with Noah. Daddy made mostaccioli for supper. It was a good day.

I love to draw at preschool. My favorite thing to draw is my family. Here's a picture of my family. Mommy is wearing a pink dress on the left, Noah is next to her, Daddy is the one with really long legs and I'm wearing a pink skirt holding Spike. Cheyenne is next to me, too. I love my family.

Noah is really doing well with reading! He reads with expression and loves to read signs wherever we go.

Have a good week! We're looking forward to a nice week.

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