Sunday, October 18, 2015


June 4th was our last day of second grade!

 It was a day of mixed emotions. We were very excited to start summer vacation, but sad to be done with school. We really do like school: we love the opportunity to learn and be challenged, and love our social time with our friends.

After school, Mommy had volleyball playoffs and we decided to spend the night in the tent. So, we set up the tent in the backyard, in preparation for family camping  in a couple of weeks.

We had the tent all set up and fell asleep in the tent. Unfortunately, Mom called Dad and woke us up, so we decided to go back into the house and sleep in our own beds.

The next day, we found a butterfly in our garden!

It was very docile, so we were excited that he would just stay on our hand and not fly away.

The next day (on the 6th) we got to launch rockets with the Cub Scouts!
It was so fun!

The next week, we didn't have summer school, so we got to spend the day with our friends, Dylan & Trevor. Trevor is 14, so he watched us. We enjoyed playing with them, and we even got to do some art projects.

Check out the cork board we made with wine corks and Trevor's old bed frame!
Trevor told mom how we had worked as a team to make our project. We had to lay the corks into the frame to fit them, then take them ALL out & glue them. We decided to work as a team and do one cork board together, then the other board together. It was so fun!

June also brought us tennis lessons. Even though we had a few different teachers, we still really enjoyed our time in tennis lessons.

June was a good month for fishing! Hannah and Dad had a few weekends where they caught several fish at the lake.

Not only do we enjoy lake weekends with grandpa & grandma, our cousins, aunts & uncle.

We started summer school the second weekend of June.
Our first class was Wizards, Witches, Potions & Spells. We've been reading Harry Potter books since we signed up for the class, so we were so excited to take the Harry Potter class!

We made "House ties" (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw & Slytherin), a Marauders Map, wands, spell-books, Pop-up books about dragons, several potions, wizard games (Gobstones, anyone?) and had some Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.

It was an awesome class! We loved it!

To make it better, the final day was our half birthday, so we got to go home and celebrate being eight and a HALF with gifts, dinner out and special treats. It was a great day!

Our second week of summer school was busy!

Hannah took Creative Cartooning. She learned different ways to draw cartoons, as well as different parts of a story and how to tell a story. And, she ended up in a class with a friend from last year (a friend whose parents have played volleyball with Mom in the past.), so it was even more fun!

Noah wanted to take Sideways Summer, but unfortunately, not enough people signed up. He did enjoy his class "Unlocking the Moli Stone" about Numerology & Archaeology. He even made up his own code!

We had our classes during the day, then jetted home to get ready for Bible School at Church.

It was a fun week, with a cool theme at Bible School. (Our church basement was transformed into a Louisiana Bayou.)

But, we were ready to take a break for the 4th of July week!

We spent the last weekend of June with Grandpa & Grandma S.
We always love time with them.

While we were there, there was a huge hail storm with really high winds. It destroyed some people's houses & crops. We drove around and saw all the destruction in the area. It was amazing! Luckily, Grandma & Grandpa's house & yard were not harmed at all.

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