Monday, December 14, 2015

Family Fun in July

On the Fourth of July, we went to the lake to be with our family for a nice long weekend. It was a fun weekend! Noah had a blast tubing. Hannah said it was just OK. And part of what she enjoyed was getting to tube with her cousin.

After a week at home in summer School (Noah took Digital Photography and Hannah took Creative Cartooning), we got to see family AGAIN. This time, they came to our place!

We started Friday night picking and eating raspberries from the garden. (We had a LOT this year!) We also had s'mores and a campfire.

The next day we went to the Landscape Arboretum to see the Lego Sculptures in the gardens. It was a lot of walking, but it was pretty awesome.

There were lots of beautiful flowers at the arboretum AND cool lego sculptures.

After we got home, we ordered Davanni's pizza for a BIG PIZZA PARTY in our dining room. It was awesome!

After pizza, we went to a play. We saw The Little Mermaid at Stages Children's Theater. It was such a great performance. We all enjoyed it!

On the way home, grandpa treated us to Dairy Queen.

The next morning, Grandpa & Grandma took us to iHop for Breakfast. (It's Noah's favorite!) The food was good, and the manager was funny. When we left the restaurant, Dani was in the bathroom. Grandma & Angie were talking to the manager, and mentioned that Dani was in the bathroom and we would be going to Lego Land. The manager got on the loudspeaker and said "Danelle! Don't forget to flush". Everyone in the restaurant heard it. It was funny!

After brunch, we went to the Mall of America. We got to hang out at Lego Land, and the girls went to the American Girl Doll Store.

The best part was spending time with our family.
Unfortunately, our time together had to end. Everyone went home and we went home to relax before another week of summer school.

The next week, Hannah took Digital Photography class (the same class Noah took) and Noah took Unlocking the Moli Stone...a class about archaeology.

Noah & Hannah

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